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Surviving2021 t1_j37lv8v wrote

This is one of those photos where you have to question how real it is because of it being too good looking.


andrewrimanic OP t1_j37tt4r wrote

I can assure you it's very real. The effect is created by a lot of haze in the atmosphere due to wildfire smoke. It's a nice photo, but a bit sad when you think about how much was lost to make it possible.


silicondioxides t1_j38e44f wrote

I tried to capture this effect in a mural i painted on my garage wall. Viewer beware, minimal talent in effect


BoltonSauce t1_j39bvi6 wrote

Talent is far less valuable than determination. You demonstrated both. Great work.


Ferc_Kast t1_j3ajbr8 wrote

I like it, reminds me of the game "Firewatch"


NickMalo t1_j3885md wrote

Finding beauty in loss is one of the core attractions of art. Well done!


struggleingwithnames t1_j38u07y wrote

I don't know anything about this specific case but wildfires generally are very normal and actually necessary for a forest's ecosystem in many places. In many parts of the Rockies for instance they are important for biodiversity and the carbon cycle.

Obviously that's dependent on frequency and impact and the current trend is leaning towards too many and too devestating due to climate change and human impact in general. Just wanted to give the perspective that fire and the death of shrubs and bushes (which are mostly affected in natural fires) isn't really a bad thing, for those who don't know - like me up until recently when this was lectured in my class.


NorthNorthSalt t1_j39ara6 wrote

Wildfires are a natural process and there is no need to feel bad about about photographing them. They are critical for long-term forest health and suppressing them does far more harm than good. This is why most developed countries abandoned suppression tactics in late 20th century and now only control fires to protect human settlements


DNAthrowaway1234 t1_j38ggpl wrote

Where in Van did you take the photo from?


chronic-munchies t1_j3aeu2o wrote

I figured it out! I'm like 80% sure it's taken from Colliseum looking North East. So it is the back country of Grouse. I have a pic of he same viewpoint but I don't know how to post it.

Edit - sorry may have been snapped at Grouse from the base of the Eye of The Wind turbine or inside of it (200ft up in the pod) because the pictures I have from Colliseum match the first mountain range but the angle is much lower than OPs pic.


Elendel19 t1_j397n4k wrote

I would assume from one of the north shore mountains, looking north away from the city.


Halogen12 t1_j38pdtu wrote

So beautiful. I spent most of my life looking west toward the Rockies (in Calgary) and I absolutely loved seeing the foothills fade into the distance to the snowy peaks. This is a great photo!


qevoh t1_j390iz7 wrote

Thanks for sharing, I like it so much


darkenedgy t1_j39e4kw wrote

Oh wow, damn. I was wondering about the fadeout at the bottom, thanks. It is a gorgeous picture (and I really love atmospheric perspective), but yeah, bummer that's what it takes to get that effect.


Fitzy258 t1_j3bawd4 wrote

North Vancouver looking in which direction? Out toward Squamish?


Paroxysm111 t1_j3856f7 wrote

I know what you mean, but as someone who lives near Vancouver in the cascade mountains, I can tell you the mountains often look like this. The right combination of distance, fog or smoke will do this.


JeanVicquemare t1_j38koux wrote

I live in Washington state, I can confirm... this is how the Cascades look, it's stunning and I wish I spent more time there


Babymakerwannabe t1_j3a1m2t wrote

I live in Vancouver as a transplant and I feel that every time I leave my house. This place is too pretty to be real.


monkey_trumpets t1_j39mgxj wrote

There's a spot on one of the roads near my house, also in the PNW, that when it's smokey there's a really cool blue/gray gradient in the trees. Normally they're just a wall of dark green and don't particularly stand out. Unfortunately it's in a spot where I can't stop to take a photo. Maybe this summer, when it's smokey again (unfortunately).


IGetHypedEasily t1_j3b4fja wrote

I've been there. This is very real. I have a similar picture somewhere. It's just perfect for minimalistic but real picture


SjalabaisWoWS t1_j382n9r wrote

The Norwegian word for a view like this is "blåner". The best way to translate that is "bluies", I guess? Anyway, blåner = awesome.


toadsuck t1_j3aa14k wrote

Rayleigh effect. Not as exciting in English.


fujixgrafy t1_j36sjx5 wrote

Amazing 🤩 love the layers and colors What gear did you use?


andrewrimanic OP t1_j37s963 wrote

Gear used - Canon 7D, 70-200 f/2.8 Settings used - f/16, ISO 100, 1/500s


Kaidani13 t1_j38dsnf wrote

I live in Van, just moved there 4 months ago. Where did u snap this shot from?


