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ArcaneDanger t1_j72teos wrote

everything reminds me of her…


BigRigsButters t1_j721q6k wrote

Looks like a butt


Crafty_Genius t1_j73ps71 wrote

With it up in the air like that, doesn't that make it a flying buttress?


henrikbech OP t1_j74hmi6 wrote

Honestly I always saw a face in the rocks shape, but(t) now that people are pointing it out - I do see the Freudian shapes as(s) well…


Devanismyname t1_j72dw9h wrote

I wonder if anyone has even been up there


fmfbrestel t1_j72exr9 wrote

Probably shouldn't, but I'll bet someone crazy enough has done it. Looks climbable, but I may be getting thrown off by scale and perspective.


a_filing_cabinet t1_j7449cl wrote

The issue isn't really size or shape of the hoodoo. The challenge is the fact that the rock is extremely soft and will just crumble if you try to climb it.


Exit-Velocity t1_j75632a wrote

Zoom in. Doesnt look too soft to me, although I can see it crumbling once or twice.


MrMissus t1_j75kodd wrote

Really? It doesn't look to soft to you? It looks like a giant dirt clump.


a_filing_cabinet t1_j77swti wrote

Dude. I've been to Bryce. The red rock is all sandstone, which is extremely soft. At its softest, you crush it in your hand. Even at its strongest I would not trust it to hold my weight. Going down the trail I lost my balance and grabbed onto the wall. Instead of stopping my fall I just hit the ground with a chunk of sandstone.


n80thegr80 t1_j76iehl wrote

If you max out your stamina you could probably make it. I think there’s a Korok seed up there as well.


Devanismyname t1_j76l9kn wrote

Looked it up, there's a sheika tower close by you can glide in from. Easy climb.


Guavab t1_j72v2ek wrote

Aw nuts!


mechapoitier t1_j72gtzv wrote

Torsonic Polarity Sydrome, or TPS. The main feature is they have asses where their heads should be.


Komnos t1_j72jcbs wrote

And they use the wrong covers on their reports.


axionic t1_j72ppz3 wrote

Is that a drone shot?


hemorrhagicfever t1_j73std7 wrote

Doubtful. The main park path gets SUPER close to this feature, Thor's Hammer. To my eye, it looks like a slight zoom from your standard angle at a lookout point with benches.


henrikbech OP t1_j74hvy5 wrote

You’re right. It’s shot with a 100mm prime on a full frame camera.


henrikbech OP t1_j74l3w8 wrote

No - but if it’s legal to fly a drone in the area, I really wish to make a drone video in that exact location. That would look incredible.


axionic t1_j74vodk wrote

I think I've been on that ledge with the gate. I didn't remember it having its flat top that low but it was 2 years ago. They allow drones in the state parks, but only in winter, and they want to shake you down for $10 for a day's license. I doubt anyone really gets caught for not paying.


henrikbech OP t1_j75wxja wrote

Cool. That’s a $10 shakedown I’m happy to pay.


1OptimisticPrime t1_j71rohr wrote

Those bewbs rock... but there's nothing going on above them


deskiller1this t1_j72x6p7 wrote

And think all this used to be underwater...


akusokuZAN t1_j71swoj wrote

Old dirty bastard! :D


tightanalbuttsex t1_j72bymq wrote

Do you mean to remark that that rock formation resembles an erect penis?


akusokuZAN t1_j7383v4 wrote

nay, just that it's dirty and old and a bastard for inevitably crumbling on some poor sob's head.


Justeeezy t1_j727w9m wrote

Holy shit this is amazing! Also just realized this landmark is in riders republic😂


hemorrhagicfever t1_j73sm8j wrote

This particular landmark, Thor's Hammer, is expected to topple due to natural erosion any time now, for sure in the next couple of years but it really could be any day.


Justeeezy t1_j73tz0b wrote

It’s insane it’s even been standing this long


henrikbech OP t1_j74iv87 wrote

I didn’t know - that makes me feel a little nostalgic, the photo is from 2017 and I always wanted to go back there and have more time - see the landmarks during sunrise and sunset.

Thanks for sharing.


hemorrhagicfever t1_j74ym0t wrote

One of the times I went there was in the winter. They do snow shoe tours, I got there for sunrise in eeeeeearly January one year and it was epic. 2019 I think for that trip. Lemme see if I have some of the photos for easy sharing for you.


justnigel t1_j72ip52 wrote

Some people say the former president should be added to Mt Rushmore in South Dakota...

...others point out Utah already has a giant orange scrotum on a rock.


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boothash t1_j74adxu wrote

There's lots of human made objects in this photo...


speedshotz t1_j7352ej wrote

Stop, … hammer time!


AFriendlyCrow t1_j72vnln wrote


Looka like a fist


NorthCatan t1_j73wvkb wrote

There's actually another rock formation that looks even more like a fist there. Unfortunately I can't post photos in the comments on this sub. Bryce is a really cool place.


henrikbech OP t1_j74j3f8 wrote

I’ve always been seeing a face - but I do see a fist now as well.


hampal7 t1_j73a499 wrote

That’s one sexy rock!


amazzarof t1_j73c2hd wrote

Such a beautiful place!


henrikbech OP t1_j74jlyd wrote

One of my favourite places in the world - I have to go back to Utah some day and spend at least a month.


