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Zach_Gibbons t1_j3rlolo wrote

This reminds me of the backside of Fitz Roy. I’d love to hear more about your trip to Patagonia.


marcograssiphoto OP t1_j3sg69w wrote

Yes Zach! Correct :)


Darwinthehiker t1_j3svmft wrote

Was it a technical climb or could one hike to the area behind the fitz


ejmw t1_j3t4gyy wrote

You can hike there, though it does involve some scrambling. Check out the Rio Electrico hike near El Chalten. I did this about 12 years ago.


turkey_fister t1_j3rrpjx wrote

Awesome photo. Can you tell me a bit about the process. Are you stacking to create higher dynamic range? Exposure, focus, both, or none. About how far is the plant from your lens. Stunning quality


Neuromancer17 t1_j3ry6v4 wrote

I'd say this is a bracketed shot + focus stack. Good composition too, the rocks around the plant create some leading lines into the mountain in the background, very palatable photo.


marcograssiphoto OP t1_j3sg3xz wrote

Correct! I bracketed 3 image at 1 stop difference for the foreground and 3 images at 1 stop difference for the background. :)


mcs1127 t1_j3tbca1 wrote

I know what all of these words mean individually, but when you put them together in that order it makes zero sense to me (IANAPhotographer).

But I will say that this photo is incredible and now I want to go to Patagonia! Thanks for sharing!


EvanDaniel t1_j3ucdlv wrote

A stop is a doubling (or halving) in light; used to refer to all three elements of the exposure triangle: aperture, film / sensor sensitivity, shutter speed. So a bracket of three images at 1 stop difference implies a base image, an image with twice the exposure, and one with half the exposure. Those three images can then be combined while editing; the images with lower exposure provide details in bright regions (the clouds and sky), those with more exposure are blow out in those regions, but provide better details in the shadows.

Focus stacking is how both the foreground and background are in focus. In an image with the plant in focus, the mountains in the back will be out of focus. So you combine different focal positions to get an image in focus everywhere. Sometimes you use more than two, but for landscapes often just two is enough. (Macro work, with very shallow depth of field, often uses lots of images stacked.)

This is all done with the camera on a tripod, taken in rapid succession, so the light and subject don't change.


mcs1127 t1_j3udi4k wrote

I don’t know how to submit something to r/ExplainLikeImFive but I hope somebody does because this explanation was perfect. Thank you!


Kcstarr28 t1_j3ujjn7 wrote

Thank you for such an understandable explanation!



Do you by any chance know what species are those plants? They look so alien!


cj43333 t1_j3vigto wrote

Looks like it could be a species of Saussurea?


AlexandersWonder t1_j3uqty7 wrote

Some sort of air plant I’m guessing. They’re good at growing in rocky environments like this since they don’t need soil


Scroty_McScrotface t1_j3tcfro wrote

No wonder the Dread Pirate Roberts retired there. Beautiful!


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ice6418 t1_j3t41d2 wrote

The color works real well in this one


3kool5you t1_j3t90ry wrote

I swear I knew very little about Patagonia before this subreddit and now every pic I see of it, it reminds me of a video game landscape. Seems like a cool spot


vanillax2018 t1_j3uudwp wrote

Isn't this fitzroy, the most touristy place in Patagonia? Lol


Natganistan t1_j3vclx5 wrote

Omg they turned Patagonia into a real thing


StrayRabbit t1_j3vem0q wrote

Take the blue flowers to the top of a mountain and they will train you to be a ninja


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morgeous t1_j3tilli wrote

My jaw literally dropped. Incredibly beautiful shot.


WhyteBeard t1_j3tw37b wrote

I’ve been toying with the idea for awhile but your photo has officially put Patagonia on my bucket list.


idgie57 t1_j3tzhu5 wrote

It’s rare that a picture does a place justice. This is a stunning view. Thanks for sharing.


NoSusJelly t1_j3u1d81 wrote

The pop of color of the plants is beautiful!


Em4rtz t1_j3u3mcu wrote

Wow that’s amazing!!


ShitHawk59 t1_j3u4zxa wrote

got a high res version?! I love this!


unhallowed1014 t1_j3u88tf wrote

I like those plants . Almost makes it look like an alien landscape


Theotar t1_j3untlz wrote

Awesome shot!


SoarNsquid t1_j3v324m wrote

turned settings to 120 fov didn't ya?


Smackanacho t1_j3v3vve wrote

Let me guess you are a fan of Daniel Kordan? 😄


SjalabaisWoWS t1_j3vdcwv wrote

Absolutely overwhelming shot - or composition, that is. I think I found a new mobile background, that hasn't been changed for two years.


prankster999 t1_j3vzvsj wrote

That is glorious.

Did you ride out in the morning to get that shot, or did you camp there?


yaloo84 t1_j3ub7e4 wrote

Is that Peyote?


Barrayaran t1_j3uyl09 wrote


I mean, I'm an indoors person for life, all the way -- the history of civilization is the expansion and improvement of indoor environments -- but if I were going to cheat on my indoors, this might be the outdoors that prompted me.

Also I've been awake for 21 hours, I think?