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Graphitetshirt t1_j27zm64 wrote

Looks like pixel art


jamesianm t1_j290c8o wrote

It’s partly because when zoomed out it really looks like there are only 4 colors in the image, like an old school CGA computer display


SucksToYourAzmar t1_j28gzh9 wrote

Took my brain a sec to figure out what this was


tythousand t1_j28wi9x wrote

I still don’t know what it is


SucksToYourAzmar t1_j28x7mq wrote

Sunrise on the left making those shadows, ground covered in snow with green bushes, aerial view


Kiroto50 t1_j29drlv wrote

Wow. Thanks. It's so much clearer now!


tythousand t1_j29hkpq wrote

Thank you lol. It looked like a Petri dish


SucksToYourAzmar t1_j29il78 wrote

Same, looked like a magic eye picture. Also on closer inspection I think they're trees not bushes


Tyoccial t1_j29p8ky wrote

Am I learning that I'm colorblind, or am I misunderstanding? The ground here is blue and the bushes are brown, right?


SucksToYourAzmar t1_j29pjex wrote

Green and brown trees guessing from some leaves dying due to the cold and the snow is white in the sun and blue in the shade. At least that's how my eyes interpret it.


Tyoccial t1_j29prle wrote

Gotcha! I was so confused by the green mentioned. Do you have any idea why the ground is blue, though?


SucksToYourAzmar t1_j29q1ux wrote

Just shadows on snow I think. Like how a snowy or overcast day kind of casts a blue tint on the day.


mr_ji t1_j2a4v8k wrote

Taos, NM

Although I recall a bit more civilization last time I was there


pm_me_cute_sloths_ t1_j2a8e3n wrote

Drive towards Questa or the gorge and you won’t see much lol

I bet this was taken near the gorge


meatybone t1_j2a2fhc wrote

Mine as well, but probably because I thought it said tacos, nevermind.


ViciousVeggieViking t1_j27y2c5 wrote

I love Taos!

I once met a man at the top of Wheeler Peak who had a box of Taos Pizza Out Back that he was kind enough to share. I’m not sure what drives a man to carry a box of pizza 13,409 ft up, but he did it. It was possibly the best pizza I’ve ever had.


mntoak t1_j28zb9d wrote

I see you downloaded the GTA goofball add-on.


UnfinishedProjects t1_j296h0b wrote

When I was a kid at a festival a long time ago in Taos, there was an ice cream stand there. I got the grasshopper ice cream and was disappointed it was only mint chocolate chip flavor. I remember wanting to eat grasshoppers in ice cream! I think I was reading too much Calvin and Hobbes.


somethngrandom2635 t1_j29iwwq wrote

Taos is the place that lived up to its legend of being a spiritual experience. I can’t explain it, it’s just a feeling of wonder or nature that I got looking at the mountain at sunset. I really need to go back.


pm_me_cute_sloths_ t1_j2a7fay wrote

Having spent 4 summers near Taos at Philmont as a staff member, there’s a 90% chance that was a Philmont staff member who thought it would be fun

Weighs a little less, but I’ve carried a pound cake up a 14er in Colorado before and ate it at the top.

That place, and Michael’s Kitchen, are staples of Philmont staff in Taos. It would not surprise me that someone would carry one up to the top of Wheeler. We love to carry food to the top of mountains and eat it lol. One of my friends took a pickle up the top of Little Costilla in the Valle Vidal nearby. We’d all rather have a meal like that at the top of a mountain than trail meals, plus it’s a fun story

Side note: I love the climb up Wheeler and sliding down the snow on the way down lol


ViciousVeggieViking t1_j2adqmq wrote

Oh yeah I’ve carried all kinds of ridiculous things up mountains (mostly beer), I just thought an entire box of pizza was hysterical and not at all expected. The Williams Lake route is super fun to snowshoe in the winter time. Last time I climbed it we brought shitty roll-up sleds from Walmart and came close to dying sledding down.

If you haven’t yet, the East Fork trail up from Red River to the top is a really fun hike but a little more brutal in the distance you cover.


pm_me_cute_sloths_ t1_j2aljvf wrote

I’ve actually only done the Williams Lake route, I unfortunately haven’t been back since 2019 though I’m dying every day to

Next time I take my fiancée we’ll try that route, it sounds really fun lol. Most everyone recommends Williams Lake because the lake is super pretty and it’s an easier hike and quicker too because of the afternoon storms during June/July lol

I’ve only slid down on my butt, I can imagine using a sled on that thing is dangerous but hella fun lol. You pick up some pretty insane speeds just on your butt


miquesadilla t1_j2a7yzk wrote

Born but not raised!

