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essdoubleU t1_j85px29 wrote

What a shame that something like this is privately owned.


poplafuse t1_j85wjq9 wrote

Doubt it would look this way if it were public


essdoubleU t1_j865kr8 wrote

I mean I was hoping it would be a state park or something where it's preserved and maintained. A private owner can choose to do whatever they want with the land.


wpnw t1_j87jvrc wrote

Its more or less preserved, the landowner is a timber company, but it's not under threat of being logged because it's way too steep to actually get in there and cut (and they're required by state law to maintain a 500 foot buffer along the river). It's more an issue of public visitation causing liability issues than anything else.


essdoubleU t1_j87pp4r wrote

I get what you're saying but just the fact that it's owned by a Timber company doesn't make me feel better lol