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dreamdrumstick t1_j67m3hu wrote

I came to Australia for a month's stay from India. All you go to do is just step out of the city to enjoy nature... Everything is so accessible. One moment you are under sky scrapers and right before you blink you are in the woods. This country has a really good variety.


Cr7TheUltimate t1_j681w79 wrote

Same here in Sweden


Suitable-Jackfruit16 t1_j68rxea wrote

I'd love to see Sweden and Norway.


Cr7TheUltimate t1_j6f5bi7 wrote

And I’d honestly love to see most of Africa. Such an underrated continent, one time I tried sorting after top posts of all time on this sub and stopping when I found the first African one. I gave up after 20-30 minutes of scrolling.


Suitable-Jackfruit16 t1_j6foj7f wrote

Underrated history too. I made a post that discussed that in another group today. Africa’s contributions to human history and advancement are ignored, forgotten and even purposefully hidden.


HighlyMove746 t1_j67d9wb wrote

Still lots of dead trunks visible from Black Saturday (2009).


jimmux t1_j67ropi wrote

I haven't been there in a few years, but it looks like the recent wet streak has been good for the area.


mindsnare t1_j6am9hh wrote

Was gonna say, 13 years later and it's still not fully recovered.


egordoniv t1_j68eka1 wrote

What you can't see through the beauty is the 30,000 different critters that would kill you.


CaptPolybius t1_j68snjl wrote

Ah, yes. There one and only joke people can come up with for Australia.


interpretivepants t1_j68yuzf wrote

Isn’t there also one about things being upside down? So two jokes I think.


metal_fever t1_j683xc0 wrote

I have this picture saved on my phone since 2018.


ImpureAscetic t1_j68pkz2 wrote

Complete with hideous watermark? How fortunate. I think I'll do the same but use Stable Diffusion to get rid of the watermark first. Who thought that was a good logo?


Loisalene t1_j68fnw2 wrote

Hello from Marysville, Washington, USA!

Beautiful place you got there. :)


bookofmorgan t1_j68vpi3 wrote

Howdy neighbor :) I saw this on r/all and had the same thought lol


jabij1 t1_j690hgl wrote

Ever read/watched Y The Last Man?


CEW22 t1_j67x6b3 wrote

I love Marysville and know exactly where the photo was taken from (literally one of my favourite spots).


hhhhhhikkmvjjhj t1_j67zc9a wrote

Cute! Every tree has its own little pink cloud.


axlrose96 t1_j67niqo wrote

No architecture or any bloody human made stuff crafted by exploitation of nature can even come close to this beauty.


ElSilbon223 t1_j68pkjz wrote

This place reminds of where Thanos went after he snapped


SunflowerPetalss t1_j693150 wrote

I just saved this photo to make it my phone wallpaper. I hope you don’t mind. It’s an absolutely gorgeous picture!!


gibbagibbagibba t1_j6aglff wrote

This is beautiful. The amount of people who think Australia doesn't have trees??? Concerning


citznfish t1_j67i79u wrote

Effing beautiful mate


Cla1n t1_j67yvsf wrote

Beautiful, will make sure to stay back longer next time I visit the area


killstrina0g t1_j689yf0 wrote

The way the clouds formed in the sky is totally different and beautiful.


monkeymystic t1_j694bqu wrote

This looks absolutely amazing! I’m planning a trip to Australia next year, can’t wait!


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LaikasDad t1_j67cyip wrote

There's probably some house sized bugs in there..


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DandDRide t1_j68066e wrote

Beautiful. Reminds me of the Racoons cartoon.


MorningNapalm t1_j68nwbt wrote

A tremendous amount of skill went into taking and editing this shot. Kudos.


SuzeFrost t1_j68o08o wrote

That is so beautiful it almost seems unreal.


FallDownGuy t1_j68rtlc wrote

Wtf this looks almost like watercolour!


FrankieMint t1_j692jjj wrote

Nice! Looks a bit like the Albuquerque sky during the balloon Fiesta.


