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Leland_Stamper t1_j1mabql wrote

Sisters, Oregon is a city in central OR.

The subject of this photograph is Mt. Washington in the Cascade Mountains of Oregon.


Mackin-N-Cheese t1_j1msapq wrote

There are also the Three Sisters (and Mt. Bachelor, heh) nearby, but Mt. Washington isn’t any of them.


Scoot_AG t1_j1mzr5g wrote

Yeah, thanks! I was wondering where the other sisters were


ian2121 t1_j1nbkaj wrote

Faith, Hope and Charity I believe.


breaktaker t1_j1nbxj6 wrote

Yeah but nobody here calls them that. To us it’s North, Middle, and South Sister


BamBamBob t1_j1o7qxi wrote

Yeah climbed the Middle Sister, TIL they had other names.


EpicCyclops t1_j1nbot7 wrote

Mt. Washington is as close to Sisters as the Three Sisters or Mt. Bachelor are. It's weird to refer to it as being in Sisters, but not that obscene.


ontopofyourmom t1_j1n88ir wrote

This is the one and only mountain I've ever climbed!


Geoff_12889 t1_j1nxxgk wrote

Climbed it back in 2001(?) and I remember it being pretty scary considering all the erosion. I was close to the top of Three Finger Jack but never made it to the summit. So same as you, it’s the only mountain I’ve climbed.


ian2121 t1_j1nbm4f wrote

Dang… a tough first mountain.


ontopofyourmom t1_j1nbqxp wrote

It was during the summer and there was only about twelve feet that was more of a climb than a scramble or a hike.

Very nice view though!


BigVariation3 t1_j1nbzlc wrote

I’ve spent a lot of time on Mt Washington. Beautiful place.


[deleted] t1_j1mudab wrote



GameAndHike t1_j1mv8qc wrote

No it’s definitely Washington. Jefferson doesn’t have trees anywhere near its spire and it’s much more narrow.


notafilmmajor425 t1_j1mka2e wrote

Looks like the paramount pictures logo


Geoff_12889 t1_j1nztlr wrote

Check out Mt. Thielsen. Looks like the Lonely Mountain out of The Hobbit!


acomav t1_j1o678g wrote

There is mountain in Austria that is apparently the Paramount mountain. The river-raft dude could have been bullshitting us but it looked exactly like the logo from where we were.


gmellotron t1_j1pbnlm wrote

Paramount mountain is originally from Ogden Utah, the founder was from there


ezjoz t1_j1pspel wrote

I totally heard the logo music when I saw this pic!


sirboddingtons t1_j1lyj8f wrote

Super big dream to climb up those. Wasnt able to secure a permit on holiday last year. Here's hoping to next time.


Gussums t1_j1mfv6a wrote

How does one climb this? Is it more like rock climbing with ropes or hiking, or a mix of both?


heartbeats t1_j1mm3ip wrote

It’s more like rock climbing with ropes. All routes on this mountain are Class 5, easiest is the North Ridge which is 5.0 to 5.3.


GameAndHike t1_j1mvft7 wrote

North ridge is comfortably a 5.3. The 5.0, 5.3, 5.1 ratings are the ratings of the 3 pitches. Also, it has a horrible downclimb if you don’t bring rap gear.


goddbrother t1_j1mvmjt wrote

So that North Ridge would be the easiest but of the most difficult rating?


heartbeats t1_j1oeinh wrote

Yes, North Ridge is easiest on the mountain but is still Class 5 technical roped climbing on belay and not for novices.


ratguy t1_j1n2bhi wrote

I climbed it about 20 years ago. I think our route can be clearly seen in this photo. We hiked up the ridge along the right. Then we roped up and climbed the last bit, going up along the left side of the peak. Had a beer at the top, then rappelled down the vertical face you can see on the right.

Climb wasn’t that hard, I think others have said it’s a 5.3. But it was made more difficult by the temperature and the fact we couldn’t feel our fingers. It’s strange trying to tell if you have a good grip when your hands are numb.


thegrayryder t1_j1n2e0o wrote

Mt Washington is a fun climb in the summer, the rock is volcanic though (loose) so rockfall is the biggest danger on the route. Great view of the surrounding mountains from the top and a lovely lake to hop in on the way back to your car.

Source: climbed it a few years ago after seeing this exact view in the winter and saying “I gotta go up there”


MountainCheesesteak t1_j1n93wv wrote

I thought Mt. Washington was in New Hampshire. How many are there?


noworries_13 t1_j1nqgw9 wrote

Turns out that Washington fella was kinda a big deal


MountainCheesesteak t1_j1nrczl wrote

I'd say the one in the OP shouldn't count, since he's probably never been there.


JtheNinja t1_j1ntdxp wrote

I don’t think any of the big cascades are named for local people. Mt St Helens and Mt Hood’s namesake never even came to US.


AegisofOregon t1_j1p388g wrote

Sure they are, just gotta dig a little deeper. Loowit, Wy'east, and Pahto.


JtheNinja t1_j1p526e wrote

FYI, there’s some debate whether Wyeast is really Mt Hood’s original name, or if it even had a common name throughout the region at all:

The doesn’t seem to be any evidence of it prior to the late 19th century via a white author. The guy interviewed here (who’s an athropologist and member of a local tribe) thinks it was probably made up.


alex494 t1_j1m96kh wrote

Is that Paramount but Crisis on Infinite Earths is happening?


dirtystorytimefun t1_j1ms51u wrote

Fun fact! Paramount's Majestic Mountain was originally based off Ben Lomond Peak in Ogden, Uah.

