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StupidizeMe t1_iyso9n8 wrote

That's gorgeous.

I'm amazed by the amount of detail visible on the mountain. Is all the light in the photo from the Aurora Borealis?


jamesftw OP t1_iysoggd wrote

Thank you! Yeah the valley was completely lit up by the lights in the sky, it was like nothing I've ever seen before


HaikuBotStalksMe t1_iyuln1t wrote

Keep in mind that the streaking from the stars implies there was a long exposure of at least 7 seconds. In real life, it wouldn't be this bright.


mntoak t1_iyuq5wb wrote

It absolutely is this bright or brighter in real life. I've had it bright enough where I have been able to turn my headlights off and the aurora lights up the ice on the road. It is surprisingly bright at times.


Sedixodap t1_iyuurxx wrote

It can be. But it very very very rarely is as far south as this photo was taken.


Capitalist_scumbag t1_iyxeutd wrote

Absolutely this! These sights do happen as photo’d but the location, date and weather are down to “almost” luck. You have a much higher chance the farther north you go


jamesftw OP t1_iysnzku wrote

This shot was taken on October 2021, after a brutally cold climb to the viewpoint we witnessed of the most magnificent light shows I've ever seen.

For more of my work check out my website or instagram


ObsidianRocker t1_iyt1d2k wrote

I'm currently doing a playthrough of The Long Dark, a survival game about someone trapped in the frozen Canadian North when a geomagnetic storm knocks out the power all over earth...The storm looked like an aurora this image fills me with anxiety, even though it shouldn't lol


EvanHarpell t1_iyt5g3e wrote

That game is soo good.


Slippery_Wombat t1_iyvk5wp wrote

It's great, but it's also so mentally exhausting. I'll probably get back to it at some point, but the chapter with the grizzly dragged on for so long.


Fresh-Ad4987 t1_iyuxy42 wrote

I really wish I liked the long dark. I love everything about the premise but it’s everything I hate about games with regard to the mechanics and gameplay. If they did finally finish it, I might watch it on YouTube.


ObsidianRocker t1_iyvgvw0 wrote

To each their own, my friend. If the atmosphere is all that interests you, by all means just watch it on YouTube. Pay no mind to the gatekeepers.


ChartFrogs t1_iyt408q wrote

Peyto Lake! amazing. Been there a few times, but only in summer and daytime. Must be amazing on a winter night like this. Great work op!


[deleted] t1_iyufu8d wrote

At this time of year? Localized in the Canadian Rockies!?... Can I see it?


Timediamond t1_iytbuom wrote

How can I see this in person. What would it take for me to travel to Canada and see this. Would I have to just fuck around and find out or are there people who take folks to see this kind of stuff.


Foxbat100 t1_iyto3uk wrote

This spot is a 5-15 minute walk depending on if this is the trail or the platform. If you could fly in to Calgary, then rent a car, or take a bus line to Canmore or Banff and bus/bike/e-bike easily. Still impressive effort to get here for the lights at night.


Timediamond t1_iytoa71 wrote

Yeah it looks so surreal it feels like it’s out of reach. Thanks for the insight.


rustybuffalophoto t1_iyto5i0 wrote

Some of the best times tend to be around the spring and autumnal equinox. If I were to plan a trip that would be my choice time. There are quite a few factors that play into the Aurora making an appearance so it’s difficult to plan for a certain day. Normally you can make an educated guess for what might happen 3 days from now but that doesn’t always hit either.


mechanical_fan t1_iyvn071 wrote

Although this picture is quite "honest" when it comes to northern lights (at least to my experience watchin and photographing them, and compared to other stuff that is posted sometimes), an event this strong is the type of thing that only happens a few times a year, so you need to be lucky to see it during a travel... And you may still have a cloudy day to mess up your plans


scooteristi t1_iywvlbw wrote

I went to Iceland at Christmas to see the Aurora Borealis. Reykjavik is the best serviced airport in the standard auroral zone (sure, you can see the aurora around Calgary/Banff around the equinox, a couple times a year the aurora come down to Toronto, once every dozen years the aurora will be visible from rural areas in the Texas panhandle), but Iceland is consistently one of the best places on the planet to view aurora. And even there it’s hit and miss. We were there for 4 nights. Night zero our airplane flew 200 miles north of the aurora. Night one Reykjavik, nothing. Night two Hveragerdi, nothing because clouds. Night three Höfn, we could see a glow on the Atlantic horizon (similar to a white night in summer, but not really impressive). Night four, when we had given up hope, when it was cloudy and snowing, the clouds broke and we were rewarded with a bright aurora show in downtown Reykjavik til almost 3am.

