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OrangeHexagon237 t1_j6bmdi9 wrote

I just hear a voice saying “we’ve spared no expense”.


crankyape1534 OP t1_j6bpubb wrote

Yeah I had the main theme song in my head during the flight.


OrangeHexagon237 t1_j6bpxuy wrote

Should’ve had them play it in the helicopter.


crankyape1534 OP t1_j6bq3sf wrote

Next time!


OrangeHexagon237 t1_j6bqa9q wrote

And keep yelling to the pilot “we have to go back to the island!”.


crankyape1534 OP t1_j6bqe87 wrote

It also needs to land with two jeeps waiting and a voice that says welcome to Jurassic park.


sanchosuitcase t1_j6d6g2k wrote

What are the odds they have that song at the ready at a moment's notice?


windstrider13 t1_j6de77m wrote

Shows how old I am because my first thought was, “The plane! The plane!”


Pinkmongoose t1_j6cix35 wrote

It’s so wild that half that island just slid into the ocean. And did so with such momentum that chunks of the island are 200 miles away on the sea floor. And that you can basically piece them back together like a puzzle to see the previous shape and size of the island! Great shot! Edit: the video I learned this from:


tubawhatever t1_j6cyhj8 wrote

That's incredible. Do you have anything to read on the topic?


DJTall t1_j6dfota wrote

I think I saw an episode about it on Curiosity Stream. Or YouTube. Can't remember, but it was neat


Pinkmongoose t1_j6dzt6i wrote

I watched a video on it on YouTube. It was about the origin/formation of the Hawaiian islands and it was very cool. Edit: I think this is it. Molokai is in the last 1/3 but the whole thing is good!


crankyape1534 OP t1_j6bk82d wrote

Nikon D750, 20mm f2.8. ISO 800, f5.6, 1/2500s. Photo taken from blue Hawaiian helicopter tour flying over the east side of Maui to the back side of Moloka’i Hawaii.

You can follow along on instagram @aschlepp


redloin t1_j6d4t3i wrote

We took a tour with them. Pilot was Mike. Was great.


crankyape1534 OP t1_j6d53ce wrote

I highly recommend it


zNNS t1_j6da7de wrote

I just took a helicopter tour of Kauai a few days ago. One of the most incredibly beautiful landscapes I've ever seen.


avamk t1_j6cqaz1 wrote

Great work, and a note to say thanks for the details on camera and where/how you got the photo!


crankyape1534 OP t1_j6d4y4l wrote

Yeah I like to share the details I’m glad that’s appreciated


jnovel808 t1_j6e8eat wrote

My friend is the mechanic that keeps those helicopters flying!


FLORI_DUH t1_j6e0cfi wrote

ISO 800 on a sunny day? At first I thought maybe you were concerned about motion blur, but hard to imagine that being an issue with a 20mm lens.


crankyape1534 OP t1_j6e29qr wrote

Not really sunny. Sunny beyond where we were. It was actually drizzling rain on us and we were flying mostly under a cloud bank. I wanted a higher ISO so that I could use a higher shutter speed. especially with a polarizing filter. That and the Nikon D750 I use handles low light well. Even at those higher ISO. If you zoom way in you will see some noise but a lot of what appears to be noise is the drizzle of rain.


kapolani t1_j6da2rt wrote

Spent a lot of my childhood on Moloka’i.

I still have a lot of family there.

Beautiful island.


CaustiChewinGum t1_j6dv9jn wrote

Really!? I visited when I was in high school. Such a beautiful place. The reef on the west side of the island was epic.


kapolani t1_j6dwqor wrote

Every year we would have a family reunion on the island. We’d camp on the beach for a week. We’d hunt pig and deer. Go diving and fishing. Pound poi. The kids would pick limu. Food and song all night long.

Great times.


LittleWhiteBoots t1_j6guf0e wrote

I dated a guy who lived on Molokai. Fond memories of taking his Suzuki Samurai to Halawa and sneaking to the waterfalls there. Won’t ever forget those fire ants.

Also, the bread dude! We’d go to that bakery in Kaunakakai late at night and bang on the back door for the hot bread.

