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FreeGuacamole t1_j4qy2p0 wrote

According to Hawaiian lore, this is the waterfall that Maui, Shapeshifter, Demigod of the Wind and Sea, Hero of Man, fell to his death from.


imapassenger1 t1_j4rnray wrote

I love it when this sub has a place I've been. I first visited in 1989 and took a photo which I had enlarged on a colour photocopier to stick on my wall.


BobbyG-68 t1_j4s3mke wrote

I don't think there's anyone who been to HI and is not impressed


Jenkins007 t1_j4szoj5 wrote

I used to think it was obnoxious when people would talk incessantly about how nice it is, I assumed they just wanted to gush about a nice vacation. Needless to say, when I went it changed my opinion. That place is truly a magical paradise.


Prestigious-Owl165 t1_j4ssbbl wrote

I love this place and I also love just driving to get there from the kohala coast other side of the island. It doesn't take long to get there but you manage to go through a few different climate zones and sceneries. And in the same day you can easily get to volcanoes national park and the caldera of Kilauea


lowteq t1_j4s9oai wrote

The smell of flowers walking the trail down to the overlook is amazing. I will never forget how strong it was.


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tretower424 t1_j4scl9v wrote

We came here when I was a child. Gorgeous! I had such fun on that trail that I started running and running down it, not knowing how far behind I was leaving my family. They sent my sister running ahead to get me. Dad was not too happy. I think my parents decompressed with a couple of mai tai’s when we got back to the hotel :)


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BigXris t1_j4rjmi9 wrote

Damn I miss home.


Eyecatchyyyy t1_j4q5ewp wrote

This is an amazing place to visit. did anyone tried to dive on Akaka Falls?


MWoodley18 t1_j4qp0xf wrote

It’s very shallow and rocky at the bottom. Diving would be a very bad idea. Agreed that it’s an amazing place to visit though! It’s stunning!

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Prestigious-Owl165 t1_j4sqgk4 wrote

I'm not a diving expert or a waterfall expert or a gravity expert, but pretty sure that's a guaranteed death