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dranaei t1_j3lxpda wrote

For a moment i thought this was two pictures.


notapunk t1_j3niksz wrote

Same it was only after the second time I scrolled through and saw this picture that it actually clicked and I realized what I was looking at


mithril_mayhem t1_j3o996r wrote

Can you please explain like I'm from a climate that never sees snow? It looks like a river, a snowy river bank and some mountains to me. All of your comments make me think I'm missing something.


notapunk t1_j3ojkuu wrote

That's exactly what it is. For those of us that didn't see it right away? I'm not sure - probably something to do with the well defined horizon and saying there's a reflection maybe? Like I said, I don't know why exactly I didn't see it right away (and even less so for others), but that's my guess.


mithril_mayhem t1_j3omcxr wrote

Ah, cool, ty! I thought maybe there was something that I was missing that only people who live in ice and snow would get lol


SP3NGL3R t1_j3pl2wm wrote

Right around the middle is the edge of a frozen lake and as you draw your eye down to the lower section that's all frozen lake, the background is standard mountains, the lower foreground is a rocky mouth of a super slow flowing river (why it hasn't frozen because it's moving) and a great reflection of the distant mountains.

I miss BC/AB so much. This postcard level stuff is just day to day up there. Amazing place, particularly in the winter. Great photo.


jexzal25 t1_j3ot2t5 wrote

Those were the exact words in my mind when I saw it.


AugustusJR405 t1_j3pxpy3 wrote

Came here to say this...but you said it on my behalf Thanks


5impl3jack OP t1_j3rec9g wrote

It’s funny, a lot of people have commented this same thing. It might be because I was there, composed the photo and edited it but I can’t see it at all haha.


dranaei t1_j3rfi98 wrote

It's the snow. There's trees and colors and shapes, and suddenly a space filled with white.


Cerinthus2 t1_j3m096y wrote

Banff is the prettiest place on earth. Less crowds in Jasper or Waterton though, which are both pretty close. But there's a reason Banff has the most visitors.


savageotter t1_j3mf82l wrote

No it's awful and ugly. Nobody go


Lexi_Banner t1_j3ms9cp wrote

It's actually the worst, despite being so beautiful.


stikky t1_j3mxo8c wrote

It costs money to get in. Don't bother


Lexi_Banner t1_j3mz98v wrote

Oh, I know. I'd far rather go to Yoho, even though it's less convenient. Much prettier, and far less crowds.


SaltLakeCitySlicker t1_j3n23fh wrote

I find these convos so funny. So, Zion gets posted here often (usually the lazy pic on the bridge) and people always talk about the crowd. I want to chip in on a better place but loose lips sink ships


Lexi_Banner t1_j3n2szz wrote

Zion is stunning! I had the privilege of going through in the early, early season the first time. Next to no other traffic on the roads. Easy to park. Awesome!

It was not the same when we went there this past June. LOL


SaltLakeCitySlicker t1_j3n66e8 wrote

Nobody local goes there in peak summer bc crowds. Or at least nobody I know.

I think they actually started a quota like arches? Or maybe it's just for angels landing? I forget. Haven't been there in several years bc there are the aforementioned better places


vandrea_2009 t1_j3oryc7 wrote

Yes everyone go to Zion, it's beautiful 😍. Banff is trash don't come here.


savageotter t1_j3n1afm wrote

It's the tour busses that are such a nightmare


Lexi_Banner t1_j3n2gon wrote

Yup. Lake Louise, too. I got up extra early when I was camping at Kananaskis. Left my campsite at about 3:30am. Got there around 5ish. Moraine lots were already full, and I managed to snag one of the last parking spots at Lake Louise. The front dock was beyond crowded already. At 5am.

Just insane. I'm glad that people love the natural beauty of our country, for sure! And it has pushed me to lesser known areas, which was enjoyable. But it'd be nice to go to Moraine Lake without a zillion other people running around with selfie sticks!


HoneyBunchesOfGoats_ t1_j3n7cwv wrote

It depends on time of year. I went in February at sunrise and ice skated on Louise with just a couple other people. After we finished more people started arriving.


