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HaikusAreMyKink t1_izu11zg wrote

I hope so.


Ardea_herodias_2022 t1_izu2i76 wrote

So Cal is getting a wet fall for the first time in years too. Lovin' the rain!


HaikusAreMyKink t1_izu3hzf wrote

Same with Nor Cal! 🙏

What we need is good snow pack.


purplehighway t1_izu97kr wrote

consistent rain this past week, finally. just had a downpour of hail about an hour ago too. haven’t seen that in a very long time.


Bgrngod t1_izxt1bv wrote

My kids screaming their friggin' heads off about the hail, several times yesterday, was a lot of fun.


DocPeacock t1_izvsky4 wrote

The Sierras are supposed to be getting a couple feet of snow this week


LibertyLizard t1_izutfnw wrote

This is pretty normal for this time of year. Just we’ve forgotten since it’s been so dry.


gc3 t1_izw3ysp wrote

Yeah I remember 1995 had four solid months of rain

We are still in a drought in unless it keeps raining till may


MosesZD t1_izu3s2c wrote

I hope, someday, they take out the Pillsbury dam and stop diverting water to the Russian River through Potter Valley so the North Fork of the Eel can recuperate.


kevinlomiglio OP t1_izuojcm wrote

Yes! I live right by the Eel and it'd be amazing to have healthy flow through the summer


agaperion t1_izwwcku wrote

I thought they were removing a bunch of those dams. Saw an article recently but didn't pay too close attention to which dams specifically were slated for removal.


707Guy t1_izun0qb wrote

Humboldts been getting a lot of love here lately.

Can’t wait to move back up there!


AhhShiet t1_izviclp wrote

Agreed! My dream is to get some land in SoHum. It’s just so beautiful..


randomcanyon t1_izuaf3e wrote

When we were there this summer it was more the Eel Trickle. You could walk across it easilly.


MisledMuffin t1_izvc27q wrote

Very cool. Recently completed development of the groundwater sustainability plan for Eel River. Neat to see a picture of it rather than looking at it through Google Earth!


GreasyPeter t1_izuf31s wrote

Some of it gets diverted to the Russian River, and that river needs it in the summer.


goathill t1_izvzckl wrote

The Russian river doesn't need the water, but the vineyards, ranches, cannabis farmers and city of Santa Rosa sure need the water.


kalmm_ t1_izux94p wrote

this is a sick shot !


Mehnard t1_izv9o2k wrote

I note that there's a lot of snowfall in the mountains already.


goathill t1_izvzfqg wrote

Out near willow creek we have been getting snow every other day for awhile now. The hilltops are all white and it's glorious


darwinsidiotcousin t1_izxce7o wrote

I havent been out that way since October, but as someone that recently moved to Eureka from the Midwest, it makes me happy I don't have to drive too far to find snow


Due_Platypus_3913 t1_izvn4rw wrote

Getting lots of badly needed rain and snow in the Sierra!


censorized t1_izvvic5 wrote

Seeing this gives me some hope for our rivers down here in Mendocino.


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Friendral t1_izvx8nl wrote

Long may it slither!


rastavanish t1_izw09n4 wrote

This picture makes me miss reggae on the river


Grenade_Eel t1_izw6d26 wrote

Ah, Eel river... Site of my first skinny-dip! Good memories.


Papa_Raj t1_izwgxuc wrote

Don’t see my stomping grounds very much on here.


myispsucksreallybad t1_izv2x57 wrote

Humbholdt is a cool place. Amazing weed comes from there.


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r_u_kittin t1_izvamhu wrote

Pleeeeasseee Godddd!!!!


WholesomeLove280 t1_izvkf6z wrote

Oh, that’s so beautifully captured!! Being a lover of rain, and atmosphere, it’s perfect.


DocPeacock t1_izvs9et wrote

Every time I've been out and been bothered by the rain, I quickly stop myself and remember we need all the rain we can get.


EvLokadottr t1_izvsi4a wrote

And then flooding all of the farms that are alongside it, which can deposit some nice silt, though! Used to flood every year, anyway. Maybe not, now.


hondo9999 t1_izw4gdj wrote

That’s a total Bob Ross photo; I can almost feel the cool, damp air.


Miss-Pooty t1_izwruk3 wrote

this picture is insane


edna7987 t1_izxgbue wrote

I love this photo. Capturing the rain drops gives it a lot of uniqueness imo


peeg_2020 t1_izxrhq4 wrote

I have and absolutely always be in love with Humboldt county. From the weed to the scenery and redwoods. I've always loved this area..


Sirvink t1_izxt6oa wrote

I'd like to see Shasta rise to the shrubbery one day, before I die.


StOnEy333 t1_izy9hs5 wrote

The Eel River. The only river in CA that flows north to the ocean.


C0TA81 t1_izvw4vr wrote

SF will be siphoning that water soon.


peepeedog t1_izw31l4 wrote

SF water comes entirely from Hetch Hetchy. However you feel about that, your post isn't remotely close to.reality.


ThatGIRLkimT t1_izvryr1 wrote

Cool! I love nature. But I hope you have a better shot next time.