Still love the Pueblo. God I need to visit soon


DoctorRoxxo t1_j28yl7r wrote

My dyslexic ass thought that said tacos.


mntoak t1_j28zivy wrote

It's the ground beef on a ton of sour cream.


ab00neideere t1_j29p0mk wrote

When Taos Ski Valley didn't allow snowboarding, there was a coalition created called 'Free Taos' to petition the then owners to open up the slopes to boarders. Someone ordered Free Taos bumper stickers, and the person on the other end of the line heard Free Tacos. The Free Tacos stickers are a treasured memorabilia here :=].


McqueenVendetta t1_j286asq wrote

I miss seeing my dogs running around on days like this, sage smelling sweet and the air crisp. Taos is another world sometimes.


othemehto t1_j292xni wrote

New Mexico, Cliff Notes:

Albuquerque = Crime ‘n Big Balloons

Santa Fe = Politics ‘n Tax Shelter Businesses

Taos = Free Range Organic Drugs ‘n Snowboarding Hippies

Las Cruces = Racists Bitching in their cars about Roadside Oranges

Everywhere else = Secret Millionaires living directly next to the Poverty Stricken, and movie studios


pm_me_cute_sloths_ t1_j2a8bia wrote

How could you do a cliff notes of New Mexico and not mention green chile?

Also, Roswell is a tourist trap shithole lol


othemehto t1_j2a8vmr wrote

Shhhhhhhhhhhh. If the world ever really finds out about Hatch they might divert from Roswell.

Leave them in Roswell.

Edit — …Actually, you wanna know what I would kill for? I would pay a large sum of money to get someone to ship me two big containers of Frontier Adovada and a few containers of Dion’s Greek dressing.

Oh Lawd, I would chonk out so hard.


tmacbusy t1_j2a3g35 wrote

Don't forget all the bases that really do all the shady military shit.


othemehto t1_j2a48dv wrote

Good point, absolutely good point

3 well funded Gov Labs, 2 massive loosely ‘secret’ storage facilities, 1 ‘unfinished’ storage facility, and of course the 2 intensely advanced pilot training facilities.

But I don’t know anything about any of that 🫠


Blackletterdragon t1_j28stlm wrote

Taos? NM?


crash180 t1_j291uf0 wrote

Taos = City

NM = The state of New Mexico in the United States of America


Blackletterdragon t1_j2976sf wrote

Cheers. I see some of your State names are as uninventive as ours. 🇦🇺

Actually, I should have recognised it from the words of a song:

"And away I did ride,

Just as fast as I

Could from the West Texas town of El Paso

Out to the bad-lands of New Mexico."


crash180 t1_j2cdbb7 wrote

Wow! I have not heard that song before. I sung it in my head nevertheless as I was reading it.

My kids think it is funny when I do that to books I am reading to them, where they do not specify it is a song, and I break out a ballad of the words I am reading. Those words are supposed to be a song. Fun times.

Regarding the uninvintive names for States, this applies to City names as well. I cannot think of an odd one right now. However, they are out there.


DnA420 t1_j28mlnw wrote

I thought this was that game where you ski down the hill and have to avoid hitting the trees.


Plove848484 t1_j297lqb wrote

I’ll be in another Taos Earthship is 6 weeks ! My annual trip.


The_Real_Selma_Blair t1_j28wwhd wrote

Honestly never seen anything like this before! Can someone explain what I'm looking at? It's incredible.


degrees_of_certainty t1_j28zbwt wrote

Aerial view of a juniper and sagebrush dotted landscape covered in snow


The_Real_Selma_Blair t1_j28zsn3 wrote

Oh my lawd I can't believe! It looks like asteroids in snow against the backdrop of a beautiful blue sky, how incredible!


DaddyFigured t1_j2b94b0 wrote

The long shadows throw people off. Not many places where you have such unobstructed horizons. Leads to the most amazing sunsets I've ever seen.


mntoak t1_j28zgqk wrote

Trees in snow.


The_Real_Selma_Blair t1_j28zxg8 wrote

Well I never would have guessed, I'm amazed! It looks like little asteroids against a beautiful backdrop of a blue summer sky!


SideffectsX t1_j29hmuu wrote

I stuck my face up to my phone before reading the title. Thought this was one of those magic eye pictures.


jaybleeze t1_j28phrt wrote

I can almost hear the hum


Desperate-Ad-6463 t1_j28v9x4 wrote

Looks like someone tossed their canister of buds into a stiff breeze


utahman58 t1_j29g8bm wrote

Imagine that photo as a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle.


Richard1583 t1_j29lne0 wrote

Looks like some danky dank


TheJaybo t1_j29ogxf wrote

Cool album cover


mkw5053 t1_j28mtq3 wrote

I was just in Taos 3 days ago!


