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Thisissocomplicated t1_j94vbwe wrote

Praia* , we’re not Spain. As a curiosity I believe there are no Portuguese words wit the letter K, W or Y.


mikeesfp OP t1_j95as46 wrote

I apologize for that, must have auto corrected just before posting and I can't change it anymore. Enjoy your upvote and have a great rest of your day :)


drspacemanobgyn t1_j95nq3w wrote

Actually, the most notable is that there are no words that end in “n” except for gin


speedcunt t1_j95uj8d wrote

Wrong: abdómen, cólon, éden, espécimen, glúten, hífen, hímen, pólen, sémen, plâncton, líquen...


hyprarmadillr t1_j96h0yu wrote

Those seem like mostly loan words from other languages though


speedcunt t1_j96jg8x wrote

OMG you're right! They do seem a lot like Latin! Oh wait...


Overall-Ad-3642 t1_j9c6vyw wrote

Mainly english, but yeah we've got plenty of words ending in the letter n.

Maybe not in 1400's portugese but in modern portugese we do


kangmingjie t1_j953ydn wrote

*Praia. If you ever get a chance to visit the Algarve, do it.


mikeesfp OP t1_j95and9 wrote

+1 to that! One of the most beautiful places on Earth!


opihinalu t1_j95pf4x wrote

I was here last summer and it was gorgeous. I actually remember swimming in this area.


mikeesfp OP t1_j96cuj6 wrote

Great! Do You by any chance have some photos you'd like to share?


chuckieduck t1_j97047r wrote

I was there too! Praia do Submarino was my fav in the Algarve.


Overall-Ad-3642 t1_j9c7cwx wrote

In my opinion Algarve is too overpopulated by tourists. Beaches near Coimbra are nice, don't have that many tourists either.


Note: Not that I hate tourists, just that it makes the beaches more overcrowded. We've only got a population of like 10,000,000 anyways, most of which don't live near a beach. It is a fact that beaches are mostly populated by tourists (either foreign tourists or portuguese tourists)


fupamancer t1_j958g7d wrote

beautiful and triggers my r/thalassophobia


callmesamdaganza t1_j95l3vc wrote

Praia da Rocha*


mikeesfp OP t1_j95mcrf wrote

Sorry, can't correct the title anymore - I will be more careful in the future. Hopefully, the picture is rewarding enough for the time being.


ReasonablyBadass t1_j954jbs wrote

I can A hear this picture and B expect to see treasure.


mikeesfp OP t1_j95aw39 wrote

A - same here. B - sadly, no treasure found. C - I take that back, the experience of crawling and taking photos there is a treasure itself :)


ReasonablyBadass t1_j95c1et wrote

True. But it just looks like the place in a movie or game you would expect to see littered with gold coins.


mikeesfp OP t1_j95d7js wrote

I call dibs on a Super Mario water level. Just let me get my Frog suit.


carmium t1_j950uid wrote

This is a wonderfully creepy shot! Very well done.


Single_Low1416 t1_j95hnuh wrote



mikeesfp OP t1_j95ms2b wrote

" Under the sea
Darling it's better
Down where it's wetter
Take it from me
Up on the shore they work all day
Out in the sun they slave away
While we devotin'
Full time to floatin'
Under the sea "


GeeZus-420 t1_j96itxg wrote

Is this a shot you took yourself OP?


mikeesfp OP t1_j96jbee wrote

Yes, in 2021. Here is a link to the same photo on my Flickr account:


GeeZus-420 t1_j96jevp wrote

Beautiful work. What gear were you using?


mikeesfp OP t1_j96ki6a wrote

A GoPro Hero 10 actually :) for this one. You can see all the camera details in EXIF, just below the photo in the flickr link.

*Edit - since it was menthioned in one of the other comments, the camera was inside a 50/50 dome, which allowed the equal seperation of the water and the surface. Don't get me started on preparing that thing for "salt water" work, as in frame droplets were a real hassle during the photo shoot.


