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mengdemama t1_j5guzgi wrote

I'm a Western WA native. The east side really is underappreciated. So many gorgeous and unique landscapes. It's taking it all together with the beauty of the west that makes me love this state so much. Thank you for sharing!


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ResidentEivvil t1_j5fv1sb wrote

Is that clouds?


drunk_frat_boy OP t1_j5fvacx wrote

Yes it is. A whole sea of them!


ResidentEivvil t1_j5fwhsl wrote

Stunning. My heart wants to see things like this.


drunk_frat_boy OP t1_j5fy5gd wrote

It's a better lifestyle out west, for sure.


ResidentEivvil t1_j5fzg2d wrote

If I had the money I’d move out there and build a log cabin and have a small holding.


drunk_frat_boy OP t1_j5g5sgr wrote

Not every place out west is as expensive as the coast (seattle, san fran, portland)! Seriously, I grew up in Texas, moving out around these parts was the best thing i ever did.. there's spots with equivalent COL.


joelglanton t1_j5gs246 wrote

Where abouts in Washington do you live? An east coast to west coast move has been in my mind for a while


CantDoThatOnTelevzn t1_j5gtx21 wrote

Since we’ve got you here…I could put in for a transfer to Spokane. Got any intel on what it’s like to live there? Early 40s guy, no kids, progressive politics coming from N TX.

Edit: don’t get why this would be downvoted.


Wh0asick t1_j5haq2a wrote

It's nice in parts but mostly dumpy and low income. For the most part highly conservative also. Surprisingly little to do there but close to a lot of outdoor stuff which is nice. Recent uptick in violent crime, shitloads of petty theft and car theft but still safer than a lot of other cities in the US. Almost entirely milktoast white people. Source: lived in the inland PNW most of my life, family still there.


drunk_frat_boy OP t1_j5hikax wrote

Il write you up something tomorrow morning.. it depends on your lifestyle tbh. If you're outdoorsy and don't require all the big city glitz, you might like it here. But, if you're like me, you'll be in HEAVEN here.

It's not as gross as people make it out to be, but the spirit of what the other poster here said isnt TOO off base.


Gtb333 t1_j5i0bfe wrote

Beautiful! I grew up in Chewelah. Skied 49 every winter.


sorterofsorts t1_j5i0mc3 wrote

Our great state gets to much love, you people keep posting on here and everyone is going to move here and make it more expensive than it already is. Rent will go up and make it harder for people that already live here.

California is beautiful, go there and take pictures, stay out of my state you trespassers! *shakes fist furiously


drunk_frat_boy OP t1_j5jx1jx wrote

Lmao no one is moving because of a picture posted to r/earthporn. People already know it's beautiful.

Just wait until the climate refugees start coming en masse, then we will really have a problem.


ViralSoul1974 t1_j5gfmzh wrote

Thank you for posting this pic. I used to live in that area, and now miss it terribly. That picture is like a visit back home.


Blertyblertyblerrrr t1_j5gn7ze wrote

49° N


teatimecookie t1_j5iik7k wrote

Used to night ski up there back in the 90’s, Mt Spokane too.