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nofacenofood t1_ivuhwpm wrote

Is this Manuel Antonio?


this_wandering_day OP t1_ivuiecm wrote

Right on the border of it. The beaches just up the coast from this photo is part of Manuel Antonio


nofacenofood t1_ivuixoh wrote

It's so beautiful


Nezrite t1_ivwmde7 wrote

That's exactly what I thought it was as well!


UvaroviteKing t1_ivuursq wrote

Ugh I can’t wait to go back to Costa Rica. Fucking best country on our planet


azakd t1_ivvvn8m wrote

Yup. Been twice. Want to go back, maybe just move there.


this_wandering_day OP t1_ivukgrs wrote

Costa Rica is an explosion of color. The beaches around the western coast town of Quepos are no exception. When viewed from above, however, a different beauty unfolds - one where the jungle and ocean are seen colliding in breathtaking fashion. From the dense foliage of the peninsula to the gentle, white sand beaches, there is such simple, yet powerful beauty found on the coast.

Costa Rica's motto is "Pura Vida" meaning pure life. I believe this photo evokes that motto quite well. If interested in more photos, my IG is: nomad_kmc


duppy_c t1_ivuz1k3 wrote

Have always wanted to go to Costa Rica, it looks gorgeous. What would you suggest as the top 2 or 3 places to get the most out of a visit there?


this_wandering_day OP t1_ivv36xy wrote

Hmm... I’d say Manuel Antonio pictured near this photo is one of them, but my favorite spot was a little mountain lodge about 9,000 feet up near Tapanti National Park, east of the capitol. We spend several days walking the cloud forests, and looking for the elusive quetzal.

For a third spot, I think it’s worthwhile to go north and choose a volcano to explore - Arenal, Tenorio, or Rincón de la Vieja.


duppy_c t1_ivvzxa9 wrote

Thanks, those go on my bucket list!


owenredditaccount t1_ivzsesl wrote

Go try and stay somewhere rural for a little bit in the Valle Central - East of San José - because it's absolutely beautiful there. Make sure to cycle down the coast from Puerto Viejo de Talamanca in the south west if you can, bike hire is dirt cheap. To find actual tourists and most of the beaches you need to head to the west coast though. Nicoya Peninsula is nice enough but a bit of a pain to get to coming from somewhere like Puerto Viejo


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jogabee t1_ivv9ksu wrote

Wow, I went swimming on the beach on the left side of the pic. What an absolutely amazing place!


Chipotle42 t1_ivvj7n6 wrote

This beautiful photo could also be posted in r/AerialPorn


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FLORI_DUH t1_ivvjq6f wrote

I thought you meant the East Coast. Apparently nobody goes there