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Menoscarpone t1_j97o8f1 wrote

It´s gonna happen again...

Nice photo!


Imadope_1960 t1_j97tnkk wrote

Center of that photo looks like a doorway into another forest.


Pwe1234 t1_j99tmbg wrote

Hänsel und Gretel irl


Patrick_Hydar t1_j98ibix wrote

that looks like a place a horror story would happen

or a really scary fairy tale


Papatarts0 t1_j99ksue wrote

I would sprinkle a trail of breadcrumbs just to be safe


Rheabae t1_j9abrqq wrote

Nice colours, broski


Steroidgiraffe t1_j97uz55 wrote

Something about trails leading deeper into the woods just get me going!


JohanRiver7 t1_j9cglyk wrote

Excellent greens! Contrasts great with the trail and bark colors.

Must smell great in there on a warm day.


GreaterThanLurker t1_j990rv9 wrote

Enjoying the winding path, it's almost as if looking into a mirror where the canopy and trees form straight edges. The time of day couldn't have been better. Truly captivating, thank you for sharing and composing this find, job well done!


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RHGrey t1_j9a4k1j wrote



[deleted] t1_j9avi0c wrote

So beautiful 😍

Makes me think of a fairy tale