DETpatsfan t1_j3nacmq wrote

This was my experience as well. Stayed at the fairmont in December 2018 and it was pretty empty. Only thing that sucked was the road to Moraine was closed so you had to snowshoe if you wanted to see it.


cre8ivjay t1_j3p9k3c wrote

Fall is even more quiet. Early October is ridiculously beautiful and pretty quiet. Actually, in September and October you can travel the Rockies in Canada from Waterton to Jasper and have much of it to yourself.

Granted not everything is open during this time but...


Cerinthus2 t1_j3nlbtp wrote

Moraine was fucking insane this year.

Was nice during covid. Even the Johnston canyon trail was empty.


Lexi_Banner t1_j3nlpnc wrote

I didn't get to the area during covid (out of province restrictions). So jealous that you got to see it all nice and quiet!


ArthurMorgans_TB t1_j3ol7r0 wrote

I go to barrier lake. It gets busy on long weekends and stuff but I've been a bunch of times when it was pretty dead.


Mdizzle29 t1_j3ng5tb wrote

It's beautiful, BUT in the summer around dusk the mosquitoes are really, really terrible. That caught us by surprise. Other than that, though, great place.


Yimpish t1_j3mkflu wrote

Jasper is easily just as beautiful imo, Banff is just busier because it’s closer to big cities people fly into


Cairo9o9 t1_j3oaizt wrote

I've lived in both. They're different. The Bow Valley (Banff) is certainly more stunning as the valley is tighter with more craggy summits. The Athabasca valley is quite wide near Jasper and doesn't have quite the same hemmed in feeling. Some people prefer one or the other. I prefer the steep, tight valley of the Bow. The town of Jasper is much nicer though and feels like less of an outdoor shopping mall than Banff's town


DaftFunky t1_j3mns9j wrote

This. Literally an hour drive from YYC airport.

Also the surrounding area of Banff is just as beautiful.

Kananaskis Country is more accessible, closer to Calgary, and absolutely gorgeous.


vandrea_2009 t1_j3ositf wrote

Kananaskis isn't good. Don't go there, maybe try Quebec or Ontario!!


Cerinthus2 t1_j3mo4bh wrote

If you can get from Calgary to Banff during its busy season in much less time than it takes to get from Edmonton to Jasper I'd love to know how. The 1 is a fucking parking lot into Banff.

Jasper is definitely beautiful too though


seanondemand t1_j3mu67v wrote

I mean, if you’re driving out on Canada Day long weekend, sure. But I’ll drive out a couple of times a week during the summer and it’s usually not a big deal.


Cerinthus2 t1_j3mujif wrote

I'm guessing you didn't make it out this summer, lol.

Banff post-covid is fucking insane. Like you can't walk down the main drag


D0xxing t1_j3nnxaa wrote

I’m there usually every couple of weeks…pro tip is to take the 1A to Canmore before hopping on the 1. Beautiful drive and usually not busy.


k5pol t1_j3mpfj9 wrote

Well one way is to leave at 4am…


enjoytheshow t1_j3ou1ei wrote

Lol I did this on 70 a couple times when I lived in Denver. As long as the weather is fine a 4 departure on a winter Saturday gets you to the mountain parking lot at like 530-6. Grab a coffee and chill in the heat til first chair


leftysarepeople2 t1_j3nsbck wrote

The Icefield Parkway is worth the drive. My favorite drive I've ever done


riskoooo t1_j3n6onp wrote

I went to Lake Louise when I was 13 for a ski trip (from the UK). I have no photos and very fragmented memories, which makes me a bit bitter when I see stunning pictures like this (even though I know I'm lucky to have visited at all).


vandrea_2009 t1_j3osq8l wrote

Dude, come back for a week. Few brits working the lifts on the hill and restaurants in town. You wont regret it.


ieGod t1_j3nqehr wrote

Pretty nice but the swiss alps trump the Rockies.


Cerinthus2 t1_j3nr2nl wrote

I actually think most of the alps could be mistaken for somewhere in the cascades pretty easily.

Of course being from Calgary I'm probably a little biased toward the rockies.


