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greenappletree t1_iw4hdeb wrote

note sure why, but I'm sucker for a lone tree pictures.


pawagner33 t1_iw598ce wrote

You may enjoy this photo I took back in the summer of 2017.


greenappletree t1_iw59j0o wrote

Absolutely- that is breathtaking, thanks


HaikuBotStalksMe t1_iw63rm2 wrote

Just be warned, it doesn't look like that in real life. The camera cheats.

I took a picture of a rather black sky with my camera, but it ended up looking in the photo like everything was full of stars.


InflammatoryMuskrat t1_iw596b5 wrote

Same. Rumor has it they were double tree pictures before some crazy alien in a DeLorean took one of them out in the '50s.


JR2005 t1_iw5lkf0 wrote

You'd like the lone pine mall


NoIntroductionNeeded t1_iw5upw6 wrote


marklopezzz OP t1_iw6eduv wrote

Same lol. I thought I was the only one. This picture proved me wrong lol


[deleted] t1_iw4hhe1 wrote



nowake t1_iw4yifh wrote

I expected to see the tree, too :-P


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limblessbarbie t1_iw4bc7x wrote

Beautiful, peaceful.


Labulous t1_iw4zca7 wrote

Except for the lion.


ComfortableWage t1_iw5k4rq wrote

I spent way more time than I care to admit looking for a lion in this pic after reading your comment.


rewardsthroway t1_iw68q97 wrote

It didn't take that long to find the tail in the grass was pretty easy to spot.


iK_550 t1_iw7dis7 wrote

And the kite above the lion.


Petrochromis722 t1_iw69oyf wrote

And now I have to dig out my copy of The Ghost and the Darkness.


The_Level_15 t1_iw6a4o2 wrote

Damn this gave me an old childhood memory of The Magic Treehouse where they get teleported to Africa and they don't see any lions but upon going to return to their treehouse they see it's because all the lions were resting in the shade of their tree.


bloudy t1_iw5b8up wrote

I mean, likely used to be an entire forest there and this is the lone survivor, so less beautiful in that sense.


leo_agiad t1_iw5ojma wrote

Volcano nearby laid down a layer of impermeable ash about 6 feet down. Trees only grow where that ash layer cracked and the roots can get down. That is why it is all grassland, not treeland.


limblessbarbie t1_iw5ccea wrote

No. That's an Acacia Tree probably in the Serengeti Park in Tanzania. They grow singularly, not together.


Nuckin_futs_ t1_iw5wqlw wrote

Ah yes you can tell by the lack of stumps and roads that this land was definitely logged. You are very in tune with nature and very smart


rearwindowpup t1_iw4h85g wrote

Wonder how popular this tree gets for shade seeking critters in the day


jmun2021 t1_iw5yv8y wrote

You’ll actually see a herd of elephants cramped under a tree like this soaking up every square inch of shade in the midday.


MindlessVegetation t1_iw4nrxg wrote

I always wonder just how lonely Trees come to be.Where they part of a grouping that got cut? Did someone plant it? Did a Seed somehow travel way out there?

Can someone ELI5 Pictures like these?


drawnbyjared t1_iw4pkzm wrote

I would imagine an animal ate the seeds from that type of tree, then traveled and pooped it out, then the tree grew there.


MindlessVegetation t1_iw4ppuh wrote

Makes sense, I completely forgot about the whole Animal thing.Like Birds and Berry Bushes.


Winter_Eternal t1_iw6b8q2 wrote

But that only happened one time in the past 100 ish years? Still is confounding


the_god_o_war t1_iw5vwcb wrote

The most isolated tree was hit by drunk drivers and broken.. sad :(


Kipkoech1 t1_iw7mgy4 wrote

Its the Savannah, characterised by sparsely populated trees. Nutrient and soil moisture availability are usually the limiting factors affecting the biomass growth in savannas, and overall biomass is impacted by competition, fire, grazing, and harvesting.


SPQR_Tiberius t1_iw4lmrq wrote

The Mara is probably the most incredible place I've ever been


Wafflelisk t1_iw65ibt wrote

I really want to to Kenya some day. But apparently it's expensive to fly to the exact opposite point of the world or something


marklopezzz OP t1_iw6dtz4 wrote

One of my favorite places I have been. I got to see a lot of wild life and the people in Kenya were so nice.


Noah1472 t1_iw4skux wrote

Is this that one tree the one the drunk driver hit despite being the only tree within 300 miles?


Rainbow_Raptr t1_iw57yc1 wrote

Nah, this one is in Maasai Mara, Kenya.

"The most isolated tree in the world" was toppled by a drunk driver in 1973, in Nigeria.
According to articles it was about 250miles from that tree to the nearest tree.


Noah1472 t1_iw5adi5 wrote

Man, it’s tragic but funny in a way…


MadRabbit26 t1_iw57obu wrote

Different lone tree. Not sure on exact details but I know it was super old, middle of the dessert. I believe it had been used as a sort of way point for travelers for hundreds of years. By the time it was destroyed it looked little more than a dead stick, standing up in the sand. I'll have to do some googling on it though


NoIntroductionNeeded t1_iw5varq wrote

The reason the Tree of Tenere looked so poor when it died is because it had been struck by another asshole truck driver two decades before.


Noah1472 t1_iw5aq1g wrote

Yeah, I think it was only able to live because it had lived long enough to dip into the aqueduct deep below ground. Sadly that means no other trees can be planted there until the Earth’s natural tilt happens in a couple thousand years


kgopala1989 t1_iw54sa2 wrote

This is where Black Panther's dad lives right?


CreativeSobriquet t1_iw5bxnz wrote

I've swapped between a photo I took and this photo for minutes and I think I've decided there are many acacia trees living in solidarity... but holy shit is it close 😂 great photo!


