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Smirkly t1_ja1cl7o wrote

I have been all over the US, Ive seen a bit of Canada, and quite a bit of the world at large. There is so much I never have nor ever will see, except in a nice photo like this. Nice shot and a beauty spot.


Tancrad t1_ja1ghzq wrote

I'm an hour from here.


barrist t1_ja2u9c7 wrote

Gets crazy busy because this lookout is within the first 15 min of the hike


lovelyb1ch66 OP t1_ja326zw wrote

Never go there on any national holidays, if you’re lucky enough to find parking then the part of the trail going to the lookout is lousy with people, Tim Hortons cups and dog poo


grainia99 t1_ja37wc4 wrote

We go in late fall and winter to avoid the people. You just have to be extra cautious at the top.


lovelyb1ch66 OP t1_ja386zu wrote

I love hiking there in the winter, it’s so serene. Fall and spring I get around the crowds by parking on the other side of the mountain and coming up on the lookout from the other side


grainia99 t1_ja38jny wrote

Ya, we should do that next time. The front parking lot is nuts.


lovelyb1ch66 OP t1_ja38v1y wrote

Most people don’t know about the other side, also the hike is a little tougher because it’s a good deal longer and starts right off the bat with climbing up the backside of Manitou Mountain.


Sevandcats t1_ja290e5 wrote

I've been there, it was a fun hike up!


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Goodyearslave t1_ja2szzq wrote

Beautiful area! Nice little ski hill too!


Geekidge t1_ja37fry wrote

whenever i hear eagles nest i think of the original Tom & Jerry Movie with Robyn or whatever the childs name was


Koala_eiO t1_ja3k3j8 wrote

That's a perfect spot for a Minecraft house.


spiderborland t1_ja3m8fc wrote

Genuinely thought this was Arkansas. Had to scroll back up and check


dixon_cider505 t1_jaaw7b2 wrote

At first I thought you meant eagles nest new Mexico lol


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Redeemium t1_ja28nxw wrote

It’s amazing what AI can do these days.