Bradwarden0047 t1_j3ona5k wrote

I think if you're a skiing person, most enthusiasts will choose the Swiss Alps over the Canadian Rockies. Temperatures are a big factor and the Canadian treeline goes much, much higher, so the skiing slopes aren't quite what you get in the Alps.

We can't argue over what looks beautiful to your eye versus mine, but if we're comparing sheer scale, then the crown has to go to the Canadian Rockies. That feeling of vast wilderness, loneliness and serenity in huge, stunning landscape is unreal there. I was camping at a spot that was 600km from any major city in any direction. Imagine that. It's a surreal feeling. And you don't get that night sky either.

If you're looking for more of a touristy experience, then the Alps will give you that. But the town of Banff (my least favourite part of the Rockies) will be comparable.


Gitopia t1_j3mnehg wrote

I'm sick of seeing Banff pictures and would love to see more.


Lakeshow0924 t1_j3msm3b wrote



PanningForSalt t1_j3npt4v wrote

r/confusing-placenames for anybody in Scotland. Whenever I see Banff on reddit there's a big mountain that shouldn't be there.


CUTiger14 t1_j3m87nj wrote

Banff Banff Banff


AlmostButNotQuit t1_j3mskl4 wrote

*Nightcrawler has entered the chat*

*Nightcrawler has left the chat*

*Nightcrawler has entered the chat*


More_Twist9517 t1_j3mi5zv wrote

It took me a while to figure out that this is just one photo.


sycor t1_j3nhr4d wrote

Glad it wasn't just me. It kind of broke my brain for a minute. I had to zoom in for my brain to register what my eyes were seeing.


AarBearRAWR t1_j3md3ou wrote

The city so nice, they f'd it twice.


Sub-Phocus t1_j3nukit wrote

It's the lonely mountain!


ElDoodaReno t1_j3o2kio wrote

Is that the Paramount mountain?


airelationship t1_j3mvlec wrote

Took me a second...i was thinking two seperate images were here.


Buck_Thorn t1_j3mm5ko wrote

Is there any spot near Banff that is not picturesque as hell?


bassman2112 t1_j3mnin2 wrote

Not Banff, but near Canmore (about 15mins west) there are some factories/quarries on a lake which really break up the beauty


CptnNinja t1_j3nijea wrote

You mean east? I did a double take as I just went to Banff and Canmore was definitely on the way from Calgary. But yeah it was really weird having all this beautiful nature and then there's a big cement plant right on the Bow river.


covewood t1_j3p5d3q wrote

Loud back there too. Wrecks the vibes there


woodnwheel t1_j3muxoo wrote

For a sec I thought this was the mountain used in a particular production company’s logo.


Arabellatara t1_j3mygag wrote

Love it! It's my new background now.


smk2099 t1_j3n2jsw wrote

Awesome shot


leoshina t1_j3nrzgf wrote

Wow! That so damn pretty!


VoradorTV t1_j3o5p7m wrote

Looks like matterhorn


Grou118 t1_j3m8ybk wrote

Bob Ross feelings


Regular_Month380 t1_j3m9vbi wrote

r/takemyhearttoit LOL just checking if that exists


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shumbit t1_j3n8qjp wrote

Oh man, I miss Banff. Were there on a student trip back in 2015. If Jill and Micha is watching, hi guys


dc0de t1_j3nc5nf wrote

Banff doesn't ever seem to disappoint! Beautiful shot!


garbalarb t1_j3nco8n wrote

This looks like Mt. Louie


TheMerce123 t1_j3ou2bj wrote

Mt Edith and Mt Louis look very similar, but it’s very difficult to see Mt Louis without getting up high or hiking into the backcountry. I think this photo is just taken by Vermillion Lakes near the town of Banff


Dude_Bro_88 t1_j3nd69i wrote

I've visited Banff a lot. It's absolutely beautiful, to say the least. Go away from town into the hiking trails and its breathtaking. However, may favorite little corner of Alberta is Waterton.


TheSwayingOne t1_j3nk5ru wrote

I’ve taken this exact picture with my blackberry when I was a lot younger and I couldn’t believe the quality I got it’s always been my favorite picture


Gaulson t1_j3nmdd4 wrote

Bob Ross paining in 4k


skafaceXIII t1_j3nutyi wrote

What's this lake/mountain called? I'm visiting Canada later in the year!