Anominity t1_j73d2mk wrote

On skimming Reddit I read the title as Bryan Cranston, and was trying to figure that one out!


henrikbech OP t1_j74k24e wrote

Hmm, while I was digging through my photo archives and eventually stumbled upon this photo - it’s from 2017 - I was watching the Bryan Cranston on the Hot Ones show. Maybe my subconsciousness did some work there…


swivel2369 t1_j73d6jx wrote

I thought I was going to see a picture of Brian Cranston.


Gunslinger1969 t1_j73f7j0 wrote

Thors Hammer? We’ll be in Bryce in April, one of our favourite parks, well worth the trip from the UK.


hemorrhagicfever t1_j73t35n wrote

It is, and Take it in while you can. Thors hammer is expected to topple from erosion any time now. I think it's unlikely it'll happen before April, hopefully it'll hold on for a couple more years, but it really could be any day.


Gunslinger1969 t1_j763bvi wrote

We’ll be taking it all in again for sure, it’s a few years now since we were last there. Can’t wait to be back!


henrikbech OP t1_j74kctd wrote

Amazing I hope I’m gonna be able to go back there soon. Are you going to Zion, Arches and Canyon Lands as well?


Gunslinger1969 t1_j7639lk wrote

Yes, we arrive in Vegas, straight out to Zion, then Bryce on to Moab & Arches, followed by Aspen, down the $1m dollar highway to Durango, on to Monument Valley, Grand Canyon and back to LV via the last remnants of Rte 66. 24 days total with 3 nights in most stops. It’s what we had planned for an Anniversary trip in 2020 but had to cancel that thanks to Covid. Lots of side trips and hikes planned in along the way!


whinecooler t1_j73fcqr wrote

Yet another unrealistic body expectation for women :/


blacktothebird t1_j73fh0w wrote

At first I thought it said Bruce and I thought it did look like Bruce Campbell's chin


Oldus_Fartus t1_j73jgol wrote

The little trees on top are killing me. Life, impervious, prevailing, everywhere.


henrikbech OP t1_j74jdbt wrote

Agree. The trees blow my mind - it’s my favourite detail in the photo.


rhussia t1_j73k5qx wrote

The place is beautiful. Was there a few months ago well worth the visit.


jrhmusic t1_j73m4m6 wrote

Love that it’s not your typical Bryce Canyon photo but if you key in on the focal point you can totally tell it’s Bryce


Damndude-_- t1_j73qm7e wrote

That shit’s gonna break bitches


hemorrhagicfever t1_j73sf45 wrote

If you like this picture, This feature is called Thors Hammer. With standard wind and water erosion it's going to topple any day now. If you want to see it, You should plan a trip ASAP. The landscape is incredible even with out it.


cizzoo t1_j73y18i wrote

What if we kissed under to booty rock


Gruntybitz t1_j73z6w6 wrote

Bryce, your canyon is showing!


drbobsled t1_j743gkk wrote

"A hell of a place to lose a cow" Ebenezer Bryce


hartemis t1_j745gfr wrote

Those are balls. They always look like a landscape up close.


crookba t1_j748a35 wrote

I'd climb it but it looks like it's about to break and fall.


Shepatriots t1_j75c961 wrote

Unbelievably gorgeous place! Fun fact: My uncle and cousins did all the electrical work for the visitors/gift shop building there at Bryce Canyon! I hope I can take my husband and sons there one day.


Smtncruzer t1_j75t54r wrote

This park is by far one of my favorites. I feel like it's not as well known and people only go because it's close to Zion, but it's truly spectacular. I had the most strangely emotional experience when I was there and hiked down amongst the hoodoos.


SLDH1980 t1_j72n746 wrote

Some say it looks like a butt...

I say it's the fondling of the balls.


Tit4nNL t1_j72o6p0 wrote

Looks like godzilla hand/arm holding up a nutsack


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Ok_Associate_1042 t1_j746f0a wrote

Fucking incredible pic OP! Fuck I love this place…


henrikbech OP t1_j74kn0i wrote

Thank you, yes - it’s an absolutely amazing place.


fauxfox__ t1_j74n003 wrote

who planted those trees up there


WHTrunner t1_j74nt8v wrote

My nuts on display


maroklore t1_j74q745 wrote

Looks like a butt.


TheDukesWorld t1_j74simc wrote

You should see where that giraffes face is.


TonySansNom t1_j74x6ug wrote

What's up with those trees.


dpgomez812 t1_j757jij wrote

Bryce out here looking thicker than a bowl of oatmeal.


shayanzafar t1_j759spd wrote

somebody fucked the planet alright


stanthonylee t1_j75amxn wrote

I know this is called something like Queen Victoria rock. But I have always called it Bill the Cat rock.


mjordn20 t1_j75blho wrote

the ass faced people from that south park episode im afraid to link and get b&


Nesciere t1_j75exjv wrote

Is that Bryce? How’s he doing


CousinEddie144 t1_j75hfdj wrote

Booty booty booty booty rock is everywhere.


eprocure t1_j75j2ob wrote

Finna make me act up


Hip_Hop_Otamus t1_j75vj26 wrote

Ever been to Testicle Tip of Package Peak?


Detergent5879 t1_j760gq0 wrote

Why did i see Tits and a waist there.


Succulent_Rain t1_j760yq2 wrote

Looks like two Siamese twin soldiers with a skinny neck ready to go to war.


Veganic1 t1_j761cst wrote

Scrotum on a totem