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jamesftw OP t1_j9p2c8i wrote

Went out for what was predicted to be an amazing sunrise, only to find the clouds had moved in and completely covered the mountains. Stuck it out anyway and got a surprising pop of color just behind the infamous lone tree.

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fknSamsquamptch t1_j9rgvuj wrote

For the record, Alberta has more than one tree. I can see at least... three in this photo, alone!


artofarock t1_j9pmxdv wrote

I like it. Good thing you stayed


aBeaSTWiTHiNMe t1_j9r2pxp wrote

Hmmmm looks like a good place for a pipeline.


OkLeading1827 t1_j9rrxk3 wrote

This is surreal. Where are the other trees? One last tree standing.


[deleted] t1_j9p3o6j wrote



jamesftw OP t1_j9pv8xw wrote

Its dead unfortunately, or else I absolutely would


stikky t1_j9r4xwq wrote

The mountains where they meet Alberta in the Lower Mainland would just be my dream place to live (so long as I had good internet). I'm always in awe of the mountains and I'm fine with 0 to -20 temps so long as I have functioning central heating to retreat to.


mountaingrrl_8 t1_j9s11sq wrote

I'm so curious where this location is as the Rockies are a ways away from the Lower Mainland - one would say different sides of the province even. (Vancouver and the Lower Mainland are part of the Coastal Mountain Range, arguable one of the most beautiful places around).


stikky t1_j9scr71 wrote

oh I guess I should have said the area along the Trans-Canada. Not sure where this particular place is, could be much farther north too for all I know but there are many vistas along the road through Rogers Pass into Golden and around the Banff Area.


BrewCrewKevin t1_j9r76la wrote

The thumbnail hit me with some confusing perspective, I thought it was a giant tree across the lake, the bottom being a reflection.

Something about the way the horizon splits the entire picture, and the tree is the only thing bridging it.

Nice shot!


isleyreust t1_j9q4l7k wrote

Love the mood in this image


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Got2Go t1_j9ra52o wrote

Used to be a set of twin trees until some kid in a life vest crashed a delorean into the other one back in the 50's


hersheymn t1_j9rbbs9 wrote

I absolutely love this. Great picture!


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