What a lovely place. I spent a few months there but I haven’t been there since the 90s.


kapolani t1_j6hr92b wrote

Love those memories!

We used to all pile in the truck and ride to the valley to go swimming too!

Then late at night we’d make a run to the bakery to get fresh portagee bread and sweet bread and have some cocoa with it.

Good times!


Vansh92 t1_j6c433w wrote

Wow, I got offered a job out here for 8 months. Really considering it more than I ever was now


crankyape1534 OP t1_j6ccmwt wrote

You were offered a job on Molokai? Doing what if you don’t mind me asking? It’s a beautiful island. A photographer treasure trove too.


Vansh92 t1_j6ccycq wrote

I am a physician, there’s a need for someone in Kaunakakai. I’ve been to Hawaii as a kid but I don’t think I appreciated it the way I could now as an adult.


ovocato t1_j6cftli wrote

I’ve heard that with the recent loss of two physicians, almost half of Molokai’s population is without a doctor. It’s a unique and beautiful island, but very unlike what most think of when they think of Hawaii. I’m sure the people would welcome you with old school aloha. It could be worth a visit before you decide one way or another!


MarstonX t1_j6chmlw wrote

What do you mean by it's very unlike what most think of when they think Hawaii? To me it's not that different, just less busy than other islands. I'm curious what you mean by that statement.


redloin t1_j6d54pf wrote

I asked about going and touring around Molo'kai and was basically told that there really no accomodations for tourists anymore and that crime is high. This is just what I've heard. May or may not be true.


playfulmessenger t1_j6ci9ng wrote

not op, but I thought Moloka'i was the native Hawaiians only island that only allowed outsiders by invitation only so they could preserve culture and lifestyle closer to the ancient teachings.


MarstonX t1_j6clvhz wrote

Nah that's Niihau. Molokai is a bit different from Hawaii, Oahu and Maui, but it's weird to say that it's unlike what most people think of when they think Hawaii.

I'm not sure what people's perception of Hawaii in general vs Molokai is, that's kind of what I'm asking. Molokai is an island paradise, much like the rest of Hawaii.


kw661 t1_j6dgz7k wrote

All the islands are incredibly unique. Molokai is not for pussies.


JewishFightClub t1_j6e1hon wrote

Fun fact: Niihau is owned by a white family that graciously let's the Hawaiian locals remain there


slugator t1_j6ee9bw wrote

You’re thinking of Niihau, but the description you’re giving is essentially propaganda. Niihau is basically a privately owned feudal system fiefdom. People that make it off the island (usually to Kauai) generally don’t have very nice things to say about it.


playfulmessenger t1_j6f73zt wrote

This makes me very sad. I wanted so much for their culture to be alive and spreading goodness to their own without our interference. But I guess life never really works that way.


ovocato t1_j6e5ttz wrote

Don’t get me wrong, I love Molokai for what it is, but having lived elsewhere in the state I’ve seen many people’s idea of Hawaii being Waikiki, luaus, shopping, surf lessons, and drinks by the pool. Molokai has only one very old-school hotel, there is no luxury shopping or luaus, and the residents in general are against the kind of tourism seen on Kauai, Oahu, and Maui. No nightclubs, no fancy restaurants, no cruise ships, no fire dancing. What you will find are people that fish and hunt for their meat and grow their own vegetables, untouched beaches, pristine rainforests, and aloha. I’m certainly not trying to cast any judgment, but if someone is not into all that they might enjoy themselves more elsewhere.


crankyape1534 OP t1_j6cdcj1 wrote

I see. Yes Hawaii needs physicians and teachers. It’s a good way to get in touch with the local community too.


slugator t1_j6eenlr wrote

You should absolutely go. They are in desperate need of physicians and they would respect you in a way that most other visitors don’t get to experience. I don’t understand the reasons behind the doctor shortage statewide, but it is intense.


Dungus973598 t1_j6c6r6l wrote

When I visited Hawaii I started googling property there, it’s like another world it’s amazing.


kw661 t1_j6dh4hr wrote

They Do Not want you there. Did you not read the story? Spend your money elsewhere.


