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SelfBias82 t1_j1pzeyj wrote

I got to go earlier this year, and it was amazing. You should try to do the sunrise at Cadillac Mountain. You have to sign up in advance though, as there are limited spots.


Joshua_Chamberlain20 t1_j1q2g1a wrote

I grew up being able to sneak into Acadia. There was a tiny dirt lot you could park and walk into the park.

I can’t even fathom having to make an appt to drive to the top of Cadillac Mtn. Different times.


no_more_secrets t1_j1r7uu4 wrote

Is that required? When we were recently there we just drove up.


SelfBias82 t1_j1rotui wrote

I was there at the end of the busy season. It may just be required in the warmer months, when more people are there.


afcagroo t1_j1qksm6 wrote

Watch out for synths.


Magnumb_Mosquito t1_j1oqykj wrote

Wow nice picture


mawagner1 OP t1_j1orks6 wrote

Thanks! It was a gorgeous morning


Lt_Hatch t1_j1qazbj wrote

You have to leave trail a bit to get to this location. It's beautiful and very unpopulated


mawagner1 OP t1_j1qfn0d wrote

You are right, Good exercise to get to this spot.


Beesquared22 t1_j1q3f7c wrote

My husband and I went there this past summer on our New England road trip. Absolutely beautiful and probably the highlight of our trip.


ClassicHair6033 t1_j1ptccg wrote

Oh my gosh, this picture is amazing! So gorgeous! Thanks for sharing.


dentendre t1_j1qfcq6 wrote

I spent two weeks in Acadia NP last year and those days were some of my best hiking trip experiences.


Memory_Less t1_j1qn3cd wrote

Gorgeous shot. I’m closing my eyes and am there the breeze blowing through my hair, listening to the seagulls and the ocean.


SuckingBreastWound t1_j1qyzp2 wrote

Acadia is beautiful, but Maine has so much more to offer. The view of Lily Bay at Moosehead is stunning, as is much of the Katahdin region.

You just have to leave the coast and enjoy the scenery. You may drive for 30-40 miles at a time in Piscataquis County and not see another vehicle on the road.


gu_butler t1_j1rekgl wrote

I wonder how many fossil are still there. The sky looks great btw!


casnix t1_j1pord0 wrote

Beautiful. I thought it looked familiar and so then I looked at the title. Sure enough, my family goes on vacation there every year.


princessviper t1_j1qk41k wrote

reasons why I never want to leave Maine 🧡


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coleman57 t1_j1qihjj wrote

I ran across that beach, hopping from boulder to boulder, when I was 13. Felt like flying


Henryofchang t1_j1pxvfo wrote

Get a real job


catscoffeecaskets t1_j1q5iyj wrote

Hey Henry it looks like you're dealing with a lot of difficult emotions this holiday season and I hope things get better for you soon ❤️


backtojacks t1_j1qjj54 wrote

Hey Henry. It’s obvious from your previous posts that you post things in the hopes of getting attention. I too hope that things get better for you and you no longer have to cope in this fashion.