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LivesInaYurt OP t1_j5osjso wrote

Hiking in Sedona last week and it was all clouds and rain. We got a lovely break on our last morning and were treated to this epic view of Devil's Bridge with a coating of snow and a hint of a rainbow (snowbow?). Shot on an iPhone 12 Pro.


ric820 t1_j5p6iz6 wrote

That is a great shot. I love that hike and the views. Can't wait for my next trip out that way.


LivesInaYurt OP t1_j5p7vpm wrote

Thanks so much :) It was a beautiful hike and definitely going early (7am) was a good call because even on the way down the trail was already getting crowded. Was amazed by the overall quality of hiking in Sedona. What a magical place!


[deleted] t1_j5qbpnw wrote



LivesInaYurt OP t1_j5qdiw8 wrote

We got to the trailhead around 0745 and were probably the third or fourth car there. When we got to the bridge, it was about 830-45 and there was just 3 people up there. I think the fact that it was on a weekday, had been poor weather for days, and a big storm was coming in (it started snowing hard about an hour after the picture was taking) meant it was relatively quiet.


D45ers t1_j5qj8g7 wrote

I’ve been here 4 times. The first 3 times everyone was doing what they wanted, hanging out on the bridge it was a good times. Last time I went there was a huge line to take a photo on it and everyone was getting all pissy about walking around the line to Continue walking further as there is another trail. It was super lame last time I went


MOE999cow t1_j5rd7v4 wrote

I feel pretty lucky then. I've only been once, when I was visiting a friend the December before covid. It was a comfortable 70⁰ out and a small handful of people up there. But plenty of space to go out on the bridge and get some good photos.

Ya know, Sedona is kinda weird. It's an area where outside of the town is some absolutely amazing trails and views. However, the town itself can eat a bag of dicks. One of the biggest tourist trap towns I've ever been to. Every other store is selling crystals or energy maps (I don't even remember what they were?) and the cheapest food I was able to find was a $9 corn dog. And it was just mediocre. But the surrounding area was super pretty.


D45ers t1_j5rn6cz wrote

Ya it was my first time going there in the age of tik tok and influencers growing more popular. Completely ruined the bridge and I’ll never go back. Really beautiful place but just not worth dealing with the people trying to gate keep nature


FLTA t1_j5ufgkl wrote

Establishing a line to take a picture of a scenic spot isn’t “gate keeping” it is being respectful of others.


D45ers t1_j5ujiyk wrote

Oh boy do I wish you were there lol. They weren’t respectful at all. I got cussed at for walking around the line to keep going on the trail, not accessing the bridge. Also their line was 2 feet away from a sheer drop. The whole way down the line. This was a night and day difference to the other 3 times I went there. That’s what happens when it’s an easy hike and anyone without trail etiquette can get to the spot Edit: this is also coming from someone who has hiked every major superstition peak, Mt. Humphries multiple times and a ton of other popular spots in AZ. Never have I experienced such a shit show


Sauce0nSide t1_j5qdo2f wrote

In August my partner and I hit this trail at 5am (in the dark with headlamps) and we had the bridge to ourselves for all of 10 minutes. We hung around a bit and had more time alone as people came and went, but on the way back we passed more than a hundred people making their way.

Everywhere in Sedona is gorgeous, but overall I would say it's the single most overrated hike there.


ric820 t1_j5qj366 wrote

You're right, it is probably a bit overrated when you compare it to some of the other amazing hikes and views around Sedona. But for someone that "ain't from around here" it is pretty damn cool. Plus, easily accessible, fairly quick to complete, and you don't have to be a mountain goat to complete it. It's no wonder it's so popular.


ignorantwanderer t1_j5qmbg9 wrote

I spent a bit over a week in Sedona, hiking every day on different hikes.

I generally would only see a handful of people on hikes, but on the Devil's Bridge hike I saw 100's of people!

And it really isn't all that great of a hike. But I had a fun time watching all the other people. There was a huge variety of people! I was really happy to see so many people out enjoying nature.

It is such a popular hike because it is short, and because people get hard-ons for natural bridges. Otherwise the hike doesn't have much going for it.


LivesInaYurt OP t1_j5qjmfn wrote

To be honest, given its popularity, we were thinking of skipping it but are glad we didn't. While I agree that there are better (and more secluded hikes), it's a pretty spectacular formation and we were also incredibly lucky with the weather.


ric820 t1_j5qkmf5 wrote

I've never seen it with snow on it. After seeing your pic, I now really want to. Sedona and Moab are my "happy places and I am now going to plan a "winter" trip and hope to get lucky with the weather. Thank you for sharing, brightened my day.


LivesInaYurt OP t1_j5qkw8e wrote

So happy to hear that! We definitely weren't expecting snow when we went and I'm glad it wasn't too icy because it was so beautiful.


youcannotowntheland t1_j5t8nd5 wrote

What hikes do you recommend over this one? I'll be there in a few weeks and looking for hikes to do


jsabo t1_j5rdcax wrote

I was wondering why there weren't any footprints in the snow.


