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SapperInTexas t1_j6t3fdi wrote

If I tried to pronounce that, I would get yelled at for chewing with my mouth open.


piranhakiler t1_j6tlh7m wrote

I’m Czech and I have problem to pronounce it.


Fulid t1_j6u6hxl wrote

It looks hard, but its easy (for Czech speaker). Just say the name of the city Adršpach and then city of Teplice. And then put it together.


munchkickin t1_j6td2qg wrote

I saw this post and was like, “how do you even say that???”


suvlub t1_j6w5m22 wrote

It's not that hard, you just go letter by letter and sound it out. I get the impression that anglophones are oddly bad at doing this, probably because English has stupidly irregular spelling rules and is frankly a crime against the latin alphabet.

Adr like the beginning of "address", but pronouncing the "a" as it is in languages that aren't English ("ah")

špaš = shpash. Kinda like "splash", but starts with another "sh", without "l" (thus actually simpler?) and again, "a" like a proper Roman

The rest should be straightforward. "c" makes a "ts" sound and the ´s make the vowel longer.


whataTyphoon t1_j6weqf4 wrote

tbh, for me as an Austrian it's no easy either, despite pronouncing the letters the same. It's the many consonants in comparison that makes it hard. And the Háčeks.

Adršpach is Adersbach in Germam for example. Teplice/Teplitz is easier, altough I was never sure if you pronounce the "c" as "ts" or "tsch".


suvlub t1_j6wgde0 wrote

Even if you try to read it slowly? German does have words with similarly long consonant combos, like "Durchschnitt" (which looks even scarier, though in terms of actual sounds, its r-ch-sch-n, if I'm not mistaken, which is 4 constants, same as "dršp")


LojZza88 t1_j6x9320 wrote

Wait until you get to the places with "ř" in their name. That's when the fun begins!


whoopsea t1_j6w1qhg wrote

Just say bohemian paradise, everyone will know where you mean.


amazingmakii t1_j6w8w1m wrote

except adršpach isn't in the bohemian paradise. there are other rock cities in there (prachovské skály, hrubá skála etc.) but adršpach is close to the border with poland


SagariKatu t1_j6tfayu wrote

It's actually forbidden to go there until you can pronounce the name.


ReallyNotFondOfSJ t1_j6tz63q wrote

I think if you manage to pronounce it correctly you summon an elder god.


jens_omaniac t1_j6w1zwy wrote

as a taxidriver you have nothing to do there, take the phone off and say: What? several times


utterlyuncool t1_j6to2p4 wrote

Nice try demon, I'm not pronouncing that and summoning you.

No, really, how do you pronounce š and s one after another. My tongue hurts.


ReallyNotFondOfSJ t1_j6tzckk wrote

I think it's a sh and s sound like you're making skiing noises.


utterlyuncool t1_j6u034d wrote

Yeah, I get that, but it's a tongue twister. Adrshpashskoteplichke. That's not easy to pronounce, even for native slavic language speakers.


OmelasKid t1_j6v82em wrote

Can confirm, I wouldnt even try to pronounce it.


Conscious_Pickle3605 t1_j6w430n wrote

The č is ts, not ch, but I'm not sure if that's any better! Crazy name even by Czech standards haha

Edit: meant to say c, not č


iLiveWithBatman t1_j6w877k wrote

>The č is ts, not ch,

"ch" is the closest sound to "č" in English. (like in the word "check")

"ts" is usually how you'd transcribe Czech "c".

It's not that difficult to pronounce "adršpašskoteplické", I just did it fairly easily.

(and I don't know anyone who calls it that, it's called either Adršpach, or Český ráj.)


Conscious_Pickle3605 t1_j6w95in wrote

Sorry, you're right about that-- I was referring to c, not č, since c is what is written in the original post, but for some reason I wrote č here which is indeed ch. (Nicely confusing since "ch" in Czech is gutteral!) Is it actually čke at the end of the word?

Ahoj :)


iLiveWithBatman t1_j6wjm07 wrote

>Is it actually čke at the end of the word?

No, "cké" is correct. From "Teplice", a nearby town.


