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GallantGentleman t1_jad9rpf wrote

Aurora Australis? At this time of year? At this time of day? In this part of the country, located in Perth, Australia? Stunningly beautiful.


Gabmiral t1_jadk7bb wrote

May I see it ?


Quetzalbroatlus t1_jadm73z wrote



redredme t1_jadvdo4 wrote

Borealis as far south as NL in Europe at the moment. The sun let out a big fart ;)


VLWphotography OP t1_jaejnbh wrote

Well it was at night, but yes, it was even seen to the north of Perth!!!


mdonaberger t1_jaepu65 wrote

Well VLWphotography, you're a strange fellow, but you take a good photo.


fh3131 t1_jadx2cp wrote

So many questions, so few answers


AnaArg86 t1_jacifue wrote

That's absolutely gorgeous. Bucket list it is.


kris533d t1_jaek6dk wrote

Make sure you do it in the right spot. Maybe you can see the colors in the right place, maybe not. I am not even sure. Yesterdayy I saw it here in Denmark. Looked like some grey clouds near the horizon. Only by making a 30 second exposure was I able to see any color and determine that it was in fact Aurora Borealis. 1/10


loosebolts t1_jaepbbt wrote

You saw the Aurora Borealis rather than the Aurora Australis, but same phenomenon.


CouldDoWithaCoffee t1_jaerftx wrote

There's a Denmark in southern Western Australia. Beautiful part of the world.


kris533d t1_jaers94 wrote

I already said that last bit of my comment... Anyway, never understood the need to differentiate between the two. They are both Aurora Polaris and look the same.

Edit: here is a picture someone in DK took yesterday. This is how it normally looks in Denmark. Not only the green color you typically see when you are directly underneath it.


trowzerss t1_jaexndo wrote

I thought that the aurora australis was different colours though, with a lot more pinks and purples like this shot, where the borealis is most often green?


Timmy12er t1_jaer2ft wrote

I'm currently visiting Queenstown, NZ and wasn't able to see it last night. It was cloudy, but maybe there was some other reason we couldn't see it (astronomy isn't my strong suit). Definitely disappointed.


Duff5OOO t1_jaethqo wrote

Jump on Facebook and look for a NZ aurora group. You will find alerts and tips on seeing it.


Vegetable-Praline-57 t1_jadhc0b wrote

At this time of year? In this part of Australia? Localized entirely south of Perth!?


VLWphotography OP t1_jaek03x wrote

We are primarily pink with green being the secondary colour!


juliazzz t1_jadtusy wrote

I'd love to see a real aurora one day.


Felwinter12 t1_jaemean wrote

I saw the Aurora borealis when I was five. I was on a road trip from Portland, my family lives nearby, to Alaska, where I lived at the time. I had just lived in Missouri, and there was a tornado while I was there, which made me paranoid about the sky turning green. We got to a hotel, and all of the adults just brushed it off when I said the sky was green, so I was the only one to see it, and I don't even remember.


TheRealOsciban t1_jad36hq wrote

Any tips if I ever visit?


Nomicakes t1_jae2pe3 wrote

Be nice to the people you meet. If someone's having a friendly chat with you, and suddenly they say something to you that feels like a minor insult, we guarantee it's not intended as such. We just like to take the piss out of each other.


BoredNLost t1_jaez96v wrote

If you mean Perth specifically, go to Rottnest Island and take a selfie with a Quokka. They're adorable little marsupials who have no natural predators so have no sense of fear.


GorditaPollo t1_jacmx36 wrote

That’s definitely the only good view in the Armadale/Helena valley area. Except bungedore maybe


Throwaway021614 t1_jadpxkm wrote

That’s what the Slytherine kids call Dumbledore behind his back


brownhedgehog t1_jadmfet wrote

Apparently it could be seen in Dubbo, NSW last night. Crazy.


CoronaMcFarm t1_jaerehi wrote

Must have been quite strong solar activity, also the Borealis was seen far south yesterday. The australis much be much rarer to get a glimpse of as the optimal area is probably at 70° south.


brownhedgehog t1_jaern9y wrote

Apparently it was. I know the Victorians were in fits because inland NSW could see it and they had nothing but clouds.


Appropriate_War5219 t1_jae551b wrote

Curious how that's possible. At ~32°S, that's closer to the equator than Dallas.


Duff5OOO t1_jaesfm4 wrote

Pretty common across the southern side of Australia.

We get darker skies which helps.


EarphoneTangler t1_jaei0qp wrote

Was this visible with the naked eye or just with camera?


VLWphotography OP t1_jaek3uo wrote

We saw beams and a slight pink hue with the naked eye 💃🏽


Phiandros t1_jae3fkg wrote

Is the Aurora Australis usually this pink? As opposed to more green. We had aurora borealis in south of sweden the past two nights. Primarily green with some pink at times.


ArtDSellers t1_jacwnz3 wrote

This is a wonderful shot.


maya_dimasi t1_jad66qp wrote

Wow!! What time did you get there to catch a glimpse of this gorgeousness?


otterglass t1_jadm1u6 wrote

Wow what a beautiful picture! Nicely done


TerrorAlpaca t1_jaduzg1 wrote

Looks more like Steve.


el_DOOM t1_jaf35hk wrote

Ah yes I came here to say this. Look at the Steve in all of it's glory!


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Awesam t1_jadeamz wrote



CazRaX t1_jadx7it wrote

Huh, I thought the Ancestral Plane was in Africa?


AlwaysTravel t1_jae33tf wrote

That's amazing, That's the equivalent of seeing the Northern lights in Egypt


FantasticGarlic t1_jae85pp wrote

Saw a lot of posts about how this happened—there was a solar storm several days ago that caused increased auroras being visible!

Source: Not an astronomer, just regurgitating information from some smart people


WorfSucks t1_jaeifm3 wrote

Skinner! The house is on fire!


HellBlazer_NQ t1_jaeqq8n wrote

I haven't updated my desktop background since 2019, so thank you!


luke1lea t1_jaeui2k wrote

The pink means that the sun tried to kill you extra hard, but good ole earth saved you again!


808morgan t1_jaeup0x wrote

New desktop, nice


bradloehr t1_jaex6bo wrote

Crazy geomagnetic storm in northern Canada right now too


im_a_dr_not_ t1_jaf12c5 wrote

How long of an exposure was this?


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GirlBrunette22 t1_jaeg3ax wrote

I wonder what percentage of people have seen the northern lights in real life


Charlatangle t1_jaekc63 wrote

Why are you talking about the Northern Lights? Are people in the Northern Hemisphere just pathologically incapable of thinking about the other half of the Earth.


GirlBrunette22 t1_jaelm1l wrote

I am talking about this for the reason that this phenomenon seems magical to many people .. and sometimes I can’t even believe that such things exist on the planet earth .. I don’t speak for people who live in the northern hemisphere .. I speak in general .. for all people


Charlatangle t1_jaf46e9 wrote

Okay but this is a picture of the Southern lights. Southern.


kris533d t1_jaelgqu wrote

Not many, but I bet many have seen it and not know what it was. Most of the time, the northern lights aren't as colorful as this. Seen it in Denmark a couple of times and it honestly looked like a mix between the Milky Way (as seen from earth in an area with very little light pollution) and clouds. No color. Only by using my phone was I able to know that it was the real deal.


Duff5OOO t1_jaetbcn wrote

Almost all the pics you see are nothing like what you can see with the naked eye. Need a long exposure to bring out any colour at all most of the time.