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TritonTheDark OP t1_j1wldkn wrote

He's still running his float plane, but he no longer runs his helicopter. The price has gone up quite a bit but it's still a damn good price considering the flying time and the free lodging/food/beer.

There are other spots in the park I want to access but it's gonna be a huge pain in the ass without his helicopter, or a huge pain in the wallet bringing in a helicopter from farther away 😂


ofrm1 t1_j1x5es3 wrote

Yeah. I heard he dropped his helicopter, probably because it wasn't financially worth the maintenance cost to keep it in working condition. I mean, the helicopter is just about required unless you're fine with carrying the bags up to Fairy Meadows which I've heard is a nightmare. Perhaps you can give some insight as to how bad that was to get to the Cirque.


TritonTheDark OP t1_j1xnm7v wrote

The hike is steep but it's not terrible in normal conditions. Unfortunately I did it with a fucked up knee, so between that and carrying 60lbs up there was a good amount of pain and suffering involved haha. But otherwise would have been fine.

And yeah his main driver of business was all the natural resource operations up there and a lot of them shut down, and he was unable to sustain the heli on just park/sightseeing stuff.