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Lokiibott t1_ja0gr7j wrote

Paso Robles?


jonherrin t1_ja00851 wrote

It better look like that when I'm there in May.


Electronic_Chard_656 t1_ja076yg wrote

don’t think it will. usually northern california is green from like november - march cuz that’s when we get rain and then the grass dries out and becomes brownish yellow around april & may. this yr might be different cuz this has been an insanely wet winter


randomcanyon t1_ja0d947 wrote

Snowing right now in the Foothills. All the almond trees are blooming in the valley. The grass is getting green but those trees won't be leafed out until at the earliest April. This is what it looks like around and near my home.


nshcicksnaldb t1_ja09a3n wrote

It’s raining right now in CA practically everywhere other than where it’s snowing too. And it’s March in a few days.

You clearly don’t live here, we have heavy rain coming that never happens. It’s been raining in LA for 2 days straight which has basically never happened with this amount of precipitation. It’s flooding us.


swollencornholio t1_ja0y9gr wrote

Lol from year to year Nov-Mar is a perfectly valid timeline and not something that screams to me “you don’t live here” whatsoever but maybe that’s because this thread is about “central california” and you’re thinking it’s about LA?

It does dry out fast too so not really a controversial opinion that in May it may look “Golden” aka brown.


mittens617 t1_ja15esd wrote

It will be beautiful regardless. I got married in Santa Yenz in June and it was stunning!


Robdd123 t1_ja0mlju wrote

Looks a lot like the Shire


i-hoatzin t1_ja0b3tr wrote

Beautiful image. gifgif

I hope it continues to look like this, in the years to come.


Bkbee t1_ja0s7q7 wrote

Ah yes, Barefoot from Modesto


mfort_1991 t1_ja3j5m3 wrote

The photo feels very fresh. I would like to crawl into it and sleep in that grass.


diamondpearson t1_ja1jsk0 wrote

Looks like live oak campground in Santa Barbara?!


xaelis t1_ja2pz6h wrote

Very beautiful and peaceful


Mrs-Brisby t1_ja314sn wrote

Sadly, although pretty, all this grass is mostly invasive. California’s ‘Irish hills’ are only a recent phenomenon. We’d actually have hills of wild flowers previously.


Logical-Coconut7490 t1_j9ztljk wrote

Shall we discuss the Millions of gallons of Water that grapes use in a state in the middle of a multi year drought ?

Or is that Too Real to consider ?


festive_squirrel OP t1_j9zyugv wrote

No, Karen, we shan't. I don't own a vineyard, nor do I speak on behalf of Earth's wine-drinking populace. I'm sorry if agriculture triggers you - please feel free to argue your sanctimonious cause with someone who has an interest in this debate. All I did was post a picture (of unspoiled land, no less).


wetforhouseplants t1_ja06pl1 wrote

LMFAO omg I just ugly laughed so freaking hard. I love you. And this photo is gorgeous 😍


Logical-Coconut7490 t1_ja03hw8 wrote

Yes, it's a beautiful picture. I used to live there. I watched thousands of acres of that pretty forest destroyed.

Things are screwed when one is called sanctimonious for pointing out a simple truth and fact.

But hey, screw the Earth and all the animals... We've got some Wine to drink... Plenty Profit$ to make.

Oh, and Save the Rainforest... Lol


theHerbivore t1_ja0fjxd wrote

Why the fuck do you capitalize random words? It’s just adds to the insane energy you’re bringing to this photo of un disturbed oak trees lmao


the-grand-falloon t1_ja0lhql wrote

Because they're trying to give identity to "Truth" and "Robust Hemp," to give them extra weight.


randomcanyon t1_ja0dhmz wrote

There are thousands of acres of new Almond orchards creeping up into the older "cattle" zone of the lower Sierra foothills This is the real problem about water not the Grapes which have much less acres of plantings currently.


Logical-Coconut7490 t1_ja0ensf wrote

Yes, almonds really suck the water.

Maybe 1 day Cali will see the benefits of a Robust Hemp industry... Lol


randomcanyon t1_ja0ft6n wrote

The "hemp" industry is all the intoxicating flower and not used for rope. The major players are feeling the pinch because cost of land and cost of production are being hit by low per/oz prices and competition. The Black Market has gone away.

Check out all the "pot farms" in the green triangle of northern California that are for sale.


