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Ohio_Gothic t1_izum1es wrote

I just missed it. I left there the 8th. Had a little snow in Munich.


Beneficial_Soil1386 OP t1_izvalr6 wrote

The picture is actually from almost exactly one year ago. But it was beautiful, and the December Covid lockdown had just ended so there was almost nobody there. Definitely a great experience!


rodeler t1_izugu1g wrote



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Chipotle42 t1_izv2rlc wrote

You'll have even more redditors see this beautiful photo if you also post it to the sibling subreddit, r/winterporn


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ThatGIRLkimT t1_izvs3zi wrote

Stunning! Trees are freezing.


gigadutch t1_izvyayd wrote

What a wonderful worldgif


flickerflash t1_izwukld wrote

This is absolutely phenomenal