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Proffeshional OP t1_j96wqds wrote

Almost didnt bring my camera because I thought the lighting wouldn't be good. Boy am I glad I did!

Edit: Instagram is ( If you like this, take a look at my page :)


head-of-potatoes t1_j99dk4s wrote

Is that taller than Niagara Falls? Isn't Niagara east of the Mississippi?


stopgo t1_j99ermk wrote

Yes it’s taller (for a straight unbroken drop) than Niagara


HermanCainsGhost t1_j99hate wrote

Oh the straight unbroken drop part makes sense. I was like, "Wait, there's no way this is taller than Niagara"


Proffeshional OP t1_j99x98x wrote

It’s thirty feet higher than Niagara. Way less volume though.


BreathingLeaves t1_j9dfqx0 wrote

Five fingers or something?

Kayaker wanna run it, but I don't think anyone has taken that falls yet. But ithica is popular in areas I think.. .but there's soooooo many eastern rivers that are unknown, unfound or underappricated


Chiashurb t1_j9afw9l wrote

I spent my 3 years in Ithaca shooting waterfalls in my free time and never managed to get a shot of this one that I liked. It’s a tough cataract to capture and you did a magnificent job with it.


Proffeshional OP t1_j9agx6i wrote

Thank you for the kind words! My own time in Ithaca is about to expire, and I’m happy to have gotten a handful of nice shots while I’m here.


Jerkface555 t1_j972vwy wrote

Great shot. I lived in Ithaca for a few years and try to visit once every year. I proposed to my now fiance right in front of these falls over the summer, so this location holds a special place in my heart.


cannabisized t1_j970f4y wrote

is Niagra Falls not also east of the Mississippi?


Proffeshional OP t1_j970xzc wrote

Niagara is, but Taughannock is about 30 feet taller than Niagra (though much smaller volume).


cannabisized t1_j971u4m wrote

oh I always thought Niagra was the tallest. thanks for the info.


Proffeshional OP t1_j972lzj wrote

I just looked it up and I was actually wrong! Yes, taughannock is taller than Niagara, but there is a waterfall in Tennessee a little taller than taughannock that has the claim of tallest single plunge.


cannabisized t1_j972tku wrote

I feel so lied to now...


Proffeshional OP t1_j972vtj wrote

Haha, my bad. To be fair, I also feel lied to as I’ve thought for years that taughannock was the tallest single plunge. Truth hurts I guess


cannabisized t1_j973ri6 wrote

BRB. facebooking my only geography teacher to go punch them in the face


big-b20000 t1_j99d5dk wrote

Fall creek falls? This reminded me of it and it’s also stunning.


please_PM_ur_bewbs t1_j972bzx wrote

Niagara isn't impressive for it's height, more so its volume (although even then there are other waterfalls in the world that have more).


groyrown t1_j979gw7 wrote

Fall Creek Falls in Tennessee is the tallest single plunge waterfall east of the Rockies at 256 feet.


wpnw t1_j97rhq7 wrote

It's actually not - despite what signs at the falls and all common sources on the internet may say. It's one of those "facts" that sort of self-perpetuates without getting fact checked. Fall Creek Falls is just a hair over 200 feet tall, and Taughannock Falls is about 6 feet taller. Inspiration Falls in New York has them both beat by over 100 feet though.


Proffeshional OP t1_j9860lk wrote

I don’t know what to think anymore. This has been a roller coaster!

Inspiration isn’t a single plunge, so that would make taughannock the tallest single plunge right?


wpnw t1_j987mgz wrote

I suppose it depends on how semantic and nitpicky you want to get. Inspiration is a single plunge in that it's predominantly free-falling, but it does touch the cliff face in places too (picture), similar to what Fall Creek does, but because it's such a small stream it rarely kicks far enough out from the cliff to really fall cleanly.

If the qualifier is 100% free-falling, no-contact-with-the-cliff-at-all then yeah Taughannock does take the title.


fuzzy11287 t1_j99a4sy wrote

According to Georgia the tallest "cascading" falls east of the Mississippi is Amicalola Falls in Dawsonville, GA (North of Atlanta) which clocks in at 729 feet. Definitely not even close to a single plunge but a fun bit of trivia nonetheless.


wpnw t1_j99amm3 wrote

And funny enough, that claim is also outrageously inaccurate as well! Turns out there's a whole lot of those "tallest of" or "biggest in" sort of regional chest-puffing claims floating around because they're great for tourism, but they're often a lot less accurate than most realize.


fuzzy11287 t1_j99apve wrote

I posted this just to see how long it took to be refuted. Happy to see it was like all of 5 minutes.


