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Mikeiwo t1_j2cw46a wrote

Having driven coast to coast to coast numerous times in Canada. I will maintain that the drive around the Gaspe Peninsula is the most beautiful in the country. Summer and fall.

Yes I have driven the Ice Field Hwy from Jasper to Banff. Yes I have driven 3a through southern B.C. and yes I have done Cape Breton and all of Newfoundland. All of them stunning.

There is just something amazing going around the peninsula. My only criticism would be there are not enough places to pull over to enjoy the view.

Highly recommended.


t1mb0b t1_j2e2nwo wrote

How about the Alaska Highway? If you ever get the opportunity, I highly recommend!


Mikeiwo t1_j2eiauo wrote

I have done the ferry from Prince Rupert to Skagway and then driven from Skagway-Whitehorse-Dawson City-Top of the World-Chicken- back around to Kluane. Then done the interior back down through Yukon/B.C.

From a drive perspective was incredibly fun and the roads were surpeisingly good. Beautiful too.

I'll still give the slight edge to Gaspe.


justlikethewwdove t1_j2fpji1 wrote

I always tell people here in the States that Eastern Canada has scenery comparable to the West Coast and they don't believe me. Route 132 out to Percé and 138 between Quebec City and Tadoussac are just as dramatic as any of the coastal highways out west. I did both of those routes for the first time without knowing much about them and was totally blown away.


spicyBrad t1_j2c5h71 wrote

Great pic! Love seeing other parts of Canada aside from the mountains.


HLef t1_j2dee1m wrote

It’s the weirdest angle I’ve ever seen.

Percé means pierced and if you move over to the right a bit, there’s a gigantic hole eroded into the rock.

Points for being unique but it’s like taking a picture of Mount Rushmore without seeing the sculpted faces.


Herkfixer t1_j2ei3nq wrote

Something to be said though about showing an angle that no one else shows off for those of us who have never been. Just as beautiful from this angle.


HLef t1_j2eorqf wrote

For sure but in a sub like this I think you’re kind of obligated to show the unique angle if you only have one shot.


lebasilic t1_j2clwh6 wrote

This picture doesn't reflect the whole Rocher, not only that, but its name (Rocher Percé - Percé meaning "hole-punched", or with a hole), as seen from an angle further to the right, you would see why it has this name.

Here's my picture of the Rocher, where you can see the hole.


FrozenVikings t1_j2cocy6 wrote

Oh geez whiz I'm bilingual, I've been there, and it never occurred to me that Perce wasn't someone's name. Duh!


Exerminator t1_j2dnji0 wrote

For real, one of the reason why this rock is so famous is because of the hole thats hidden in OPs picture.


Matawey t1_j2cgo32 wrote

One great photo you got there! Good job!


NighthawK1911 t1_j2cnqwd wrote

Looks like a huge piece of steak.

I shouldn't browse earthporn when hungry.


Quiet-Box3499 t1_j2ey2mu wrote

Was scrolling comments to see if anyone else saw it! 🤣🥩


redmodelx t1_j2d8zbl wrote

If I remember correctly, in low tide one can wade over to it from shore.


GARSDESILES t1_j2f1uul wrote

You can't anymore because of the risks of rock falls.


eliotbw t1_j2dlrtc wrote

Mon pays ⚜️


Tarvislol t1_j2cqwub wrote

Great fishin in Québec


Koala_eiO t1_j2dfb83 wrote

A fine place to hide an horcruxe.


Javatex t1_j2d677j wrote

That's really beautiful and majestic.


vejpaeden t1_j2d62hf wrote

Where did you take this picture from? I assume also some cliff due to height


GARSDESILES t1_j2f2o5d wrote

The cap Mont-Joli is located about 500 feet from the Percé Rock and is maybe 75 feet high.


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jadedmuse2day t1_j2dzv98 wrote

This is actually my favorite angle of this unusual rock formation. I spent a summer working in Quebec and planned on traveling the Gaspe peninsula before returning to the USA. I went to Cuba instead. Wish I’d done the Peninsula.


joeyat t1_j2deizl wrote

Thumbnail looked like a slice of very burnt pizza.


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marssaxman t1_j2dr4i1 wrote

Looks like a fun place to climb.


MtnMaiden t1_j2dw4fh wrote

I'm surprised no one has placed a house on top.


SidKafizz t1_j2ej6fb wrote

Could someone throw a banana in there for scale?


SuddenBus t1_j2ewtch wrote

Cool, my aunt lives in Percé


Dzubrul t1_j2df36k wrote

That's an ok angle, more to the right you would see the hole and on the other side you would see how eroded that rock is.


HughJorgens t1_j2dss1c wrote

Is this where the chocolate comes from?