Steelyp t1_j6daer2 wrote

Great shot! We were in Maui and I regret not getting over there but just didn’t have the time. The guide books mentioned that the last decade or so has been tough for Moloka’i. Here’s an excerpt - would love to know how true it is:

The island has a perpetually dismal economy. Most residents are on some kind of government assistance. Though the island’s nickname is “the friendly island,” you may find just the opposite. Though residents are very friendly with each other (the only repetitive motion injury residents are likely to suffer is from drivers constantly waving at each other), many (though by no means all) tend to be pretty reserved with visitors. The grumpy reputation is, to a certain extent, for effect. Most residents here don’t want many visitors and don’t want a friendly reputation, even if they are nice to you on a one-to-one basis. The belief is that community stink eye can help keep the island from being developed and its resources depleted. (It’s a favorite island of many visitors because of its undeveloped nature, but many complain of feeling unwelcome.) "No Trespassing" signs are conspicuously few. You either belong somewhere or you don’t, and residents don’t need signs to tell them that.

Local residents had a nasty little war going on with the island’s largest landowner, Moloka‘i Ranch, which owns over a third of the island (mostly on the drier western half). When the ranch built a pipeline to carry water to another part of the island, vandals destroyed it. While the ranch suffered tens of millions of dollars in losses from their operations, residents stopped them from doing any development. As a last ditch effort to save the business, Moloka‘i Ranch threw a Hail Mary. They proposed developing a 500-acre strip of land at La‘au Point on the extreme southwestern tip. They agreed to use proceeds from the sale of luxury lots at the otherwise inaccessible land to rebuild the long-closed Sheraton resort and to set aside 50,000 acres (over three-quarters of all their land holdings) for conservation. But residents opposed them. Handmade Save La‘au signs went up all over the island, and local activists influenced the land use commission to turn down Moloka‘i Ranch’s plans.

So in 2008 the company essentially quit the island. They closed their two remaining resorts, shut down the gas station and movie complex in Maunaloa and closed off access to their third of the island. After being thwarted in their quest to build windmills on the island and send the electricity to O‘ahu in 2014, the war now seems pretty much over… and both sides lost. There is a little activity taking place on their land, but Maunaloa is still a ghost town with only a private general store open next to Moloka‘i Ranch's office. Most other buildings have been abandoned and vandalized. The owner put the property on the market in 2017, and it can all be yours for a mere quarter billion dollars.


crankyape1534 OP t1_j6dgktj wrote

Sounds accurate. I’ve only been on Molokai for a paddle competition. That and flown over it many times. I’ve heard it was expensive for their food and resources and that many were living off the government. I read many small businesses that were tourist friendly closed down. I’ve heard locals can be very welcoming and also very unfriendly depending on the exact situation. I’ll likely never get to go explore it fully but I do appreciate what I have experienced.


possumallawishes t1_j6dymlw wrote

One time, I took a ferry there from Lahaina and camped up in the mountains.

I took a mule ride down these sea cliffs to Kalaupapa, which is actually a literal leper colony. Leprosy, or Hansen’s disease, has been cured as of like the 1950s, so at the time I went there, there was only like 7 people left who had suffered from the disease and they were like 70 or 80 years old. That alone is an interesting story, but I’m kinda going off on a tangent, it’s an interesting story should you ever want to go down an internet rabbit hole.

People in Molokai were generally friendly, but even a decade after the fact, there was still “Save La’au” signs and anti-Sheraton propaganda. They were overgrown in the vegetation, and sun faded over time, but you could feel the anti-establishment sentiment in the air. There was not much to do, in a sense of commercial outlets. I rented a jeep and drove from one end of the island to the other. There was like one little bar and a little gift shop, and that’s pretty much all I remember. I got a lot of suspicious looks and mean mugs, but I sort of expected it because I knew I would stick out like a sore thumb. But you could basically pull off the road anywhere and have miles of beach to yourself. I think i stayed two nights, and while it was a unique and memorable experience that I think outshines every other adventure I’ve had on any of the other islands, I don’t think I would go back. Like I said, people were nice, but I definitely didn’t feel like I would be welcome there for very long.

