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PHOTO500 t1_j6l3by9 wrote

10 miles west of Boston.


Will-Nye OP t1_j6l9qy2 wrote

Actually around 20 miles


NYCstray t1_j6lp9my wrote

Is this some sort of inside joke? Isn’t Telluride in Colorado?


Rdbjiy53wsvjo7 t1_j6lpyvq wrote

It's a joke from the show The Last of Us.

This past episode they had a scene just outside of Boston, by 10 miles, and it looked very similar to this. I'll admit, I've only been to Boston once, but the scenery really didn't seem to "fit" the location. A lot of fans commented on it.


Lustypad t1_j6moa7l wrote

That’s because it’s shot in Calgary Alberta. Not far off in scenery from Colorado.


inumba12 t1_j6leeb7 wrote

I own a Telluride and it looks nothing like this. Fake AI art


ralphsquirrel t1_j6khozr wrote

Outstanding shot! Great vertical composition and motion blurring on the water.


[deleted] t1_j6mogjb wrote

My vampire loving ass saw mystic falls and thought vampire diaries 😂 Very pretty tho


joedah t1_j6o8ozi wrote

Same! I was like isn’t that the made up place from VD? Lol


Illustrious-Pickle t1_j6ldlw2 wrote

Mind telling the camera settings by chance. The depth of field and sharpness is just as pleasant close up on the rocks as with the waterfall and rays.


Will-Nye OP t1_j6lp54c wrote

I believe it was just a 15 second exposure at f11 or f-16 It has been so long I don’t remember 😅


Happydaytoyou1 t1_j6l62ew wrote

Telluride is a bit magical


Will-Nye OP t1_j6l9p6m wrote

Worth the hype


Happydaytoyou1 t1_j6lt76k wrote

I went there first time this summer visiting all Colorado NPs I had left. I was like wow there’s really a town surrounded on all three sides by a mountain and with a giant waterfall at the end!? This is some LotR fantasy nature lol


cocainehaiku t1_j6mjg6g wrote

And its not just one waterfall, it's a waterfall here, and here and here...and here and here and there too.


reddragon1492 t1_j6lgk38 wrote

Live 3 hours away from telluride, it is magical nd that’s a great shot!


[deleted] t1_j6mvjc5 wrote

Beautiful where is elena?


hypatiann t1_j6lef5u wrote

amazing! and nice shot with the wood in the foreground.


SkiTride t1_j6lgha9 wrote

I live there! I will have to make this hike next summer for sure. Super beautiful.


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MrHash420truck t1_j6lhorv wrote

Frodo crossing the river on horse back of the lady elf.


TheThistleSifter t1_j6lln2u wrote

Love the bending log as a foreground element, great spot and crop! Maybe a little heavy on the vignette but personal taste.

You did a great job making this waterfall shot interesting, I find them all a little samesy quite often.


Will-Nye OP t1_j6lp0rv wrote

Thanks! Totally agree on the vignette as well. Edit is from a year or two ago now so I would gone easier on it 😐


CalvinHobb3s t1_j6lst28 wrote

I can't be the only one who sees the horns and skull


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Shwifty_Plumbus t1_j6lsxjk wrote

Beautiful. Lived there nearly 6 year and I never knew about it.


__shitsahoy__ t1_j6lyjfj wrote

It’s still hard for me to believe I live an hour away from here


stonedandsunburnt t1_j6lytat wrote

Gorgeous shot, mate! My brother moved out to be a liftee and said it’s the most beautiful place he’s been


f700es t1_j6mt6wk wrote

Thank you for the new phone wallpaper ;)


ChaosNuke t1_j6nv4ni wrote

This is one amazing shot! Love your framing!


Cabingirl957 t1_j6ny5vu wrote

Wow.. this place is calling to me.

Thanks for sharing. Bucket list updated.


Graniteman83 t1_j6mmuzp wrote

Bridal Veil Falls in Telluride, CO End of the box canyon.