TopolCZ t1_j6wn88b wrote

český ráj is somewhere else, Adršpach ain't in it


dkarlovi t1_j6w3e79 wrote

You separate them into own syllables so they're not really together when you're pronouncing them. Croatian does the same thing, for example "najgori" (the worst) has "jg" together, but when pronouncing, you'd say naj-gori, not na-jg-ori.

I can pronounce this now, like:



Conscious_Pickle3605 t1_j6w9cv8 wrote

Yes, though Czech doesn't have silent letters, so the end of the word is syllabified like this: sko-te-plic-ke. This is exactly how my son is taught to read in Czech schools!


IndyCarFAN27 t1_j6u9mzi wrote

If you think this is hard, tram pronouncing Jíndřišska. I was in Prague riding on the tram and it’s the name of one of the stops. And for the remainder of my stay I couldn’t stay repeating it to myself trying to pronounce it correctly…


Zandonus t1_j6vwadn wrote

Šņācošs. Easy. Just Be the wind followed by a snake.


LowerBed5334 t1_j6topco wrote

It's very beautiful. I think it's connected to the Elbsandsteingebirge in Germany, I've been there a few times but seriously want to visit the Czech region 👍🏼👍🏼


nSheep t1_j6vwoac wrote

These ones are actually about 150 km farther, on the border with Poland, in eastern Bohemia.


LowerBed5334 t1_j6vwzlj wrote

Thanks, I'd drive a lot more than 150km to visit that ❤️


tallgirlmom t1_j6trudj wrote

Yup, was thinking the same thing. Grew up in Dresden, and did a lot of hiking and rock climbing out there in my youth.

For all those who are not familiar with it, it’s also called Saxon Switzerland.


grepe t1_j6vyt9j wrote

Those are different ones. These are about 100km to the east from Elbe on Polish border.


grepe t1_j6vwj9b wrote

Climbing on those things is one of the most amazing and surreal experiences a climber can do. Especially if the ring to belay down from is on the neighbouring tower only...


TopolCZ t1_j6wni4b wrote

So you had to jump to the other tower?
I spend a lot of time in rock cities, often off the tourist road and on drugs, but I don't climb, and I would be paralyzed with fear if I had to jump between two tall towers (I mean, it depends on how far apart they are, but still...)


tallgirlmom t1_j6xbnl7 wrote

Jumping between rock towers is actually something some climbers do for fun. (Not me!)


grepe t1_j6yseyu wrote

Honestly, jumping between the towers may be the least scary part of the climb. This is not typical rock climbing with anchor point every 2m or so... there are rules in place that state they cannot be closer than 5m from each other and most paths have max 2 (one in the middle and one on top, sometimes only the one on top).


tallgirlmom t1_j6xbk73 wrote

I loved climbing there, because there were so many natural hand grips and little holes to stick feet into. And the rock is soft. Much unlike the nasty finger-eating granite I climbed in Joshua Tree in later years.


biges_low t1_j71bm59 wrote

JT is fine (but i was there just for 1 day), if you compare it to Jizera mountains granite :)


ken0746 t1_j6ux6yj wrote

Found my safe word!!


throwaway876460 t1_j6thc0z wrote

Can someone post a link to this word being said?


Fulid t1_j6u7fgf wrote

Write it in Google translate and there is a play button.


Mega-Steve t1_j6v99q6 wrote

It's like someone is trying to speak on the phone while tumbling down an escalator


EstocoImo t1_j6vtm0q wrote

Nice and this sub needs more content from central and Eastern Europe.


Western-Image7125 t1_j6uq8vk wrote

I tried to say it out loud and my coworker asked me if I was speaking parseltongue


ihatereddit41 t1_j6u2y3s wrote

I want to do a trad climb on that


kepleronlyknows t1_j6v3vuc wrote

I think this is one of the crags where any metal pro is against the ethic and they use knots as if they were nuts.


whoopsea t1_j6w1wzp wrote

Nope there are fixed anchors in many places here.


ixurge t1_j6umjh4 wrote

Adr what?


