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Atienon44 OP t1_je8xnh3 wrote

As it is described in the article, the world is becoming more bland, more homogeneous. In our daily lives, we are the witnesses of this trend that we find everywhere from the content we consume to the places we visit. As a society, should we go along with it or should we strive for more uniqueness in our lives ? Moreover, is there a way to roll back to a more unique society nowadays ?


Carbon140 t1_je92foc wrote

Just yesterday I was looking at the blandness of corporate advertising and all these bland cartoon characters designed to avoid offending anyone at all. We really are starting to live in a world of bland cheap architecture with bland media and nanny state rules only allowing prescribed "fun". I find it funny that there was so much fear about the conformity of communism and yet every day we inch closer to it through cheap/innofensive capitalism.


send_cumulus t1_je95k55 wrote

I think it might help us combat climate change. If we find good ways to reduce our carbon footprint, we can roll them out globally easily since everywhere is basically the same place. Something along the lines of how the proliferation of corporate, chain restaurants has actually been good for food safety. That’s me trying to be optimistic. Otherwise, yea, it’s awful.


Sarmelion t1_jea0ztc wrote

What bland media are you talking about? Because while Disney/Marvel stuff is a bit cookie cutter that's not all that's out there and it's not hard to look, there's an unprecedented ability for people to create indie media and people have greater access to media created in other cultures and in other time periods than ever before.

Things only feel bland superficially imo.


Test19s t1_je9gn55 wrote

Break up mass media and consumerism.