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Noah1472 t1_iw4skux wrote

Is this that one tree the one the drunk driver hit despite being the only tree within 300 miles?


Rainbow_Raptr t1_iw57yc1 wrote

Nah, this one is in Maasai Mara, Kenya.

"The most isolated tree in the world" was toppled by a drunk driver in 1973, in Nigeria.
According to articles it was about 250miles from that tree to the nearest tree.


Noah1472 t1_iw5adi5 wrote

Man, it’s tragic but funny in a way…


MadRabbit26 t1_iw57obu wrote

Different lone tree. Not sure on exact details but I know it was super old, middle of the dessert. I believe it had been used as a sort of way point for travelers for hundreds of years. By the time it was destroyed it looked little more than a dead stick, standing up in the sand. I'll have to do some googling on it though


NoIntroductionNeeded t1_iw5varq wrote

The reason the Tree of Tenere looked so poor when it died is because it had been struck by another asshole truck driver two decades before.


Noah1472 t1_iw5aq1g wrote

Yeah, I think it was only able to live because it had lived long enough to dip into the aqueduct deep below ground. Sadly that means no other trees can be planted there until the Earth’s natural tilt happens in a couple thousand years