Another story about Molokai that I thought was funny/interesting:

The island was overrun by an Axis Deer population. They are obviously not native and are invasive to the land. So, the island or the government or whatever, hired a guy to go up in a helicopter with a machine gun and just pull up on these herds of these monstrous deer and he would take out like 300 a day or something, and did that for a couple weeks until the herd was thinned out. Crazy stuff.

To me, Molokai is like the Florida of Hawaii.


Boating_Enthusiast t1_j6e9jd9 wrote

"Welcome to Molokai! Come visit, don't stay." It's not the tourism focused tropical themed experience that Maui, Kauai, and Waikiki resorts try to provide. Imagine the island is someone's home that you're visiting. It's still full of friendly Hawaiians, but don't try to claim a bedroom and expect a warm response.

Also, Molokai Ranch would love to spin a story about how much they care about the locals, but Molokai recognizes the same scheme happening on other islands. Build some luxury, gate it off. Build more luxury, gate it off. Offer the locals some minimum wage jobs, tell them to be happy or pound sand. Sorry, you can't cross our land to get to the sand.

Molokai chooses their lifestyle, which isn't modern 3 and 2's with an upscale strip mall nearby. No Walmarts, no Panera, no Chick-fil-A. No attracting outside development that will pave over Hawaii and sell it off to foreign investors.

Whoops, a bit long winded, but the tldr is Molokai is friendly but untrusting, seeing what happens when foreign investment decides they can make a profit off selling your home.


Steelyp t1_j6ellnm wrote

Thanks! I think that’s totally fair seeing how the other islands have developed. I guess I’d be afraid some rich person would come in and wall it all off too.


LittleWhiteBoots t1_j6gvbe0 wrote

I had good experiences there, but I came there already knowing someone and quickly made friends. It’s definitely not Maui in terms of catering to tourism. I had some uncomfortable moments. The people I knew who were employed… a plumeria farm owner who supplied leis to hotels on Maui, a tower maintenance dude who climbed those massively tall towers, a construction worker, a pastor, someone who worked at the airport. Many were on the government dole. There really isn’t any industry there that I recall. Back then Maunaloa was still open for business though, some hotels were open. Sounds like they closed.

Most of the people I knew have moved to Oahu.


Daguy223 t1_j6c7ocg wrote

This reminds me of that one mission in Halo 3’s campaign


MySweetUsername t1_j6csaxr wrote

Flying out of Oahu in a C172 I've landed at Kalaupapa more times then I can count.

Those cliffs are absolutely stunning going towards Maui on the return leg.

Thank you Dad for those memories! Miss you.


katrinai30 t1_j6dc9at wrote

I spent a couple of months in Molokai, and after that flew to Maui and the pilot of the little plane said that the weather was perfect to take the scenic route and he took us this way. It was also during sunrise. Unreal. I don't know if he was just bullshitting and that's the way that he always goes but he made it seem like it was a special treat because of weather and it definitely felt that way.


iGer t1_j6ct2oz wrote

I am a simple man, I see the islands of Hawaii, I remember LOST


JohanRiver7 t1_j6diuqc wrote

Please don't let anyone stop you from posting MORE photos like this. I never get tired of seeing this place. Great shot!


crankyape1534 OP t1_j6doyb6 wrote

Thank you. I did a whole series on this trip so I’m sure I’ll be sharing another later on 😊


OneDumbPunk t1_j6crcfd wrote

My buddy lives In hawaii. If you ever get a chance, go visit. It’s breathtakingly beautiful.


uncleseano t1_j6dgkpt wrote

Aaahh.... This is for the Molokai cop


EmeraldPrime t1_j6f60sp wrote

Read The Colony by John Taymen about the exiles on Moloka’i. Very eye opening book.


Mixing_It_Hot t1_j6fg0rh wrote

Fun story: I’m in the Coast Guard and I was temporarily assigned to a ship in Hawaii. The crew dropped me off on this island because they needed someone to handle the mooring lines (ropes) when they came back. They didn’t come back until 18 hours later, effectively marooning me on Molokai


crankyape1534 OP t1_j6fjel0 wrote

That’s an experience you’ll never forget though. Wow


james___uk t1_j6cgaoo wrote

If I'm not mistaken, location of the tallest sea cliffs in the world

EDIT: Nope, see below comment.