My Aurora Forecast is the best app for seeing the Northern Lights.


TritonTheDark t1_iytbdrh wrote

Subreddit is living up to its name today. This truly is earthporn.


isuadam t1_iytviu1 wrote

Peyto without literal busloads of loud tourists! Great shot.


cjbest t1_iyvk89v wrote

No one leaves the lower parking area at Peyto. Even this view can be improved upon with some more huffing and puffing up the steep but safe slope it's on. (Not to be done in snow, however as there may be an avalanche risk.)


isuadam t1_iyvwvzx wrote

When I was there in September there were so many people on the wooden overlook that you walk to that you could barely get a good photo. It was probably only a km hike or so.


Redditpissesmeof t1_iyvhpw9 wrote

I mean I bet there was no one else there that day but I went in July peak tourist season and have a photo of this same view without a single tourist in it taken in the middle of the day.


CharlieApples t1_iytxsnb wrote

Season’s greetings from Montana ☃️


Acceptable-Arugula69 t1_iyte1rw wrote

This is absolutely stunning! I know exactly where you were, so great job on getting this shot. It reminded me I need to work on my night shots.


itsommi t1_iytojrn wrote

Nice shot man. That October was pretty stellar for us with auroras. Peyto is a solid place to go watch for sure.


EvanHarpell t1_iyt5bgx wrote

That's awesome. I'd love a daytime shot of the same angle.


LouisLima t1_iytpijt wrote

People who live in this place don’t even need a lamp at night gifgifgif


mealucra t1_iytybh6 wrote

Aurora Borealis and a total solar eclipse are two things I must see in my lifetime.

Looks so majestic.


Redditpissesmeof t1_iyvhu37 wrote

Total solar eclipse coming up across North America in '24. You have to go to totality, I swear 99.9% is nothing like 100%


mealucra t1_iyvlluq wrote

Thanks for the info and yes, my vacation is booked already for April 8th 2024!



_Sveeda_ t1_iyu4njl wrote

Oh my goodness


Caturday_Yet t1_iyu5kyn wrote

Absolutely stunning, thanks for the new wallpaper!


ScrapBrain t1_iyu9ah5 wrote

Desktop Wallpaper worthy! Very cool!


Nilekul_itsme t1_iyvz210 wrote

Now you made me regret that I went there in summer:/


killercutebaby t1_iyvzopy wrote

Fascinating. Looks like something out of an end of the world action movie.


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Ragfell t1_iyumdep wrote

Ooooh, are they out now?


rjivani t1_iyupwyr wrote

Awesome shot! Would love to get some info about equipment used and camera settings??


canmoreman t1_iyur9e2 wrote

Great shot! I was out there the night after, missed the Aurora. Got some great star trails.


Fresh-Ad4987 t1_iyuy0b8 wrote

I hate to break it to you but the Aurora is male.


Extraordinarily2021 t1_iyvdk9t wrote

what a gorgeous photo! I've only seen the northern lights in videos and photos. it always amazes me.. so beautiful can't wait to see them in person soon 🤞


elora_125 t1_iyviryz wrote

This is so magical


munkmetal1 t1_iyvondw wrote

My word that is sexy AF.


Rise-and-Fly t1_iyw9ny4 wrote

This is one of the best photographs I've ever seen! I hope you're very proud of yourself!💝


flawlessfear1 t1_iytfaf4 wrote

Butiful place to live. Sucks that its a dystopian place where everything is impossible to afford


Fresh-Ad4987 t1_iyuy2wu wrote

The worst part is that when you finally go somewhere that is affordable, it’s an even worse dystopian right wing shithole.


dolacuporanek t1_iyvjw7k wrote


While it's not perfect, Calgary (nearest city) has been consistently rated as one of the best liveable cities in the world.


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