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TheOvenLord t1_j82d1rl wrote

Washington state is a rainy, dreary, depressing shit hole. It's ALWAYS overcast. Even when it's not raining it's cloudy. You couldn't pay me a million dollars a year to live anywhere near Oregon or Washington. Both have terrible weather, the two cities with any kind of commerce are over crowded and traffic is a nightmare. Everywhere that isn't the main cities is basically Deliverance. Just racist as hell ass fucking maniacs. And that's not even mentioning Idaho which is right there.

If I could give anyone a little advice it's to stay the hell away from the Pacific Northwest. It's nothing but hippies and meth heads. Ever since the BLM riots the destroyed ruins of the cities look like Detroit.

Just bad news. Real grim. Don't even bother visiting. It's more depressing than Reno, which makes people suicidal. And that's before the dark, dreary, rainy, ominous weather is even factored.


randomisperfect t1_j82m1j2 wrote

Don't forget the 9.0 earthquake that could happen at any moment! Definitely a terrible place


Unlikely-Pizza2796 t1_j82flwk wrote

That subtle rumble in the distance is the herd of Californians on their way to settle the PNW.


AlotLovesYou t1_j8315yj wrote

You forgot to mention our imminent deaths by volcano and/or random murder due to our persistent state of lawlessness! Also, the cougars that will eat you on the trails.