IsThatAPieceOfCheese t1_j5tqpe2 wrote

At that spot, people are kind enough to "take turns" walking out on the bridge itself (the line for it would be a couple of people off to the right of this photo or even behind where this person is standing. Having said that, the lack of footprints on the bridge is a big surprise, but maybe because its slippery af and/or first people there that morning.


13079 t1_j5r2rvt wrote

I want there last spring and there were at least 1000 people there. I'm shocked to see this pic with no people in it.


hothotsauceeee t1_j5rshbk wrote

You’re really lucky! It’s rare to catch the snow as it melts away in the sunlight pretty quickly. Beautiful shot


paymeinwampum t1_j5rbub3 wrote

You should post this on r/mostbeautiful. Really a great photo


scirocco_flowers t1_j5rvnmy wrote

Rainbow. Snow crystals don’t make the same rainbow pattern as liquid water droplets


5akul t1_j5pbx31 wrote

Sedona's gorgeous. Got the chance to visit a few weeks ago, it was amazing


jerkstor t1_j5rfc5e wrote

Think about Sedona is it's only good if you go with your significant other. If you're going there for fun it ain't happening.


Exit-Velocity t1_j5ss7in wrote

Ive been 3 times, all without a significant other, had fun every time...


MovingToTheExit t1_j5swaem wrote

I'm genuinely confused by this comment, I went solo and had an incredible experience, would definitely do it again.


jerkstor t1_j5u80ix wrote

Oh cool I live like an hour away so I've experienced it many times just telling you it gets old fast.

To be blunt the sites are beautiful but once it gets dark you are not going to be walking or seeing anything and there's nothing to do.


MovingToTheExit t1_j5yy3pa wrote

Ah you live close, that makes sense. I'm from NYC, so I went specifically for the hiking which meant I was up and out by 5 or 6am and didn't want to be out late anyway cuz I didn't want to be too tired to miss more daylight hours the next day.

Besides stargazing with some beers I agree, not much nightlife! Although I did hit Sundowner one night and had a blast, stayed way past close with the locals. There was another venue that has live music I didn't get a chance to make it to, besides that there didn't seem to be too much. If I lived as close as you I wouldn't come for nightlife, but I think I'd be there to hike at least once a week. Sedona is just one of the most beautiful places I've ever seen!


MeganW1980 t1_j5t96y8 wrote

My husband and I went pre kids for an anniversary trip and were blown away that everything closes at like six pm 🤣🤣


WantedDadorAlive t1_j5slame wrote

Used to go there for work a ton and as much as I love that place I did run out of things to do quick in the evenings. Always ended up at The Vault for trash can nachos and an old fashioned lol.


Taco_Bill t1_j5qzsk6 wrote

The devil sure did a lot of landscaping


TalentedHostility t1_j5r7b7r wrote

Came here to say the same thing- they sure do love naming stuff after the Devil out in the West


utsuriga t1_j5pjcyp wrote

That sneaky little rainbow makes this one really great.


crankyape1534 t1_j5q6kzr wrote

Snow with the earthy color tones is pretty nice.


cnh25 t1_j5qljh6 wrote

The most difficult hike I’ve done (I barely hike lol) but worth it! I love Sedona. Great shot


Doses-mimosas t1_j5rg3o9 wrote

It's one of those that can sneak up on you because they get progressively more difficult, with the steepest bit right near the end.


alhamdilah9 t1_j5pptnq wrote

We’re you able to drive down to the trailhead or had to park at the trail head parking lot? Im headed there in about 1.5 weeks


rjeBrewer t1_j5psmmg wrote

Was just there over Christmas... To get to the actual DB parking trailhead, you need a 4wd vehicle. Most of the ones I saw there were lifted jeeps fwiw.

You have at least 2 other options. You can park at the dry creek trailhead and walk up the chuck wagon trail or dry creek road. OR you can park at the mescal trailhead and walk that towards the DB trail. My wife and I chose the mescal trail and it was a great 1.5 mile addition! It had some great 360* views!

Check out Google maps of the DB trailhead and zoom out a touch, you will see all three trailheads.


LivesInaYurt OP t1_j5q8qgg wrote

We didn’t have a 4x4 vehicle so hadn’t planned on parking there anyways but when we were there it was actually totally closed to vehicles anyhow. We actually first tried what @rjeBrewer did but the stream was way too high to cross so we ended up at the Dry Creek trailhead and walking the DB road. The first mile is then pretty unremarkable but easy.


Psychotic_EGG t1_j5q0y85 wrote

They get snow?


anthg3716 t1_j5qmovj wrote

Every year. Less than 2 hours away from Phoenix too. The desert is amazing


CaptainMK t1_j5qmoaf wrote

Most of the US southwest is at a pretty high elevation!


SyrupThen t1_j5qgarv wrote

Nice pic! Was there n 2012. Best easy red rock hiking in the west.


sarcasm_247 t1_j5qwv5a wrote

That rainbow peaking through!


jnrzen t1_j5r0vwl wrote

Hadn't noticed it til I saw your comment. Nature's colors so prett-ay.