GlazedDonutGloryHole t1_j6w49la wrote

This reminds me of the Cathedral Spires area of South Dakota!


Asiras t1_j6wfzrq wrote

Those look great! I'm Czech and have visited Adršpach, but these look even more impressive. I just wish traveling to the US (besides NYC) was easier from Europe, I'd love to visit someday.


GlazedDonutGloryHole t1_j6wjkfk wrote

That whole area really is something else. We rented a cute little cabin inside the national park and hiked the Sunday Gulch trail, did the Harney Peak loop into the Sylvan Lake loop, and drove through the Needle highway and nature bypass route to get real close to roaming Buffalo and a little gopher town.

I've been all over the USA but South Dakota is one of my favorite states besides Maine. The lack of people really helps!

I totally get you on wishing it was easier to visit. It's been my goal for awhile now to make it over to Europe and spend a couple weeks between Italy, Slovenia, and Croatia but the pandemic really threw a wrench in those plans. I hope you get the chance someday to make it over here :)


14ers4days t1_j6u4xj5 wrote

I'm hitting up CZ next summer for a music festival and will be spending an extra few days. I will add this to my list of things to do!


LaunderingAlbatross t1_j6w7aor wrote

Man, I can't believe they stole my auto generated password when they were naming this place


mrbean760 t1_j6wc7q4 wrote

Guys i accidentally summoned demon trying to pronounce the title what do i do


tehaxeli t1_j6wcklt wrote

If you like climbing, there is a great video from this area with Sean Villanueva


Aleblanco1987 t1_j6wtvnp wrote

If you look closely, you can see Adam Ondra climbing in the back



lirva1 t1_j6wyoi6 wrote

This whole thread is fun to read.


mgerics t1_j6wzcsa wrote

when I travel, I'll Czech this out...


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LMCuber t1_j6u27s6 wrote

Awakening of Vitu-Ghazi


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Balls-B-LongDong t1_j6um42f wrote

I thought the gap between the rock was snow


Heretofore_09 t1_j6vgr26 wrote

I thought it was a waterfall at first and was like, whaaa, how??


jillyhoop t1_j6v52wk wrote

Looks a little like the Black Hills of South Dakota.


dommyboyrulez t1_j6v6xpb wrote

This looks like a scene out of Horizon Zero Dawn.


hypnos_surf t1_j6v7tqi wrote

I feel like I need an imp to say that name backwards to banish him to the 5th dimension.


GinkaV t1_j6ve8if wrote

Minecraft is real


mudbuster t1_j6vss4i wrote

I was there a few years ago and they are even more beautiful than on this photo!


amazingmakii t1_j6w8zgz wrote

i love adršpach so much! my family used to live really close so we'd go there at least twice a year and it was always amazing. these days it's extremely crowded tho, shame


Hrcrxkid117 t1_j6w912z wrote

This is a map from God of War Ragnarok


ShadowMadness t1_j6wag6w wrote

I can’t even begin to figure out how to pronounce that but cool pic


Ascomae t1_j6wb2i3 wrote

Looks like old fairy tale movies have been made there.


hopopo t1_j6wgebt wrote

Slav here. WTF kind the name is this?


biges_low t1_j71fpth wrote

Morphed german word Ebersbach -> Boar stream. During centuries it morphed into Adršpach (Eber -> Adr + sbach -> špach) as it was easier for Czechs to pronounce.

Adršpašský is second case (nominativ) of Adršpach.

Teplický is second case of Teplice (Teplitz/Tauplitz) -> coming from czech "teplý" -> hot/warm. Teplice was expression used for hot/warm springs/streams (there are few spa cities called like that).

Adršpach and Teplice are towns between which there rocks are located -> therefore Adršpašskoteplické skály :)


xaelis t1_j6wmq4t wrote

Impressive and beautiful !!!


lexiearrieta t1_j6wrp16 wrote

This looks like a Waystone (referenced from The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss). In the book, its said that if you enter it during a full moon, you pass over to the land of the fae


DerAlphos t1_j6wuiad wrote

I feel like setting my campfire up right there. And my hammock a few steps into these rocks.