EDIT: Oh actually-


KiwieeiwiK t1_j6cha3z wrote

Nope that's in Milford Sound, New Zealand. Mitre Peak, summit to sea, 1,683m. The Kalaupapa cliffs of Hawai'i are just over 1,000m


james___uk t1_j6ciljp wrote

Oh wow, I was misinformed! Another reason I want to visit Milford Sound


KiwieeiwiK t1_j6cjjhi wrote

We look forward to having you here :)

The Hawaiians like to claim they have the biggest, but by any definition of a cliff, ours is one! And it's much taller haha


james___uk t1_j6dut0a wrote

Aw thanks! No where on earth I'd love to visit more. Maybe someday in some strange scenario


Charlatangle t1_j6cr16u wrote

It's not the Hawaiians, it's the Americans as a whole. They're lied to incessantly so it's not their fault or anything, but oneupsmanship is the national sport over there.


KiwieeiwiK t1_j6cs60g wrote

I mean yeah I guess, but it's really only in the interests of the tour companies that are trying to get people to visit there to have that info spread. And the million websites that are trying to make a buck off repeating info with no checking

I didn't mean native Hawaiians for the record

Greater Polynesian solidarity


crankyape1534 OP t1_j6d4q9m wrote

I’ve been to and seen both. Both are breathtaking.


KiwieeiwiK t1_j6eejr0 wrote

Not denying it! There isn't really a need to compare them as they are both stunning in their own right. I was just correcting a bit of misinformation. Awesome photo by the way


crankyape1534 OP t1_j6ei0o1 wrote

I have to say though. Having visited Milford sound. It left me feeling I’d visited another world entirely. I also happened to be there during near record rains and saw tens of thousands of waterfalls and the cliffs were a web of water.


KiwieeiwiK t1_j6ejibz wrote

Awesome! Glad you saw it in the rain, we're in a real drought at the moment and it just isn't the same place!!

When did you visit?


crankyape1534 OP t1_j6ekrax wrote

I visited in march of 2019. Did 2 weeks on the north island and 3 on the south. One of my favorite places on earth. NZ


KiwieeiwiK t1_j6enhng wrote

Awesome! Hope I can make it to Hawai'i some day


crankyape1534 OP t1_j6ev844 wrote

From Christchurch back to Hawaii at the time it was 11 hr trip total and was $450 US each way. At the time.


buccsmf1 t1_j6cz8fi wrote


KiwieeiwiK t1_j6eedpk wrote

And yet they are not.

The cliffs that all these articles (travel aggregate sites are not good references lol) are talking about are 1,010m high with an average gradient of 55°. The eastern face of Mitre Peak is 1,683m high with an average gradient of 60°. So it is not only taller but steeper as well.

Sorry but they're all wrong. Doesn't matter how many times something is repeated, it doesn't get more correct just because more people say it.


buccsmf1 t1_j6ehexl wrote

Except the ones you keep mentioning are located in a sound. Not at the sea. Which is why literally every reference lists the cliffs in Hawaii as the highest SEA cliffs.


KiwieeiwiK t1_j6ej762 wrote

It's actually a fjord, not a sound, but either way it doesn't matter because both sounds and fjords and connected to the sea. The water it falls into is the sea. By this logic we might as well rule out the Moloka'i cliffs because they fall into a bay and not the sea.


slugator t1_j6edoeu wrote

Mitre Peak is a large mountain with a large cliff face. But the cliff face doesn’t reach to the summit. Mitre peak’s summit is taller than the Molokai/Kalaupapa cliff faces, but Molokai’s cliff face is taller than Mitre Peak’s cliff face.


KiwieeiwiK t1_j6eiapt wrote

The entire east side of the mountain is a cliff face from the summit to the sea, it has an average inclination of 60°

The tallest cliffs on Moloka'i (the ones in OP's photo) are 1,013m high with an average inclination of 55°

Mitre Peak's eastern face is both taller and steeper than those in Moloka'i.


