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Frankishism t1_j7y08qj wrote

Pretty sure the best defense is stay away from logs in ocean surf. It’s not going to sneak up on you, but if you get tempted to get too close just for a better look, it actually might.


BurntRussianBBQ t1_j7y0dmt wrote

Sounds like you've never surfed in rough weather, or even been at a beach trying to look at things in the water. Thanks for wasting my time tho.


Frankishism t1_j7y0qcl wrote

I’m from San Diego, been surfing for over 20 years. But ok. Enjoy surfing your heavy weather log runs spots dude.


bingbano t1_j7zkhs1 wrote

Shi shi Beach near Neah Bay is washington is amazing surf


Frankishism t1_j80eokp wrote

Dude! That beach is gorgeous. I just want to visit now, but surfing there would be awesome (and freezing)! I’d be sure to keep an eye out for sneaky logs.

As a side note, I’ve wanted to visit that area for a few years to check out the Elwa River restoration efforts, which is such a cool project.


bingbano t1_j80h3f2 wrote

That's what drove me to live out here actually. My family has been involved in the restoration for the past 6 years or so. My prego wife still is working in restoration, so we joke even our kid is involved.

I even grow native plants to guerilla plant out. 84 tree saplings, hundred lupin seedlings, trailing blackberry starts, ex..

Next time you go up to the upper dam. Hike out to Boulder creek on the west side of the river. There is a terrace that is extremely bare, mostly just pebbles and sand. It's the control plot for the restoration project and wasn't planted. Pretty cool to see the science of restoration biology at work. Without the native plantings, nature can take a while to recolonize. Native plantings really do help in this massive restoration projects.


Frankishism t1_j80lk0w wrote

It’ll be a few years before I can make it out there, but when I do I’ll remember this. Glad I mentioned Elwa - was speaking to an EXPERT. Hopefully the research from this will lead to unleashing other rivers, bringing back even more fish runs and restoring a bunch other habitats.


bingbano t1_j80m56g wrote

Pretty sure they have more dam removals planned. Can't have fish without flowing rivers


BurntRussianBBQ t1_j7y0srx wrote

And yet, you had absolutely nothing to add. Again, thanks for wasting my time.


stayshiny t1_j7yv8e1 wrote

Neither do I but this is kinda funny now.


[deleted] t1_j7y0y25 wrote



BurntRussianBBQ t1_j7y116r wrote

Literally anything beside your comments. Now run along.


Frankishism t1_j7y1jun wrote

“What’s the best defense against a massive floating tree in the ocean?” Listen you asked a stupid question. It’s ok, that happens to the best of us champ. Don’t let this get you down!