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roboo32 t1_j0zwf1x wrote

I hope to visit this place some day, it’s just so beautiful


Zakluor t1_j10u757 wrote

Is it easy to get to that island? I feel like I would have to try to go to it if I went there.


deep-diver t1_j11ewke wrote

If you hike to the middle.. you can be in a crater, on an island in a lake in a crater on a volcano.


churn4travel t1_j11mp19 wrote

Went there in 2020 and it was beautiful. Highly recommend it.


wifeymom2017 t1_j124ni1 wrote

I went a few months ago and was amazed to say the least.

However, on the way there I broke the glass over the camera on my phone and was slightly distracted when we got there. I'm going to have a redo one day. Our entire vacation was stunning.


redevilgak t1_j12d0t9 wrote

Zoom in to spot the boat !!!!


TheShark24 t1_j12izcs wrote

This was a great setting for Days Gone


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