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gonzo8927 t1_j6rvlx2 wrote

Perfect place for an evil lair


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justcougit t1_j6tymqw wrote

God that must smell so gross. It's so creepy they do that.


AndreasBerthou t1_j6uh0lz wrote

So creepy to hunt food.


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AndreasBerthou t1_j6vaa45 wrote

Yes that one incident was heavily frowned upon on the Faroe Islands too, and is seperate from the picture I responded to. The normal Grindadráp is a controlled hunt, just like fishing.


gravy_boot t1_j6vizqg wrote

> just like fishing

Ah yes, just like fishing, where, traditionally, a network of radio and sonar-enabled motorboats communicate to trap and drive an entire pod of terrified self-aware dolphins everyday dumbass fish into the shallows where they watch for 20 minutes, through a thickening fog of their family’s blood as their kin are slaughtered before finally being dragged ashore to receive their poorly served hacks to the spine.

Just like my grandfather taught me as a lad.


AndreasBerthou t1_j6vkvb7 wrote

They're a herd animal, so it's either kill the pod or none. They're killed pretty much instantly as the people doing it knows what they're doing. I don't see how this is any different than fishing (which you can also paint to be some brutal suffocation of fish due to keeping them above water, but doesn't change the fact that it's a way of gathering food).

So please, without using pathos: Explain to me how this is barbaric and vile, since you're clearly an expert after 10 minutes of Wikipedia browsing and a handful of Sea Shepherd videos.


gravy_boot t1_j6vo23b wrote

> They’re a herd animal, so it’s either kill the pod or none.

People hunted herd animals without slaughtering the herd for thousands of years prior to this. You just might have to actually work at it and respect the animal, rather than lazily taking full advantage of the odds forever in your favor.

> They’re killed pretty much instantly as the people doing it knows what they’re doing.

Sure pal. And they didn’t even see it coming.

> I don’t see how this is any different than fishing (which you can also paint to be some brutal suffocation of fish due to keeping them above water, but doesn’t change the fact that

It’s different because they are self aware and have complex family and social structures. You don’t see the difference because you don’t want to.

> it’s a way of gathering food).

A lazy, cowardly way to gather food in 2023.

> So please, without using pathos: Explain to me how this is barbaric and vile, since you’re clearly an expert after 10 minutes of Wikipedia browsing and a handful of Sea Shepherd videos.

It’s barbaric because it’s done despite full knowledge that it’s cruel and unnecessary. The sooner these people accept reality the sooner they can move past it together.


46_notso_easy t1_j6vtb4x wrote

I’ll add to that: there is literally no context in which killing such intelligent animals — especially ones who are critical to endangered ecosystems or are endangered themselves — is ever really justifiable in 2023. Fuck whale and dolphin hunting in its entirety.


Str0ngTr33 t1_j6x24q3 wrote

This commenter better be 110% vegan. Like , 'doesn't eat honey because beekeeping is slavery' vegan.


46_notso_easy t1_j6x3eca wrote

And why is that? There are many reasons to be against dolphin and whale slaughter, some aligning with veganism and some not.

Trying to indict me by putting my own eating habits on trial is a weak distraction. Any answer I give will result in either ”Of course, a vegan is going to be holier than thou about killing whales!” or ”So you want to protect whales, but I assume you still eat <insert animal>?”

Saying it again slowly for the contrarian chuds: there is nothing defensible about killing such intelligent animals who play such a broad and critical role in a rapidly dying ecosystem.


Str0ngTr33 t1_j7haa05 wrote

But... bees match that description


46_notso_easy t1_j7heh1q wrote

You really didn’t read my comment, did you?

I happen to be a vegan anyway, so it’s not like this is some sort of “gotcha” moment against me.


Cookiemonster6691 t1_j6w1qs2 wrote

They used to herd the pods in wooden paddle boats over 100 years ago trying to go to another part of the world and trying to change their way of life is like someone going to your house and changing the way you live they only do it like once every 5-10 years and none of the food is wasted and is frozen and spread out between all the people on the island. What do you think happens to the food you buy at the grocery store? You think chicken beef pork and all the other fish are read bed time stories then magically end up in small packets of meat? Go check out how slaughter houses work much much worst and inhumane.


gravy_boot t1_j6w2eui wrote

It’s not their way of life, it’s just a leftover utility that used to make sense but doesn’t anymore, and they’re too proud or stubborn to deal with it.

If your entire argument hinges on pointing at other bad things to make yourself look less bad in comparison, you need a new argument.