KaosInOrder t1_j698m92 wrote

That looks like a dream to me.


crazy4btc t1_j69b9hk wrote

That's a beautiful sunset.


emmyess1 t1_j69qoby wrote



donkium t1_j6a2yjg wrote

Such a wonderful image


averagejosh t1_j6a3809 wrote

I did not realize Australia had mountains. Or trees.


girlsax8 t1_j6akhn3 wrote

Looks like pink popcorn in the sky


willpb t1_j6azd1g wrote

Stunning picture!😮 thanks for sharing!


dggenuine t1_j6byn6z wrote

I didn’t know that Australia had trees.


3g3t7i t1_j6fexin wrote

Excellent shot


Ari_Kalahari_Safari t1_j67z393 wrote

if you would've told me there are this many trees in all of Australia I might not have believed you


KnifeBicycle t1_j687hx0 wrote

Australia has a lot of tropical and temperate rainforests.


TheLesserWeeviI t1_j689f32 wrote

EDIT: Fair points. TIL.

I'll be the pedantic one and say that this isn't rainforest.


KnifeBicycle t1_j68ahr4 wrote

The Yarra Ranges absolutely include temperate rainforest.


dragontattman t1_j6ajo4f wrote

You can be pedantic and wrong at the same time. The Yarra Ranges consist of temperate rainforests with giant tree ferns . Then in northern Australia we have tropical rainforest that is similar to the Amazon.


PacifistPapyrus t1_j6870wz wrote

What led you to have this belief?


Ari_Kalahari_Safari t1_j68c4k0 wrote

idk, pop culture says Australia=outback


PM_ME_YIFF_PICS t1_j68rnp7 wrote

Same. Kinda like how Americans view middle eastern / western Asian countries as being all sand. Same with Mexico.


Staerebu t1_j69thcr wrote

There are ~1.5 million square kilometres of forest in Australia


chonkmcevoy t1_j6a952e wrote

Oh look, such a beautiful landscape.....while everything around you is trying to kill you


henrahmagix t1_j69yhur wrote

one cloud for every spider


AheadHesitate t1_j67da8v wrote

Never been to Australia, I honestly assume it is mostly beach and drylands.

Very cool to see something that reminds me of home here in New Hampshire!


TheLesserWeeviI t1_j689hus wrote

As an Aussie, who the fuck downvoted this?


dragontattman t1_j6alzz5 wrote

Fellow Australian here, to try and shed some light on your query: I believe reddit has many users that we Aussies would refer to as "fucktards".

These people get offended when they see evidence that goes against something that they already had a preconceived idea about.

These people don't want to learn anything. They just want to be content that they are very clever, and can not be proven wrong on anything.

When a fucktard reddit user who believes that all of Australia is a desert with a rock in the middle, and a town with a bridge on the right , sees a comment that proves this is not the case, .....that really stings. Because for a split second before they downvote the comment, they allow the feeling of doubt to slip in. They are forced to ask themselves the question: " if I've been wrong about this, is there a chance that there are other things I could be wrong about?"

But then they downvote the comment, and feel better about themselves.

Just my opinion, and I could be wrong.


StormThestral t1_j67x7mo wrote

We have more types of landscape here than you could imagine and also the second tallest tree in the world after the one in California :) we do have a lot of amazing beaches as well though


PocketSandThroatKick t1_j68cmn5 wrote

What tree?


shniken t1_j68eyy9 wrote

Mountain ash, it is actually arguably taller than redwoods. But all the tall specimens have been cut down


flexibeast t1_j68gqsu wrote

Centurion is a mountain ash, but yeah, depending on how you define 'tall', the average height of extant mountain ash in Australia is significantly reduced from what it once was.


Charlatangle t1_j688hw8 wrote

Latitude is the biggest determinant of climate, and Australia spans about 2,250 miles of latitude. Hence, varied climate.

My state alone has more forested land than any US state, but I don't think any of it would remind you of home.


GoonMcnasty t1_j688tpz wrote

I live in Victoria and about a month ago I got stuck in a mall for about 45 minutes because it wouldn't stop pissing it down raining.


Webslinger1 t1_j68b1wd wrote

Everything’s upside down. Even the clouds.


Suitable-Jackfruit16 t1_j68ru6c wrote

At least you'll be looking up at beautiful scenery while dying from one of the crazy animals there.


TunaFaceMelt t1_j69z14l wrote

If the internet has taught me anything about Australia, it's that there are approximately 18 million different venomous and/or poisonous plants and/or animals concealed within this picture alone.