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jdawg09 OP t1_j607n1a wrote

Taken near Polebridge in Glacier National Park during a hike.


taffyowner t1_j610wek wrote

I didn’t make it up to polebridge when I was there as it was on fire at the time. But man I got some of the most beautiful pictures I have ever taken


bigboxes1 t1_j62c8xn wrote

Been all through in 2018 on my 25th anniversary trip. From Texas to Montana and back. Lots of bucket list stuff on that trip. Thanks for sharing!


Objective_Yak_7327 t1_j6173fg wrote

Oh my so freaking beautiful! I will go there somedays!


EuphoricAd68 t1_j60w3gs wrote

I think it's a great place to fish


cote112 t1_j61hdn8 wrote

Probably much much better irl.

Although I've heard about swarms of flies and mosquitoes the size of butterflies. So I'll stick with your photo.


jdawg09 OP t1_j620tam wrote

Mosquitos are rough. But I am from the south so I’m used to the terror.


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cote112 t1_j6228rf wrote



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badgersnuts2013 t1_j62jn24 wrote

Agreed. I live semi nearby and visit every year. Seen much worse mosquitos in the south/southeast, and even closer to the PNW


T3NT3N90 t1_j641t6i wrote

Totally agree. I spent three years near the Appalachian mtns and whoa, the bugs there are insane!


aedan356 t1_j61ogce wrote

number one park on my list to visit - hope i can see it before all the glaciers melt away…


montwhisky t1_j6273uv wrote

Damnit, the first rule about GNP is we don’t talk about GNP.


alwaysfuntime69 t1_j62429u wrote

I lived/worked in glacier for 4 years. Met my wife there as well. My most favorite place in the world!!!


almostthere69420 t1_j62jgt6 wrote

Holy I never knew this park was also in the United States 🤷


Nwcray t1_j6382eb wrote

I’ll be there this summer. I can’t articulate how excited I am to experience it in person.


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MaxFury80 t1_j629jkx wrote

Truly a magical place