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S3NSE1 t1_j6gadw2 wrote

I am blessed living in Teton County 🤗


redoctobershtanding t1_j6gcbve wrote

My new lock screen! Gorgeous photo, awesome job capturing all the colors


pmoney50pp t1_j6fj7xl wrote

This sub is literally like 80% Grand Teton NP.


SoarNsquid t1_j6gkkso wrote

I'm so desensitized that I look at this and think "Windows Background"


TerrorSnow t1_j6hl6jp wrote

I'd say that's a compliment to windows backgrounds. ;)


maddiemkay OP t1_j6fcy9b wrote

Hey friends!

This picture was taken last fall at String Lake in Grand Teton National Park. The mountain pictured is Mt. Moran, and I was just super lucky catching a great sunset over it!

For more of my work you can check out my Instagram, or purchase prints on my website.

Thanks for looking!


SoloExperiencer t1_j6fee7c wrote

Sounds like a description for a different shot 🙂 This one is wonderful too, though.


maddiemkay OP t1_j6ffho3 wrote

hahah thanks for pointing that out! I copied and pasted it from another one of my shots but forgot to edit it gif


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Original_Lettuce6792 t1_j6jifz4 wrote

Perfectly! На воде отражение, как будто картина маслом на холсте! Классно!!! Очень красиво!