SeekingS0ul t1_j95j855 wrote

That’s an amazing shot! It looks like two different worlds. Great job 👏


mikeesfp OP t1_j95mxz8 wrote

Thank You, it was worth the scrapes and random splashes with the incoming tide to grab this shot. After man tries the light finally hit the right spot and here we are :).


Jeemdee t1_j95cm1l wrote

Beautiful colors, looks like it was shot on film


ktmfinx t1_j95to7g wrote

Great shot! I thought this was called Cabo de Roca, or is that something else nearby?


speedcunt t1_j95utpp wrote

That's a different place all together, Praia da Rocha is in the Algarve (south coast), Cabo da Roca is in Sintra (west coast). They're ~300 km apart. Praia da Rocha is a beach with cliffs and caves, Cabo da Roca is a cape and a huge cliff straight into the sea.


mikeesfp OP t1_j95wqva wrote

Thank You, yes I can confirm this was taken in the Algarve coast!


blitzChron t1_j95n95v wrote

down where its wetter...


adirtycharleton t1_j95puoz wrote

In a weird way it reminds me of that Baywatch episode with the giant octopus in the cave.


teffligrind t1_j97ompd wrote

Exactly my thought! I was looking for the octopus in OPs picture. And a moment later thinking, if this is the cave the scene was shot at.

It's a very random memory, i did not watch it again since then, must be around 25 years since. And also I was not an avid baywatch watcher, it was just a random after-school tv experience. But it seems to be burnt in my mind


Epic_Ninja2 t1_j95sr6r wrote

I am in pure awe looking at this


mikeesfp OP t1_j95t7bq wrote

I'm happy You are then :)! Have a great rest of your day!


Epic_Ninja2 t1_j95te8o wrote

Thanks so much. Have a wonderful day/night as well!


zavatone t1_j9678d5 wrote

But it's just above the surface of the water.


mikeesfp OP t1_j9682if wrote

Well... percentage wise I have to disagree. It's like 52% under water, but hey "that's just like Your opinion.. :D".


zavatone t1_j969lab wrote

Ahhh, I didn't see that it's halfway underwater.


mikeesfp OP t1_j96baie wrote

Glad you came back for this comment. Have an upvote!


cantsleep2020 t1_j973uya wrote

I feel like there’s mermaid lore here.


mikeesfp OP t1_j977djf wrote

Animated friendly ones or the ones that hypnotized, drowned and possibly ate unexpecting sailors?


FlounderOdd7234 t1_j97zfli wrote

Beautiful photo, pristine , nicely framed thorough natural rock formations 👍


EllaFitzsharolder t1_j98ya0j wrote

Would fully expect this to be the place to see a mermaid


mikeesfp OP t1_j99u77b wrote

Can confirm, none found, still alive. Will update.


JackDuckforHire t1_j9bhzdo wrote

I’m am new to this sub what are the numbers in the title?


mikeesfp OP t1_j9bkwqp wrote

Hey, those are the dimensions of the photo in pixels.


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conbar t1_j95dq61 wrote

Great photo. It reminds me of Michelangelo's Pieta


mikeesfp OP t1_j95mnqo wrote

You had me at Michelangelo. Would you please tell me more?


mikeesfp OP t1_j97yg9f wrote

Oh wow, thank You kind stranger! In over 11 years of being on Reddit, this is the first time I have recieved a Platinum Award for my posts! Thank You for this and Reddit Gold. I promise to keep searching my archives and posting my favorite shots here! Thank YOU ALL! gifgif


DYamla t1_j97gyzo wrote

hermoso paisaje..


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Round-Fix-1469 t1_j95l8pm wrote

It is a fake image created by AI


mikeesfp OP t1_j95mglt wrote

Well, there must have been some pretty good AI tools back in 2021 when I took this photo:


Round-Fix-1469 t1_j96qaoi wrote

Then you stitched two photos together in photoshop, it must be fake! How do people not see it...