Doomguy420 t1_j384b0l wrote

Team Fortress 2 skybox vibes


lebr0n99 t1_j38kib8 wrote

Reminds me of that Windows XP wallpaper. Great shot!


MontagoDK t1_j37nmc2 wrote

This is just perfect!!


T_Lexx t1_j37e57b wrote

Very cool shot!


Ylossss t1_j386s5m wrote

Thanks for the new phone Lock Screen!


Yizus t1_j38bhxc wrote

looks great for a PC wallpaper :)


JoeDyrt57 t1_j3931ed wrote

Based on my own poor attempts to photograph this effect, this shot is expecting what I've always been aiming for. Well done!


JackTheDrummerYT t1_j393245 wrote

idk why but this is reminding me of stardew valley a ton


-trashcat t1_j39p64l wrote

This reminds me of a wallpaper in animal crossing. Beautiful picture!


TheExtraPerson t1_j37ydwb wrote

The numerous shades of nature. Epic scenery


Cheese_booger t1_j39ulym wrote

Saw this when we were there this summer. We were at the top of Grouse during the heat wave and the humidity darkened the peaks in layers like that.


mac-daddy t1_j39y0j5 wrote

I live here! Very cool seeing North Van on here.


Pinkcop t1_j37kfxx wrote

Looks almost like the view from Virginia City in Nevada...


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fruitless7070 t1_j3867wd wrote

Really looks like a painting or CGI. Amazing pic.


hpivth t1_j38ilan wrote

Looks like a Nicolas Roerich painting.


pixelburger t1_j38t02q wrote

Looks like a collage of torn paper. Life imitates art!


Perfect_Economics_43 t1_j38tuga wrote

Awesome shot! Any others taken in portrait? Would love to use this as a phone background! We get similar views from Mt. Hood here in Oregon but not quite as rugged. The layers are my favorite!


andrewrimanic OP t1_j3a3av4 wrote

Unfortunately I didn't take any that are portrait or could be cropped to fit a phone. I've wanted to use this as my phone wallpaper for a while but the super narrow crop just doesn't look very good.

There's a spot near the border where you can get a lot of layers to line up like this with Mount Baker being the highest layer. I took the photo once but it didn't turn out nearly as nicely as this one so I'll have to go back when the conditions are right


pghtech t1_j38ufqb wrote

Is there a succinct english word/phrase for this effect of multiple mountain range crests going into the distance with varying visibility? It's one of my favorite things but I never know how to describe it well.


EntropyMachine328 t1_j38x3f4 wrote

I saw this pic in my feed and had to double-check it was a real pic and not r/PixelArt.


Run-4-Fun t1_j38xnfd wrote

Absolutely gorgeous


qevoh t1_j390c4c wrote

That looks like something else, so so dreamy


chrismchills t1_j390h8g wrote

This is wild, it looks drawn/painted!


perguntando t1_j393pq7 wrote

Last year I shot a somewhat similar photo in my cityã_com_névoa_em_curitiba/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button

If you don't mind me asking, what did you do in the color treatment? I struggled a lot with trying to get this monotone blue thing you got going on here but I was not successful.

Great pic btw!


andrewrimanic OP t1_j3a485d wrote

The editing I've done here is quite minimal. I bumped the contrast and sharpening a little bit to make the edges between the layers more well defined. A little increase in clarity can also help achieve this.

I don't think this is relevant to your photo, but for the sake of full disclosure I did edit the colour of this photo a little bit In the raw I found that each successive layer became slightly more orange than the last (likely because the haze was wildfire smoke) so I added a graduated filter with a slight blue tint to counteract the orange and give the layers a more uniform look.


jaymiz13 t1_j394dr9 wrote

Tentree has entered the chat


SoBeefy t1_j39ahgh wrote

There are mountains beyond mountains.

