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MountainCheesesteak t1_j1nrczl wrote

I'd say the one in the OP shouldn't count, since he's probably never been there.


JtheNinja t1_j1ntdxp wrote

I don’t think any of the big cascades are named for local people. Mt St Helens and Mt Hood’s namesake never even came to US.


AegisofOregon t1_j1p388g wrote

Sure they are, just gotta dig a little deeper. Loowit, Wy'east, and Pahto.


JtheNinja t1_j1p526e wrote

FYI, there’s some debate whether Wyeast is really Mt Hood’s original name, or if it even had a common name throughout the region at all:

The doesn’t seem to be any evidence of it prior to the late 19th century via a white author. The guy interviewed here (who’s an athropologist and member of a local tribe) thinks it was probably made up.