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erike1666 t1_j2jeoux wrote

My dude literally picked the least photogenic spot in Moab.


rex_swiss t1_j2jn75b wrote

It's still more photogenic than anything east of the Mississippi...


bajillionth_porn t1_j2l9z8j wrote

Have you seen the smokies or Appalachians?


rex_swiss t1_j2lc7aw wrote

Yes, plenty, from Alabama to Maine. The La Sals in this picture are twice as high as those.


ShowMeYourMinerals t1_j2lpotf wrote

Well, the Colorado Plateau has a lot to do with the altitude of these mountains… the La Sals are only like 12k. And with your logic that means most peaks in the central Rockies are prettier than this picture of Utah…


Willbily t1_j2mlh1t wrote

Twice as high in elevation above sea level*

Porcupine Rim Lookout (pictured) is 7360’, the road immediately below it is ‘6000. Thats a 1200’ prominence which is a typical Western North Carolina prominence.


rex_swiss t1_j2ofix5 wrote

From Porcupine Rim you're looking down 1300' to head of Castle Valley, and up over 5000' to the top of the La Sal range. There's no where in the east with that kind of "verticality" view. I'll admit a landscape or panorama shot from here would have been much more inclusive of the incredible change in geography and geology, with Alpine mountains in front of you and deserts, mesas, buttes and a major river canyon around to your left. Driving the La Sal mountain loop road from Moab is one incredible geographic journey.


Willbily t1_j3ef71c wrote

Thank you for the clarification. That’s incredible!

But not twice as high as everything in the east. There are a few exceptions


bajillionth_porn t1_j2ldbwz wrote

But those ranges have some absolutely gorgeous areas in them - I just think that saying this is more photogenic than anything east of the Mississippi is a bit much. Especially because height doesn’t automatically equal photogenic


dwrjr1992 t1_j2jzns1 wrote

Moab is probably the coolest city I've driven through in a Semi, I like how the downtown is built on a 6% grade and at the bottom of the hill is the Colorado river. The entire state of Utah is beautiful.


millenniosaurus OP t1_j2jrcm6 wrote

This is the view from a mountain bike trail called ‘the whole enchilada’ that follows this cliff edge and has some amazing views.


Grasswillbegreener23 t1_j2k12en wrote

Is this the porcupine ridge area?


millenniosaurus OP t1_j2k95vj wrote

You are correct


Grasswillbegreener23 t1_j2kb6gp wrote

Such a good dispersed camp site.


CloSav t1_j2kgy8b wrote

Um I could be wrong, but I do not think there’s diapered camping right here. I ride this trail every year but maybe I’ve never noticed?


Grasswillbegreener23 t1_j2kwzpz wrote

There's a drop toilet on the road up there and a big clearing where the campers go. Beyond that there's a really rough road that trucks can only get up and there's spots all over the place. Granted we camped there back in 2018 so it might have changed but I dunno.


Sprinklypoo t1_j2n50uw wrote

I thought it might have been porcupine rim... So those trails overlap?


CesarMillan_Official t1_j2jiyds wrote

I just took a trip in the summer and Moab was one of my top 3 favorite places we stayed.


Likeabalrog t1_j2jzp0h wrote

The peak at the south end of Castle valley,I think.


wordyplayer t1_j2jyrvh wrote

I always wondered why the grippiest trails in the world are called “Slickrock”


[deleted] t1_j2jzr7y wrote



wordyplayer t1_j2k0hro wrote

Nope. It’s like sandpaper and still grippy in rain. Google suggests it got the name back in the day of horses, it was slippery to the horseshoes. Makes sense.


Taysby t1_j2k8eeu wrote

Sandstone is gonna have a laYer of loose sand particles on top because it’s not very durable which is what makes it “slippery”. Whereas a rock like granite is just gonna always have bite


Sprinkle_Puff t1_j2k2kbr wrote

This place is a little slice of what makes the west so special.


lucysalvatierra t1_j2km318 wrote

I've said this so many times but southern Utah is the most beautiful place on the planet!


Fashscallion t1_j2l6ha7 wrote

What a phenomenal shot of a spectacular view. Nicely done!


pilesofcleanlaundry t1_j2lpnhn wrote

Porcupine rim. Awesome trail if you can get a lift to the trailhead.


MrARCO t1_j2maz8u wrote

Hello new phone wallpaper!


radude4411 t1_j2n6tiv wrote

This is absolutely beautiful


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Dumguy1214 t1_j2m4xbx wrote

lets make a deal, you play the music tomorrow


Moraz_iel t1_j2mlrcs wrote

the Mother Of All Bountains, beautifull !