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MindlessVegetation t1_iw4nrxg wrote

I always wonder just how lonely Trees come to be.Where they part of a grouping that got cut? Did someone plant it? Did a Seed somehow travel way out there?

Can someone ELI5 Pictures like these?


drawnbyjared t1_iw4pkzm wrote

I would imagine an animal ate the seeds from that type of tree, then traveled and pooped it out, then the tree grew there.


MindlessVegetation t1_iw4ppuh wrote

Makes sense, I completely forgot about the whole Animal thing.Like Birds and Berry Bushes.


Winter_Eternal t1_iw6b8q2 wrote

But that only happened one time in the past 100 ish years? Still is confounding


the_god_o_war t1_iw5vwcb wrote

The most isolated tree was hit by drunk drivers and broken.. sad :(


Kipkoech1 t1_iw7mgy4 wrote

Its the Savannah, characterised by sparsely populated trees. Nutrient and soil moisture availability are usually the limiting factors affecting the biomass growth in savannas, and overall biomass is impacted by competition, fire, grazing, and harvesting.