DavosHS t1_j28sq9p wrote

Bramble Scramble


TheFrontierzman t1_j29c2ix wrote

r/confusing_perspective would like this


Haasts_Eagle t1_j2b80s4 wrote

Yeah, to me it looks like the bottom part of the image starts to turn upside down. Like a reflection in water. Is there a weird fish eye lens thing going on?


DesignatedJiver t1_j29hwk3 wrote

OP i would love a link to the original HQ copy if thats alright. I want to make this my desktop background 😁


VenoBot t1_j29rhfd wrote

The noise / distribution is incredible


kickstartmyfartt t1_j29zt4b wrote

Looks like someone took a hot air balloon ride. I hope you got the pilot with the huge beard!


Edit: I just remembered drones are a thing, so its 50/50


adamsviscom OP t1_j2a0pfj wrote

Haha I wish it was a ballon. Shot from a drone, just south of town.


SantuarioSecreto t1_j2apsnf wrote

When I think of the place I would wish to retire, the place that drew me spiritually (as corny as that is), the area of the nation that seemed so attainable yet forever out of my reach it has always been New Mexico. From Santa Few to Taos to Red River was a Christmastime I will always treasure. I hope to retire to this area someday.


YoungIndigo97 t1_j2bihb0 wrote

Weed buds on an snow camo rolling tray


kbn_ t1_j2cae4i wrote

If you've never visited Taos, do yourself a favor and rectify that situation. Swing by Santa Fe too while you're in the area.

The Rio Grande Gorge alone is worth the trip, but for me the really amazing part was Carson National Forest. I drove down from Colorado, meaning that the last thing I had seen was the Sangre De Cristos on my left and the San Juans on my right, with empty flat desert in the middle. And then… suddenly trees. It's hard to describe how uniquely and wonderfully weird it is.


kramer2006 t1_j292862 wrote

Is it birds-eye view of trees,Bacteria or art work?


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CherryYumDiddlyDip t1_j29d81k wrote

It's like that viral image where you either saw a white/gold dress or a black/blue dress.


Burntoastedbutter t1_j29kxyn wrote

Bruh I thought that was a splatter of some mildly sludgey dog shits


m00nf1r3 t1_j29loz2 wrote

Took my way too long to realize this was an aerial view with shadows and not a sky with clouds and green shit floating through it. Cool shot!


hendo1685 t1_j29r1jq wrote

I see the letter "R"


Schwaghard t1_j29ws0j wrote

I don't get this shit. Looking at it for an hour


BMXTKD t1_j29ypdn wrote

I remember these back on the '90s! I could never see the 3D image.


dancute9 t1_j2a09p6 wrote

But is it blue or gold?


KuFuBr t1_j2a0gn5 wrote

What am I looking at


tmacbusy t1_j2a3li0 wrote

Downward aerial view of a snowy area


Athomas16 t1_j2a99sl wrote

I tried to stare at it to see the hidden image.


BattlefieldNiblet t1_j2aa5ug wrote

Looks like one of those old command and conquer games


Chrittifah t1_j2adv3a wrote

Could be a dnd battle map


gidgetcocoa2 t1_j2ai5bt wrote

Thought this was a magic eye for a minute.


Seifulus t1_j2ak3il wrote

What an image


Invisi-cat t1_j2b0ve6 wrote

I miss Taos Ski Valley, used to go there every January as a kid


TJTHEDJ69 t1_j2b5gnf wrote

Sorry man your mushroom grow kits done for. That's moldy bro!

Jokes nice picture


NiGHFirst t1_j2b68sg wrote

This gives the same energy with that japanese video with vines across the sky played over with video game music that had people writing their whole life stories in the comments


ketsueki093 t1_j2b6pmo wrote

I though someone was putting their weed in water


mercuchio23 t1_j2bg9t9 wrote

When I spill my weed on the carpet


Robert_McNuggets t1_j2bn27h wrote

I love it, ima use it as my wallpaper if you don't mind


Bwox t1_j2bnf0p wrote

What made those single line tracks down the middle? Also do you have a hi res version that I can use as a wallpaper?


chitownadmin t1_j2boeiv wrote

Love the image. Heading up there on Sunday.


Angrybread5 t1_j2bpsx7 wrote

i live in nm and i see stuff like this on the daily


groobes t1_j2c96qw wrote

This is stunning. Reminds me of those photos of Jupiter that looks like drawings. This photo literally looks like a work of art.


schmwke t1_j2cc02o wrote

Thought I was in r/MagicEye for a bit and stared at this for too long 😂


Regnes t1_j2ckgfo wrote

If you focus your eyes just right, you can see the rabbit.


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nanlokeus t1_j29ciub wrote

I'm sure this is fungus on a bathroom tile


SainT462 t1_j2bqhnd wrote

Coke and Marijuana on a blue plate


MagAqua t1_j28veub wrote