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stabTHAtornado t1_j6elucr wrote

Crazy cool we are in the universe getting to experience, feel, and compute sights and moments like that.


maddiemkay OP t1_j6eln6f wrote

Hey friends!

This picture was taken at Oxbow Bend in Grand Teton National Park after an incredibly wicked thunderstorm had passed overhead. The setting sun broke through some storm clouds forming some of the most incredible light rays I've ever seen!

For more of my work you can check out my Instagram, or purchase prints on my website.

Thanks for looking!


arycka927 t1_j6g1yxj wrote

Man! This takes my breath away. I can't imagine how it looks in person! We are planning a trip to Wyoming in July, I'm super stoked since I've never been.


presentmomentliving t1_j6gkh5y wrote

Beautiful! The light in the sky is so dramatic! Many of my first epic adventures happened climbing the Tetons or paddling the Snake, it's neat to see both together in this superb photo.


Buck_Thorn t1_j6ev8tb wrote

Boy, were you ever in the right place at the right time... and you had your camera!


maddiemkay OP t1_j6exm81 wrote

I was! I'm a park ranger in the Tetons so I've kind of learned when and where the light tends to be the best, and I'm never without my camera just in case!


GravitationalEddie t1_j6gvkeh wrote

Is there any way to get up on Lozier Hill behind you? It looks like you may find some spots to get high enough to add in a view of the dam/lake.


maddiemkay OP t1_j6jn208 wrote

Yes absolutely! There’s actually a horse trail that leads up the hill to Emma Matilda Lake! It’s a gorgeous place to watch sunset from


GravitationalEddie t1_j6jzvu9 wrote

Yeah, that's a bit west of where I'm referring. Hard to tell from Gogle Earth but around the south edge of Lozier peak looks like a spot if its not to dangerous.

43.8647575, -110.5256326


crankyape1534 t1_j6ey9pz wrote

The Tetons can have such magical light. What a beautiful shot! Thanks for the share.


WholesomeLove280 t1_j6ffhjy wrote

This is a showstopper! Lucky you to see so much beauty everyday at work! And thank you for your service!


maddiemkay OP t1_j6fltvp wrote

Awh, thank you so much kind soul! I really appreciate that!


TheMadGeezer t1_j6gx10w wrote

Let there be light, and God said



rocky_racoon_2020 t1_j6h5n7m wrote

No one questions the physics in these kinds of pictures.

The sun is 94 million miles away. Perhaps people do not understand perspective of photography.


Siserith t1_j6i62pz wrote

This reminds me of seeing a post somewhere that I can't find about someone who didn't thank God rays were real.


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