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macsparkay t1_j1y0h0r wrote

I'm sorry. I do my best to practice self restraint when I see things like this on this sub. But I can't hold back for this one. This is objectively boring and completely devoid of any unique or interesting feature. I could find something like this in my neighborhood park. All this post has done is convince me to never go to this place.


Kapai72 t1_j1z6q7o wrote

Perhaps look a little closer (metaphorically). This is a picture of a remnant patch of prairie, I.e. prairie that was spared from the plowing and tilling that cultivated over 90% of grasslands across the US.

Prairie ecology requires a little knowledge to fully appreciate, and lack the curb appeal of places like the Tetons, or other charismatic landscapes. With a little understanding however, prairies hit above their weight. Prairie grasses are deep rooted, sending roots and rhizomes to depths reaching 10-15 feet for some species. In the ~10,000 years since the retreat of glaciers, these grasses had built some of the deepest and most fertile soils in the US, hence the productivity of the “breadbasket”.

Thanks OP for sharing a bit of prairie magic, Blue Mounds is a very special place.


Mistyslate t1_j20aq3n wrote

There are also cliffs and mounds and bisons and whatever else.