[deleted] t1_j5rumqo wrote

Arizona is always so pretty, I really can’t wait to go there


animalstylenopickles t1_j5rzwkm wrote

When I went here there was a small crowd of about 30 ppl maybe. We were all courteous and out of frame for ppl to have solo pics and cross the bridge, and we all got to watch an influencer sit out in the middle of the bridge and eat some kind of soup on it with her photographer husband and it was just so awkward.


dnz000 t1_j5ti2pm wrote

Gotta film them and narrate it like a national geographic documentary


Memory_Less t1_j5qo1ha wrote

What can I say. Stunning!


ivanbeatinovtoo t1_j5qywxq wrote

Was just there last Tuesday. Have a similar shot but no rainbow.


mesok8 t1_j5rbq1n wrote

This is an absolutely beautiful image, thanks for the post OP!


4rovin t1_j5rscij wrote

Beautiful Sedona… lived there for 6 years. Miss it for sure!


dobrodude t1_j5rtyzt wrote

I've been reading a lot of Zane Grey lately, I really want to make a trip out there and see that area.


squirrelmonkie t1_j5s3470 wrote

Ive only been to Sedona once and it was amazing! We hiked several trails, even the 1 that leads here, while we were there. That night there was a metoer shower and it was crazy! Not much light pollution and a high elevation made for a spectacular show. The next day we woke up to snow covered plateaus all around us but no snow on the ground next to us. 1 of the best couple of days ive ever had. Went to Vegas after Sedona.... Should have stayed in Sedona.

Edit: my buddy also proposed to his wife here


akd7791 t1_j5s6sdw wrote

Bonus rainbow!


kadavids23 t1_j5s6t52 wrote

Incredible!! Beautiful shot.


SauceHankRedemption t1_j5s99ds wrote

Why does everything belong to the devil?

Devils Bridge, devils tower, devils pool, devils backbone, devils night, devils food cake


Matta278 t1_j5rbdeg wrote

Seasoned with a bit of Angel's dust!


EthanPrisonMike t1_j5rbuzd wrote

Great hike in. Lame, soul crushing, line to see the bridge.

Watch out for javelinas !


rofopp t1_j5rtak2 wrote

Usually there are a dozen young girls doing handstands on that shit at any given moment of night or day.


Blertyblertyblerrrr t1_j5rwe9w wrote

Was here in October 22 and saw some drama happen. Dude cuts in front of probably 50 people in line. Lady from Jersey wasn’t having it and called him out. Thought she was going to throw him off or something.


LadyNightlock t1_j5s22wg wrote

I went to Sedona about a year and a half ago and fell in love. Couldn’t hike anywhere because everything was due to the fires. I’d love to go back again and actually hike.


StellarReality t1_j5s3muy wrote

I want to say there is a formation a lot like this at the end of a trailhead in the Cochise Stronghold farther south in Arizona.


okletmethink420 t1_j5sbpy9 wrote

Wow I wanna do something cool here. Definitely would be a great family trip.


SlipS55 t1_j5sjnl1 wrote

I’m heading over there Thursday and will be hiking Friday! Hope it still looks like this :(


UniverseInfinite t1_j5smliw wrote

This is probably one of the best 15 minute hikes in the world


pbmajumder t1_j5sqap4 wrote

Wonderful Place


ManBearPorpoise t1_j5taoel wrote

Yeah, if you like shops where the cheapest item is like $4,000.00. That place is a cesspool of narcisistic 'artists' and chinese made 'authentic' native american shit


el_DAN1MAL t1_j5tu8z3 wrote

I was just here with my wife first week of the year. Sedona is beautiful and magnificent. Hiked this and Cathedral Rock.


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hawksdiesel t1_j5ra61w wrote

I thought the devil went down to georgia?!


redaphex t1_j5rpgmk wrote

Been in that very spot not so long ago. Isn't it a dangerous climb in the snow?


LivesInaYurt OP t1_j5s13rt wrote

It was a little dicey in parts but if you went slowly it wasn’t too bad. We didn’t even have crampons and aside from one little stretch it was fine.


Inksoldier142 t1_j5ss7v2 wrote

Looks like a scene from Cowboys vs Aliens 👽


ajkahn t1_j5svt3s wrote

Why do we feel the need to call any natural sculpture devils something if it is challenging, or more precisely daring, to conquer.


Giggorm t1_j5szvzk wrote

Geez, the devil is one prolific yet shit engineer... he has so many structures around the world that would fail any basic safety audit. Still gets lots of work.


Toadster64209 t1_j5wzj32 wrote

You can ride a bike over it!! I remember walking over it. I believe that’s the one they allow you too. Usually you’re not allowed over arches but there’s a few in Sedona and Moab that are on limits.


kimcakee t1_j6h0snc wrote

I wanna go so bad!


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Ok_Pineapple_278 t1_j5ph6ny wrote

Why is these beautiful places always named devil? I’m sure the native Americans called it something different before the Europeans invaded and renamed everything.


sfcnmone t1_j5qvslz wrote

It's OK. You wouldn't be able to pronounce the native name for it anyway.

And of course, not everything is Devil. The Mornings were very busy renaming things that referenced the Book of Mormon.

Although, now that I think about it, Devil's Postpile is is hard to wrap your head around without referencing the Devil.