Logical-Coconut7490 t1_ja0taad wrote

Yes, that's true I said and meant Industrial Hemp. And all it's spin-off industry. Oil, fuel, plastic, cloth, animal feed, a thousand products besides rope. Little water, no pesticides...


randomcanyon t1_ja3rqe9 wrote

I get industrial hemp. Have followed its progress for years. But it is more a replacement for other crops in the Mid US like North and South Dakota, and in Canada. California farm land is mostly too valuable to grow "hemp" Much Soybean (in the south) is also used in spin off industries not just for cattle feed or human consumption.


Logical-Coconut7490 t1_ja3usoo wrote

Yeah, I remember driving down hwy 99 a few years back and seeing all that "valuable" farm land laying fallow for lack of water. With huge billboards blaming Congress !

Are you telling me it's more profitable to not plant crops (where's the Profit$ in that?), than it is to grow hemp, which uses relatively very little water ?

Are you aware of the. Thousands of products made with hemp ?

With this whole push to get off fossil fuels, Hemp would be the rational #1 choice, since it can do Anything petroleum can do....Better !

Who's the largest Ag landowner in usa ? Pill Gate$... Is that a clue ?


randomcanyon t1_ja3wzqx wrote

You are obviously a "Hemp" fan. Like I said I am well aware of hemp. If it was a profitable use of "vacant" farm land then those corp. farms would be growing it.

Ultra rich man buys land as an investment. How is this controversial or even extraordinary? What problem do you have with Bill Gates?

  1. John Malone – 2,200,000 Acres Peter Buck – 1,236,000 Acres. Brad Kelley – 1,139,984 Acres. Singleton Family – 1,110,000 Acres. King Ranch Heirs – 911,215 Acres. Pingree Heirs – 830,000 Acres. Wilks Brothers – 705,475 Acres. Briscoe Family – 640,000 Acres. Largest Private Land Owners: Final Thoughts. More items...•Jan 12, 2023

Top 13 Largest Private Land Owners In The US In 2023


Logical-Coconut7490 t1_ja3xd9s wrote

So what's with all the headlines in MSM saying Pill GateS is largest Ag landowner in USA ?


randomcanyon t1_ja40g06 wrote

Maybe "agricultural land" has a different meaning from "land owner".

On the other hand you seem to have a bugaboo about bill Gates and you are welcome to it. Good day.


Logical-Coconut7490 t1_ja3xxl9 wrote

Please explain how Profits were made leaving thousands of acres of prime California crop land Empty ?


randomcanyon t1_ja41qaf wrote

Not my land, not my duty to explain the economics of industrial farm land business. I do know something of the poultry industry, but why corps do stuff with their lands and what they grow is not my purview.


Logical-Coconut7490 t1_j9z8h5t wrote

Those aren't grapes. They're the Oak trees that are Slashed and destroyed so grapes can be planted.

Yes, wine destroys native forests !

Guilt free wine ???


WholelottaLuv t1_j9zrxe8 wrote

Nowadays oaks are protected and state law mitigation requires planting 4x or more nearby for any removals


Logical-Coconut7490 t1_j9zt4ko wrote

Where ? In Mendocino they allowed 5 acres of forest to be cut for grapes.

So the corporations. Bought up hundreds of adjoining 5 acres plots. Then Clear Cut them for Wine grapes.

Home owners can also grow, so many bought their 5 acres, cleared it and planted grapes. After a few years so many grape growers brought the Price of Grapes down so low it was no longer profitable...


festive_squirrel OP t1_j9zkhxd wrote

I love this comment


burnerowl t1_ja15dkx wrote

Love how someone is bitching about Sonoma and Mendocino vineyards, on a picture of actual central coast fields. Like 😂 Someone has their geography mixed up; and this picture is lit! That little stretch of 135 will always be a sentimental place for me.


the-grand-falloon t1_ja0l57v wrote

Most of the good vineyard land was largely cleared for cattle ranching 150 years ago anyway. As someone who lives smack-dab in the middle of foothill wine country, most of these places aren't planting every square inch. Gotta keep that idyllic, rustic look for the Bay Area tourists.


freerangetacos t1_ja2mjw4 wrote

Little known fact is that local governments restrict grape growers on where they can plant, based on water use and how much they sculpt the land. While opportunistic, growers are also seriously handcuffed.


Logical-Coconut7490 t1_ja0tt7a wrote

I watched it happen in the 90's in Mendocino and Sonoma.

I grew up in the Foothills from the 60's. Watched all the Flatlanders move up from LA and Sf. Watched the vineyards move in.


Logical-Coconut7490 t1_j9zsdvz wrote

How sad ! Y'all down voting the Truth of where wine comes from.

I've seen thousands of acres of Oak and Redwood forests Clear Cut and Animal Habitat destroyed...

Raping the Earth, So Wine Snobs can get drunk !