5impl3jack OP t1_j3oaxg8 wrote

This is just kind of a swampy offshoot of the bow river. The mountain is Mt Edith.


andre2020 t1_j3nxc5o wrote

Love Banfff, great pic.


Big_Tie t1_j3nze18 wrote

From Banff on west to the coast is my happy place, so many beautiful areas in BC (and that bit of Alberta)


MilfMama t1_j3o035q wrote

Breathtaking 😍


lolitalula t1_j3o1tac wrote

I was lucky enough to have been able to visit Banff, it is breathtaking


golfpinotnut t1_j3o3r8b wrote

I've been to Banff. Taking pictures there is pretty much easy mode for r/earthporn


NormalFemale t1_j3o9xdm wrote

Wow, that is a perfect pic. Lovely


Verrence t1_j3oa2lu wrote

Whenever I see “Banff” I can’t help but think of Nightcrawler.


berghorst t1_j3obm1i wrote

Was able to visit Banff this past July and it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen with my own eyes.


beauz44 t1_j3oh34s wrote

This is one photo.


Embarrassed-Mix8479 t1_j3okvew wrote

Why is my imagination seeing a ring of stars encircling the mountaintop…? 💫Oh wait…


bryman19 t1_j3op990 wrote

Always wanted to take a vacation to Banff


devengnerd t1_j3oqgn7 wrote

I like how cold the water looks


tssunny t1_j3ourw3 wrote

It's almost unbelievable that you took the picture. May I ask what type of camera you used?


dommyboyrulez t1_j3ovuo2 wrote

This is the kind of scenery I live for.


russellamcleod t1_j3ovwrg wrote

I went to Banff for the first time in my 34 years in this country. I had never seen real mountains before this past summer.

We drove up from Edmonton so we arrived very late at night and didn’t really see anything on the drive up. When I stepped out the door in the morning I straight up got goosebumps and was overwhelmed emotionally.

I have never seen something so beautiful with my own eyes before.


NickCageButNotReally t1_j3ovzso wrote

Wow Canadian nature really is something else isn't it. Amazing shot


howsthatblunt t1_j3p03wa wrote

it took me a while to find where the reflection started


saggyboomerfucker t1_j3p31z4 wrote

I thought the snowy field was a fog bank! You need to post this on r/confusingperspective.


graciep11 t1_j3pd4uq wrote

Got the privilege of being in Banff right as covid hit, everyone who went up there had gone home because of the pandemic and even the hotel at lake louise was a ghost town. Had been there once in the summer as well and both times were amazing


Chi847 t1_j3po8iz wrote

I've been there once. Indescribably beautiful


Starryfirenights t1_j3prai4 wrote

Photo is so amazing thought I was seeing double! Breathtaking and shows some beauty of the snow.


thekickingmule t1_j3pt9m9 wrote

I'm going to Banff this coming summer to camp for a week and go on guided walks. I can't wait! Still, I hope it's a bit warmer by then!


incurablehippy t1_j3pwhtu wrote

It will be! Summer is great there usually plus 20 celcius even deep into the mountains! Where are you camping?? I live there ish so if you have any questions or need recommendations DM me!


thekickingmule t1_j3uxh1l wrote

I've got no idea to be honest! I signed up to a group hike and it's all itineried and guided so I just follow the leader. Thanks though :)


Exit-Velocity t1_j3pvd0u wrote

The parking lots of the town of Banff would like to thank my low hanging bike rack for the donations of paint i left there 😵‍💫


Aoiboshi t1_j3q0dxc wrote

Played golf there once.


EMP0R10 t1_j3q74ap wrote



Scarystuff0 t1_j3ql3rd wrote

i thought i was looking at 2 pictures, either im stupid or this was amazing photography


dorkimax t1_j3qumnv wrote

This m m m makes me h haaaapppyy


serpentjaguar t1_j3puu5u wrote

Good thing they specified Canada. For a moment I thought it was Banff, Scotland. Said no one, ever.


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