The image has evolved over the years and now more closely resembles this mountain.


yul_brynner t1_j1nbipi wrote

mf's just jacked our mountain name lol. thats pretty cool


BamBamBob t1_j1o9sn5 wrote

Thanks. Lived in N Ogden and never knew that.


uhkhu t1_j1mmbv6 wrote

Central Oregon represent!


HungreeRunner t1_j1mfae7 wrote

Are you sure that is not My Crumpet and you are intact the Grinch in disguise


fotofreak56 t1_j1mnsh2 wrote

Great image. Miss that area, parents used to live in Bend and loved skiing Bachelor. Great times!


shelsilverstien t1_j1mxap5 wrote

This is not in any way a realistic take on Sisters, Oregon


JtheNinja t1_j1o2600 wrote

“It’s possible to see this on a day trip that passes through Sisters, Oregon” doesn’t have the same ring to it.


Sallyanonymous t1_j1mnurz wrote

One of my favorite things to do around Christmas was to go to sisters for their holiday parade and walk through all the little shops. My dad used to take my sister and I every year!


shelsilverstien t1_j1mxftx wrote

A great thing about the shops is that most of them fail within a year, so there's always fresh spots to check out!


Sallyanonymous t1_j1o9u0a wrote

Over priced rent for a tourist location. Unfortunate for the locals


DoubleSly t1_j1m7hdy wrote

Incredible how different it looks from when I hiked the PCT section of this area this past year. Amazing shot


IamIrene t1_j1mb7a4 wrote

I’m trying to wrap my head around how gorgeous that sky is, wow! What a shot!


Zach_Gibbons OP t1_j1mqq6b wrote

Thanks! It was one of the best cotton candy skies I’ve seen in a while. We got super lucky with the cloud cover as well. Appreciate the kind words.


[deleted] t1_j1m9qow wrote



jebus_sabes t1_j1mw7od wrote

Calling those mountains underdeveloped is the douchiest thing I’ve ever heard someone say about wild areas. Do you want to explore or wait for an escalator?


PhlegmThrower_ t1_j1mbxs6 wrote

Thought this was the chocolate bar mountain. Could be a sister mountain of Matterhorn/toblerone mountain.


Native56 t1_j1mhsry wrote

Very pretty good picture


SiskiyouSavage t1_j1n2nmh wrote

Say hi to the big bull trout at the camp Sherman store. They live under the bridge.


WantedDadorAlive t1_j1n4p1z wrote

Merry Christmas from Redmond! Always trippy to see my backyard on Reddit


chipwy t1_j1n5yq8 wrote

seriously one of the best picture i’ve seen on this subreddit, keep up the great work and have a merry christmas!


thebobbyloops t1_j1nb3jj wrote

Kept waiting for the Paramount logo to load


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archanom t1_j1mdv0g wrote

Which sister is this? How did you get the shot? Was this from a drone? Absolutely gorgeous.


Zach_Gibbons OP t1_j1mhevw wrote

This is mt washington which is north of the three sisters. They have a few look out points along 126. No drone needed just a nice telephoto lens and some luck with the weather.


fishyphotos t1_j1mi03d wrote

Drones are largely prohibited anyway given all the designated wilderness areas near there.


archanom t1_j1mwrjq wrote

Thank you for the info. My husband was really curious.


Stalinwolf t1_j1mfjrz wrote

How many sisters? One sister, two sister, three sister, four sister, four sisters. Lord, I have got to get out of here, the devil is temptin' me.


thecaptn16 t1_j1mr1hm wrote

One of my favorite Cascade peaks. Awesome photo.


QWERTY_QUEER t1_j1mtyxb wrote

Nice place to spend christmas morning!


LaconianStrategos t1_j1mxxyh wrote

Could have fooled me into thinking that's Matterhorn


cbunni666 t1_j1n38hq wrote

I'm waiting for stars to circle it. Lol


rebelx t1_j1n4tvy wrote

Is this the paramount mountain?


Eechoo t1_j1n78uv wrote

I waa there yesterday. Absolutely beautiful area.


tibearius1123 t1_j1n8f1g wrote

Oh man I went to suttle lodge last year, so beautiful. What a great area.


Mahina808 t1_j1n9b7y wrote

Oh. There’s no sisters…


OGsquiddo t1_j1nb6ao wrote

Merry Xmas from Bend!


blatherskiters t1_j1nd1rq wrote

I want to move there. What’s the community like?


Joeylala t1_j1ne5y0 wrote

In Bend now. A little too cloudy to see the sisters from where I’m at.


uziturtIe t1_j1ne77o wrote

Have a really good buddy from there! Met him in the military. He passed away a few years back and always wanted to go to Sisters to visit his family.


TheThief9812 t1_j1nfiwq wrote

Immediately heard ssx3 music by seeing this


Tomezilla t1_j1ni1og wrote

Paarthurnax out here taking photos.


KmountainDew t1_j1nkyqa wrote

Wow, that is amazing. Merry Christmas


Dsquareddyson t1_j1odarg wrote

This looks like the mountain from SSX 3


derekwolfson t1_j1ojo3d wrote

I’ve seen that peak a lot in my life — but not quite like this. Great photo


purplespoo t1_j1oqf7v wrote

Is this near the three sisters and my. Jefferson?


painxremains t1_j1ovuuf wrote

This is absolutely incredible!!


kivacake t1_j1ovxf0 wrote

New wallpaper just dropped


kirklandsfinest t1_j1m25n9 wrote

It’s been a few years since I hiked that area, this is the North Sister, right?