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Lintlickker t1_j1dtyn1 wrote

I've thought about visiting in the winter before and have heard it can be very difficult to get to because the roads don't get plowed regularly. Do you mind letting me know what route you took in? Thanks.


alawn_mulch t1_j1ea8he wrote

My first visit back in 1981 was during a whiteout blizzard had to hike up from the entrance. After ignoring the avalanche warnings and peering down to the edge of the lake a brief clearing in the storm unveiled wizard island. Took over 30 years to return this time in June and will always be a destination when close by.


85gaucho OP t1_j1efdlb wrote

Winter is way better than summer, IMO.

Roads to rim village (SW entrance) are plowed pretty consistently, but they close for a few days after a big storm. From there it’s a fairly short hike in either direction to get away for 90% of the people.

A fun option is to rent snowmobiles at Diamond Lake and come in from the north on them.