BobT21 t1_iw5epzf wrote

Like North Dakota? Every spring they take the school kids on a field trip to the courthouse so they can see the tree.


afonsorrmp t1_iw543cp wrote

This makes me think of Lion King


PepperPrinterPupper t1_iw5b2i7 wrote

While I am hiking, I prefer to call these trees of solitude.


RealBadSpelling t1_iw5j7cx wrote

With year's if gaming under my belt, there is a side quest and good loot near that tree.


[deleted] t1_iw5n664 wrote

How do you know it's lonely. Maybe it doesn't like the other trees.


SpaceHawk98W t1_iw5secw wrote

A shaman baboon lives there, right?


Deklyned t1_iw4lx02 wrote

Lone tree shots have some secret magic. Just something about 'em.


eliotbw t1_iw54z7z wrote

lovely stuff


holyherbalist t1_iw58cox wrote

I was just learning about the Maasai the other day!


ZooLife1 t1_iw5eo53 wrote

Be easy directions to one's house. Just look for the tree....


Octobirdosis t1_iw5hssi wrote

Why the fuck am I expecting a nuke video


Gregnif t1_iw5jzuj wrote

Ahh, it's the tree from the cover of every novel set in Africa.


PHD_in_PUSSY t1_iw5kebp wrote

I dont know why I zoomed in expecting to see something different


Zvenigora t1_iw5mhwu wrote

Vachellia tortilis, I believe.


DatsLikeMyOpinionMan t1_iw5nyx2 wrote

There’s another one showing faintly on the horizon. Look carefully.


Chichen-Itza-Pizza t1_iw5tlww wrote

Reminds me of those optometrist eye tests with the things in the distance


turtletramp t1_iw5tse0 wrote

Amazing that that one tree seed made it.


SenpaiDitto t1_iw5u4c0 wrote

I feel like a jet of air is about to hit my eye :(


marklopezzz OP t1_iw6obsr wrote

Thanks for the love everyone! Kenya was an amazing country to visit. I actually took this photo really quickly while the van was moving. Im happy i was able to get the shot and share it. If anyone is interested i shot it with a Sony A7c and Sigma 100-400. Perfect combo for this trip. If you look at my history there is also a travel post with all the info of the trip. Or you can ask me on here if you are interested. Thanks again!


Achilles93 t1_iw7508t wrote

Naaaants ingonyamaaaa bagithi baba.


SaucyPower3 t1_iw7hxdt wrote

This makes for a good wallpaper!


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shainese t1_iw4hkg8 wrote

It's like a pimple on the face of the earth. A good looking pimple.


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raechelisbored t1_iw5wrpv wrote

Reminds me of the scene in the lovely bones


Amboseli t1_iw5yab7 wrote

I took a shot of the same tree but with giraffes!


JuanBARco t1_iw5yt69 wrote

Pretty sure those trees poison the ground to prevent other trees from out competing them.

I think these trees were brought to hawaii and are now considered an invasive species because they change the soil chemistry and kill off local vegetation.

So maybe this tree isnt loney and just killed all its neighbors...


[deleted] t1_iw5zwqk wrote

I almost didn't see the lion the first time! 😅 Terrifying!


SpruceSpunk t1_iw69ylx wrote

It’s not lonely, it’s got the grass and the sky.


MissJellybeans t1_iw6alla wrote

Really hope to go to Kenya one day ❤️ . Beautiful shot 🌸


PhiloPhrog t1_iw6ba01 wrote

This post makes me miss the old Panoramia photos on Google Earth. Thousands of artistic pictures of Earth from all over. And now it's gone with no replacement.


Duros1394 t1_iw6c97y wrote

Am I the only one that feels bad for this tree? May e 100 years old and just alone. No other branches to sway against.


Cebas7 t1_iw6eiej wrote


posts in this subreeddot should mention country and provide in the titles 😓


marklopezzz OP t1_iw6eyuf wrote

Thanks! And the Maasai Mara is so iconic to Kenya 🇰🇪I did not even think to put it. My bad.


DrCreepenVanPasta t1_iw6f3zt wrote

I wonder if this is the one that has somehow been crashed into by two separate vehicles.


ChuckYeah t1_iw6f51a wrote

Someone should plant more trees there.


BritneyDaisy t1_iw6lyf4 wrote

Nature it’s so beautiful🌳


mrmowfly186 t1_iw6txhm wrote

Gladiator last scene vibe


ROLL_AND_EGG t1_iw6w8lk wrote

I bet there's a dead cartel guy under that tree with a briefcase just chilling.


MrKiwi612 t1_iw6ztgo wrote

Beautiful photograph. And makes you think how things can be taken out of context so easily


ztiedeman t1_iw71q4x wrote

Is anybody else getting Go Dog Go vibes?


Shockle t1_iw767d6 wrote

Looking at this still image but my brain is telling me the grass is moving


faisal1324 t1_iw7jnvr wrote

This looks like that tree in Lion King.


Jacojarjar t1_iw7lbca wrote

Tree have no friends :(


shmekie16 t1_iw7sy69 wrote

r/iphonewallpapers !!


gibsonc22 t1_iw872b9 wrote

The cover of every novel that takes place in a Africa.


starnija t1_iw8c4lk wrote

What’s the point of being rich when you wake up alone


C0braKai t1_iw8hafr wrote

At first I thought you just took the cover image for PBS' Nature


NIEPSEN t1_iw8twmu wrote

La gestion de la forêt par les autochtones laisse à désirer XD


mthomas768 t1_iw9lq7o wrote

The most hated tree in Minecraft.


ASAmd t1_iw6x6wq wrote

I am very alone!