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CUTiger14 t1_iy4x341 wrote

Yosemite has been photographed by anyone with a camera or a phone since Ansel Adam's so there is literally a million photos of it out there but this one ranks. Really great shot. Hard to photograph in Yosemite these days without a crowd of people in your viewfinder. Well done


ericjon23 OP t1_iy513e0 wrote

thanks so much! took this before sunrise to avoid the crowd and it was worth it.


oarngebean t1_iy5dhcl wrote

It's also hard to take a bad photo of the place


thefourthchime t1_iy72mc7 wrote

Fuck dude, everyone and their mom and their dog and their dogs. Mom and the dogs nephew is taking photos of Yosemite.

Yet you still made an original amazing photo here. Fuck man!


LukeOnTheBrightSide t1_iy53bos wrote

I absolutely love this. Great use of color and negative space.

Not that it matters in any way, but how close was the scene to this in real life? I'm planning on visiting Yosemite sometime soon, and have never been in the winter before.


xglowinthedarkx t1_iy548ox wrote

You are braver than me, to drive there in winter. It sure is pretty though!


robtanto t1_iy8tesy wrote

Plan on doing that shortly. Is it that hard? I live in a tropical country, never driven in snow.


xglowinthedarkx t1_iy9tjkl wrote

Not sure, as I live in SoCal and haven't really driven in snow either! 😆 but the roads to Yosemite Valley are very curvy so I would prefer not to even drive them in rain.


life_ant_10 t1_iy66gvf wrote

Almost looks like some generative AI created this photo.


DeepFrySpam t1_iy6f6tx wrote

Oh wow the reflection in the water looks like pastel works This is a really beautiful photo.


Linthal t1_iy55p85 wrote

Beautiful. All I can think of is Sierra online.


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J_K_Productions t1_iy5jr9c wrote

This is really good. Maybe a bit overedited


R3D0053R t1_iy5o7as wrote

Works just as well upside down!


sin-thetik t1_iy72d94 wrote

Absolutely beautiful. Winter is my favorite time to go to Yosemite.


classifiedspam t1_iy7hsyw wrote

Looks amazing. Interesting color combinations.


MoonManQuara t1_iy7o4bj wrote

The very definition of eye candy


figwigian t1_iy7okgf wrote

Beautiful. Got a download link? Would love it as my phone background


DTtocs t1_iy7xvia wrote

Beautiful photograph! Most people don't venture off the trail or parking lot and rather just stick with the "usual" shot. How did you get that composition? Are you standing on a walking bridge, or a log, or in a kayak?? Very well done, subtle edits, too, btw!


ericjon23 OP t1_iy826l1 wrote

thank you!! i was on the bridge and use a 15-35mm for this shot.


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