Proffeshional OP t1_j979oii wrote

Yep! I corrected myself in another comment after I went to check for myself. I was trying to look up the height difference between this and Niagara and realized I was wrong!


Cynophile_ t1_j96yz36 wrote

That’s a great spot. Did you go to Lucifer Falls while you were out there?


Proffeshional OP t1_j96z5x7 wrote

I actually live out here! I haven't been to Lucifer Falls in a while but it's a favorite!


CheetoMussolini t1_j985lch wrote

It's a little lesser known, but check out the Edward Lake Cliff area in Lansing. You can follow the gorge up a ways and it ends up in a beautiful waterfall close to 34 with some of the best acoustics I've ever seen. I think you can park just off of Sun Path to get down there, but the Lake Cliff area is a beautiful hike. Bring some boots that are ready for serious mud if you're there in the spring though. We're talking the kind of mud that'll pull normal shoes right off your feet.

Also there are a bunch of wild juniper and Asian pear trees throughout!


SavageWatch t1_j998mh2 wrote

Great pic. NY state has so many great waterfalls. Watkins Glen and Letchwirth State Park besides Niagara and this one.


SZEThR0 t1_j979gag wrote

technically everything is east of the mississippi


SeniorRum t1_j98pi15 wrote

Trumansburg actually. :)


TheDude1321 t1_j994udn wrote

Love it! Gfs parents live in Trumansburg so I try to get out to all of those trails a few times a year! Great shot


pixlplayer t1_j98c98o wrote

Damn you got every season in one pic


Luthwaller t1_j98yo7v wrote

The first time I went here as a kid we were in a drought and the water volume of the falls was like someone had left on a garden hose at the top. I was sad. This amount of water is awesome!


Proffeshional OP t1_j990rwi wrote

Well… the flow is so high because of the warm temperatures we have had recently causing premature and rapid snowmelt. It was over 60 degrees last week.

But yes, it truly made it spectacular to behold.


mfingstarboy t1_j9ab4tp wrote

I went to this place and Buttermilk Falls just because I decided to take a random detour. Best decision of my life. The people in Ithaca were so sweet. The gas station owner gave me protein bars for free when I asked him what places I should visit in 2 hours.

Ithaca is gorges!!


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facundomuerto t1_j98zdcp wrote

I can’t quite figure out the definition of a sheer-drop waterfall vs a plunge. But this is obviously an important distinction. Here’s a taller waterfall east of the Mississippi but another variety or something.

Fall Creek Falls is a 256-foot (78 m)[1] tall sheer-drop waterfall located in Fall Creek Falls State Park near Spencer, Tennessee. It is the tallest waterfall of such kind east of the Mississippi River (within the United States).


Chappers88 t1_j99eilz wrote

Angel Falls in Venezuela?


Kyndron t1_j99p0y7 wrote

I was wondering this. I guess “east of the Mississippi River” only includes the USA.


NickiFrench t1_j9dr6zc wrote

Wonderful capture . . . I have placed this one on my bucket list the next time I visit the area. The shadows to the right are interesting in shapes. The upper part almost looks like the shadow of someone sitting to there. I love the different colors from the trees all the way down to the water.


ElinTackett t1_j9eqepd wrote

will print for sure thank you


awritt204 t1_j9i1tmi wrote

That water looks like Kith ulu is hiding down below waiting for me to jump in.


_CMDR_ t1_j99v0v3 wrote seems like “tallest” is debatable.


rededelk t1_j975dec wrote

Looks a bit cold for a swim, did the maid of the mist a long time ago,really don't know if that is still a thing


Proffeshional OP t1_j97gxmh wrote

Maid of the mist is at Niagara I believe! As other commenters have mentioned, it’s still operating :)


rededelk t1_j98wvc1 wrote

Thanks, not sure about the down votes


Rustmonger t1_j97hqh4 wrote

I have jumped the fence and stood in the water at the edge. The view was amazing. This is a beautiful shot.


Proffeshional OP t1_j97i9po wrote

I have done that a couple times. Never will again though. As I was standing as close to the waterfall as one can get, a series of rocks began falling and landing all around me. My friends and I were lucky to not get hit by any.

So yeah, the signs are there for a reason.


CheetoMussolini t1_j986isb wrote

I think the signs got put up after someone got killed by a rockfall.


Proffeshional OP t1_j987752 wrote

I believe it! I felt incredibly dumb after my own experience there. Very nearly watched a friend die there.


CubGeek t1_j988jkd wrote

As someone who works with the NYS parks staff (not just there at Taughannock, but in other state parks), I thank you for not making their lives more difficult. :)


Proffeshional OP t1_j98dl3y wrote

Thank you for what you do! Definitely learned my lesson, and am thankful for the service you provide!