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dillrepair t1_jaifajc wrote

Hey big news in case you don’t know…. One main reason russia probably wants the area they’d been occupying before it got worse in Ukraine… and more… is because there’s a shitload of rare earth minerals there. I heard an estimate on bbc that possibly multiple trillion dollars worth in today’s dollars.


LummoxJR t1_jaiz3yi wrote

Rare earths aren't rare to begin with; they're just difficult to extract.


kaestiel t1_jaityb7 wrote

Don't forget that's why the US has been trying to break up Russia and setup the Ukraine as their battering ram, too. Along with every other resource available in Russian land. Taiwan is the next Ukraine, the boogeyman groundwork has already been laid


pennomi t1_jakv8nj wrote

Indeed, that’s why the United States funded Ukraine’s invasion into Russia.

Oh no wait, it was Russia that invaded Ukraine, my bad.

It is extremely obvious who are the aggressors and who are the defenders here. If there is any breaking up of Russia, it’s entirely self-inflicted.


kaestiel t1_jameryw wrote

You're almost right. This has been the plan for a long time, even before the Rand Corp released it to the public.

Now that the US/NATO project Ukraine is wrapping up, Blackrock and the IMF are funding the reconstruction and the weapons industry has made trillions of dollars, time to move onto the next "Ukraine", Taiwan....the US State Department has been ramping up the propaganda for the next boogeyman, China. Lmao. Get ready to change your social media flags and the "I support whatever is next" banners to Taiwan! Lol.


pennomi t1_jamgrp6 wrote

I’m shocked that a nation would have a well-researched plan to destabilize its geopolitical enemy. Shocked, I tell you!

Of course it’s been a plan. Russia has been consistently invading and annexing pieces of sovereign nations for decades, and that needs to stop. I’m happy they’re finally being punished for the atrocities they have committed.


kaestiel t1_janbidl wrote

"atrocities"... LMAO. How about the US's death toll of hundreds of millions murdered in the regime changes and illegal military attacks on Libya/Iraq/Syria/China/Venezuela/Vietnam/Africa/Haiti etc etc. Where's the punishment? The hegemony the US has forced on the world since WW2 is over and the neo-cons know it. No one outside of the collective West gives a Fk about the Ukraine, and will not lose their solid diplomatic and trade partnerships with Russia and China, just to end up a failure like the majority of the EU, due to the US's failed geopolitical wet dreams. People like you are the problem with the World, not the US definition of "the world' aka the worlds minority Collective West. Good luck colonialist, your self-assigned "exceptionalism" is over, take a backseat and fall inline with The Omni-polar World. Uni-polar game over. Just in case you don't understand the escalating of a proxy war against Russia and now China, is only about business/trade (except for the balloon invasion, lmao). China and Russia are now turning into the superpowers by unifying the countries the US and collective West have exploited and driven into poverty or manipulated them to remain in poverty. Remember your history, all empires collapse, add the US/EU to the list. Lol.



pennomi t1_jap9rq0 wrote

Whataboutism at its finest. Please learn how to properly formulate an argument, because shitty logical fallacies aren't welcome here.

The US is obviously also guilty of unethically invading sovereign nations. That being said, they have not annexed any of the territories in question. Regardless, just because the US does it absolutely does not justify it being done by Russia.

In this case, the US is in a rare position of being on the ethical side in a military conflict. There is no justification for forcibly annexing another country's territory.


kaestiel t1_jarubpe wrote

Hahahahaha. You obviously have zero grasp on history and root causes of geopolitical conflict. Here's a hint, the US is guilty of more human atrocities, overthrowing of sovereign nations, financial/military support of terrorism and colonialism since WW2, than any other nation in the world. Prove me wrong. Plz. Before you claim your moral superiority over other nations, cleanup your own house. Again, don't forget to change your 'I support whatever I'm told to support' flag to Taiwan, another US proxy war is starting.