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Key_Cartographer6668 t1_j2haqeb wrote

A dinosaur is going to pop out any second now


mortoson OP t1_j2hdb16 wrote

Wouldnt be surprised at all. Its so isolated. I was the only person there when I went yesterday. Saw a platypus and 2 koalas.


CMDR_Shazbot t1_j2he6dz wrote

Do these ferns have stalks? They're so tall


mortoson OP t1_j2heez9 wrote

Yeah they have trunks. They're called soft tree ferns (Dicksonia Antarctica). The ones in the Otways can be 100+ years old.


CMDR_Shazbot t1_j2hew0k wrote

Amazing, love me a healthy fern and these are wonderful.


joey2scoops t1_j2ht7vj wrote

If they are the same as the ones up in the Dandenongs then I have seen them at least 20ft tall and with trunks as big as 18in diameter.


Are_you_blind_sir t1_j2l4t3o wrote

Yeah but not a lot of tree ferns around these days. Most ferns are shrubs without a trunk


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