PA2SK t1_j6eenb4 wrote

Every source says molokai has the highest sea cliffs in the world. Mitre Peak is higher but maybe more of a peak than a sea cliff?


KiwieeiwiK t1_j6eiy26 wrote

The inclination from the summit of Mitre Peak to the sea is steeper than the cliffs in Moloka'i. The Moloka'i cliffs are also a summit, they're from a mountain that falls into the sea, same as Mitre Peak. There's really no metric that says Moloka'i is a sea cliff and Mitre Peak isn't. Mitre Peak is taller, and steeper.


PA2SK t1_j6ek114 wrote

I'm not going to get pulled in to a debate about what counts as a "sea cliff". This sounds like one of those things where among the locals in Milford Sound it's an accepted truth that their Mitre Peak is the highest sea cliff in the world, but literally everyone else in the world, including lots of smart geologists, says it's the sea cliffs at molokai. You live your truth, the rest of us will live ours.


KiwieeiwiK t1_j6emc3k wrote

The smart geologists being... Who?


PA2SK t1_j6entf2 wrote

All of them as far as I can tell.


KiwieeiwiK t1_j6enwee wrote

Can you name any? Or a source to any? By the sound of it you've found quite a few


PA2SK t1_j6epbzq wrote

Why? Are they all wrong?


slugator t1_j6f0lw7 wrote

When does Godwin’s law kick in on this one?


slugator t1_j6edd5d wrote

You’re correct actually.


james___uk t1_j6feyuc wrote

Ha, seems Guiness World Records backs me up, I should use this google thing more


Nickbot606 t1_j6d9gil wrote

Gosh, I wish I had my nice camera the year I went there… it’s so gorgeous and you got a great shot!


KPer123 t1_j6ddd43 wrote

When I went to Hawaii we paid $$$ for a sweet helicopter ride . Man it was so dope, the pilot asked us if we liked amusement rides and we said yes . Guy was just rippin it with drops and climbs . So much fun and absolutely breathtaking , we mentioned our honeymoon and I guess they added some extra bonuses for us .


ironflesh t1_j6dkkkn wrote

I'm watching Lost TV show right now. I'm pretty sure these cliffs where filmed in that show. Beautiful!


slugator t1_j6ec0mu wrote

All of the island scenes in Lost were filmed in Oahu. None of it was done on Molokai, not even b-roll type stuff.


LanceOhio t1_j6e4hb5 wrote

Such a cool view


crankyape1534 OP t1_j6e5rwr wrote

It is a great perspective. If you enjoy taking photos I recommend the heli flights


gypsymonkey t1_j6e9pp6 wrote

I grew up on Molokai during the 60s and the 70s. Beautiful place to live and very friendly people as long as you are respectful.


crankyape1534 OP t1_j6e9wqi wrote

Yeah, respect the people, respect the aina. Shouldn’t be issues otherwise.


moresushiplease t1_j6f49o0 wrote

That triangular face is exactly where a villanwould build thier lair with a lava waterfall in the back where the volcano is


juicyb09 t1_j6fqtkc wrote

I miss it there sometimes. Such awesome memories.


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redshift83 t1_j6e5jk6 wrote

is this where they kept the lepers?


crankyape1534 OP t1_j6e68e0 wrote

There is still a small leper colony far as I’m aware.


slugator t1_j6ebmt9 wrote

With a population in the single digits. When it was decommissioned, there were some people who had spent close to their entire life there and at that point didn’t want to leave. So the government didn’t kick them out and provides basic services. But no one has moved there in decades.


PA2SK t1_j6ees2d wrote

My niece disappeared over those cliffs.


slugator t1_j6f3b5g wrote

Was she the one with the moon tattoo on her head?


PA2SK t1_j6f83yk wrote

That's her, still missing.


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[deleted] t1_j6cyt3s wrote



crankyape1534 OP t1_j6d5ksn wrote

No that’s Kauai.


[deleted] t1_j6is7hu wrote



crankyape1534 OP t1_j6j0399 wrote

Correct. That’s what I was saying. You said “you mean the napali coast” and I was saying no. That’s Kauai. Because my photo is Molokai lol