Cookiemonster6691 t1_j756u3h wrote

So wasting tons of gas for ships to import food and pollute the waters from outside the country just to make a few redditors and crybaby’s happy is the right way? They feed themselves from what’s natural around their islands that includes pod whales and puffins they don’t have to work for money to eat instead they all share the food or hunt for their own there’s no homelessness or people starving to death because of the way they live they are also not over fishing or over hunting any of their resources they are a small island with a small community that all lives off their natural resources. So again they’re supposed to change their way of life and make there country a capitalist country and have to work for money to buy and live a lifestyle like ours? Just because there’s a bunch of crybaby’s in the world who will cry about everything but will do nothing to help them.


Regular-Leave t1_j6w47ji wrote

This is a horrific thing to do and you are a shitty person for defending it


no-kooks t1_j6vfdfx wrote

Frowned upon getting caught?


AndreasBerthou t1_j6vhb6r wrote

Frowned upon doing. It's really not that deep.


no-kooks t1_j6vix6z wrote

I just find it interesting that the one time it was intensively documented just happened to also be the time it was frowned upon.


AndreasBerthou t1_j6vk198 wrote

The one time? The whole Grindadráp is documented extensively for like a century, it's extremely controlled and non-commercial. When some idiots got greedy and went on to hunt a dolphin herd they were shunted for it. I don't see what's not to understand here.


no-kooks t1_j6vlfze wrote

Drawing an arbitrary line beyond which a behavior is considered “reprehensible” by its practitioners can serve to legitimatize the general behavior by creating a pretense of ethical boundaries, such as when even the SS generals were “sickened” by the medical experiments carried out by the Japanese, or how the Mad Hatter would never do something crazy like put mustard on a broken watch but lemon was different.


AndreasBerthou t1_j6vnmo6 wrote

You clearly have no intentions in expanding your pov about this beyond one story that was scandalised locally to try and see the hows and whys from the locals pov, so I'll let you make your nazi-comparisons in peace.


no-kooks t1_j6vojmb wrote

I have no intention of expanding my pov about whale slaughter in the 21st century, and the rest of the world is in nearly-unanimous agreement.


kelryngrey t1_j6whjt4 wrote

It looks gross and that upsets people.

Factory farming is absolutely horrific but most of the same people appalled by this still eat meat. Pigs and cows are very smart (pigs may be smarter than dolphins) but we don't seem to mind farming them because the squalor and suffering is out of sight. Whales and dolphins that live better lives being hunted seems awful because we can see it.


Str0ngTr33 t1_j6x1uoj wrote

That's just it... corporations come in and exploit these traditions on an industrial scale. Don't blame insular communities for finding ways to eat. Blame the companies that turn those traditions into unsustainable cash grabs.


AndreasBerthou t1_j6x2j0m wrote

But it's exactly not exploited as a cash grab. It's non-commercial and highly regulated by the state to keep it sustainable and non-profit so as to keep with the original intent.

Hence why you see the individuals doing that one being shunted.


magiclasso t1_j6uvqq5 wrote

So if they eat humans its okay or is your comment just really stupid?


AndreasBerthou t1_j6uxree wrote

So eating humans and eating animals is comparable now or? That's a strawman if I've ever seen one.


no-kooks t1_j6vf8i7 wrote

Dolphins are smarter than humans, so it is a strawman but in the other direction. Compare for yourself, the cerebral folds don’t lie:


AndreasBerthou t1_j6vhiyx wrote

And aren't pigs the same intelligence as a toddler? I don't see you saying killing pigs is comparable to slaughtering toddlers.

Humans hunt animals for food.


no-kooks t1_j6vklcm wrote

We’re talking about dolphins being of super-human intelligence, and you bring up pigs, granting that they are of sub-human intelligence, and claim parity? You, my friend, could not have devised a more classical example of a strawman if you tried.

“Animal” is an arbitrary, anthropocentric philosophical distinction unless you mean animals in the biological sense, in which case humans are included.


AndreasBerthou t1_j6vlwth wrote

I was merely mentioning the fact that pigs are found to be the same intelligence levels as toddlers. So since pigs (and by extention toddlers) are clearly sub-human intelligence, what's the stance on killing them? Your argument was based on intelligence level being the deciding factor in what's allowed to be killed.

The right to kill something isn't determined by the hunter's or the hunted's brain development, it's something decided by humans (as morbid as it is).


no-kooks t1_j6vnt37 wrote

Actually, my argument was merely that you were correct in your declaration of “strawman” with regard to killing humans and killing dolphins being comparable, but in the opposite direction. All this other stuff like “stance” and “right” and “allowed” and “morbid” is projection coming entirely from you. I would venture perhaps you have a guilty conscience.


magiclasso t1_j6vq7ib wrote

You presented hunting for food as an absolute defense. Not a strawman at all. Maybe try to expand on your incredibly shallow thinking.


maddinho t1_j6s8x36 wrote

Haha, I was about to comment the same.


ninthtale t1_j6uie5n wrote

logistics costs will be more than the rent