  • Paul Farmer

robbert_jansen t1_j39htl8 wrote

This could be a Mac OS Wallpaper


Pirate_Redbeard_ t1_j39m4rz wrote

Nah, it already was a Microsoft wallpaper so they can't have that at Apple, right


ToxicMegaTwot t1_j39vk6h wrote

Looks like on the old windows XP desktop backgrounds


KnowledgeHunter22 t1_j39zof2 wrote

This is so calming. I’ve been staring at it for 20 minutes already…


PistaUr t1_j3a5aaq wrote

It is looking like a painting. Breathtaking


ems9595 t1_j3a5di4 wrote

I hope you have this framed somewhere. Stunning and beautiful shades.


Pureblood_- t1_j3a6zuq wrote

Beautiful, like our Great Smokey Mountains region. Natures' layered pastels.


DJdoom123 t1_j3a7mco wrote

Just mystical, reminds me of middle earth


vingeran t1_j3a83nc wrote

Hauntingly beautiful OP.


Spartan8394 t1_j3aenw0 wrote

Reminds me of the avatar the last airbender intro


Oral-D t1_j3af4ri wrote

I remember this wallpaper from Windows XP.


ravenrcft t1_j3ah1hl wrote

No one else sees the fish in the top-left?


drklunk t1_j3aii77 wrote

Ah, my new wallpaper, thank you


mal_1 t1_j3am2jb wrote

do you have a full rez version of this? would love to make this my desktop


jazzofusion t1_j3arnun wrote

I want to travel and visit so bad as I think that area is incredible. Retired living on a fixed income sucks.


Lovingthecock t1_j3at6l2 wrote

The blues in this picture!! Gorgeous.


nicefowla t1_j3b18er wrote

Looks like that Kanye album cover


redfont t1_j3b7umr wrote

This looks like it was taken from the top of Crown Mountain or something. If I'm not mistaken, the ridge lines that we're looking at (from back centre to front) are: The Chream range, Golden Ears (the Blanchard Needle is the spike right of centre), Coquitlam Mountain, the peaks of Mt Seymour (Elsay, Bishop, etc.), and the back of Coliseum Mountain or Mount Burwell. OP, can we get conformation?


Smiran_Radev t1_j3bdnfq wrote

I love this so much. I want to go to this place.


What_is_next21 t1_j3be0xc wrote

Beautiful image. I may have cropped a bit of the sky.


animest4r t1_j3beckh wrote

I live in the north shore but i've never seen this!


TrexKN t1_j3bin0e wrote

It's like a Ted Harrison painting!


i-hoatzin t1_j3bkxa5 wrote

Wow! Amazing shot!


Rocket2112 t1_j3c5f61 wrote

Very Smokie Mountain like.


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offu t1_j381737 wrote

Looks like the Appalachian views near me, but more jagged. Those mountains are just kids!


Shakeyshades t1_j38450h wrote

Similar to the blue ridge in north Carolina


steamedfarts t1_j38985u wrote

US Vancouver or CAN Vancouver?

edit: wait I can't read it says NORTH Vancouver


Penobea t1_j38bfwb wrote

Is there a North Vancouver in WA?


StopherDBF t1_j38go4g wrote

Most cities have a North part


Quaytsar t1_j38hqzo wrote

North Vancouver is a separate city from Vancouver (as is West Vancouver).


StopherDBF t1_j38krs9 wrote

So the name was so nice that Canada stole it thrice?

Edit: a typo


EPiiCx5587 t1_j38l8fp wrote

4 times. Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, and Vancouver Island


meagski t1_j39og60 wrote

5 times Vancouver North Vancouver District North Vancouver City West Vancouver Vancouver Island.

To make things more confusing, the CoNV is entirely inside the DoNV and only encompasses the business area of a single street.


McFestus t1_j3bibz2 wrote

North Van (city) is significantly larger than the business area of a single street.


meagski t1_j3cysyt wrote

It was created as a way to avoid the taxes paid by business district of Lonsdale subsidizing the residential areas. At the time, Lonsdale was the only main street in the area. As the surrounding areas grew, more streets were built but the original centering of the city around Lonsdale still stands as is shown inthis map.


Alba-Indy t1_j37i4nb wrote

Looks like a Bob Ross painting, in a good way.