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YooYooYoo_ t1_je92aca wrote

Not that long ago most people would live their lives without leaving their villages/county, they knew no other cultures or ways of living, life was what it was and all they knew. According to that article life then was boring and bland and maybe it was, maybe not.

I feel like only now we are so expoiled and overstimulated that some people get anxiety if there is not constant change in theit lifes, new places, new food, new people...

It never used to be like that and it isn't nor will ever be more boring or bland than it was few centuries ago when you knew a hundred of people all over your life, 5 places and 3 different food alternatives.


Test19s t1_je9onot wrote

This is why I don’t get ethnic nationalism. Native cultures are endangered more by mass media than they are by migration. Maybe if there are fundamental differences between peoples or extreme resource scarcity that requires people to localize they have a point, but the Internet has done more to erode local differences than anything else.


FreeQ t1_jeaat4f wrote

Yeah but if you go further back to hunter gatherer times humans moved constantly and ate a far more varied diet than we do now. Maybe our wanderlust comes from those instincts.


FeloniousReverend t1_jeb7c46 wrote

People say this all the time, but I just don't see how it's true with our unparalleled access to food and spices from around the globe, or maybe you/they don't eat a very varied diet?


FreeQ t1_jebakzt wrote

Looking at Americans today, the vast majority of meat consumed is Chicken, Beef, Pork and Lamb. And maybe a dozen kinds of vegetables. Contrast that with Native American hunter gatherers who had access to Bison, Elk, Caribou, Deer, Badger, Bear, many kinds of birds and fish and insects not to mention 1000s of wild plants. There's no comparing a man made monocultural system to the diversity of nature.


FeloniousReverend t1_jebd0gv wrote

Yeah, and that's what people are choosing to eat. Maybe it's where I live in the PNW and in a foodie area, but monthly I eat elk or bison, and at least a half dozen types fish and seafood, that's without getting into all the imported foods ands flavors from other countries. My point is that people have access to a more diverse amount of food than ever before in history, they just choose not to eat it.


Fire__Marshall__Bill t1_jeblwzb wrote

> they just choose not to eat it

I do get your sentiment but consider that for a lot of people it's not choice, they simply can't afford those more expensive foods.

For example bison meat where I live is about $10USD per lb. If you're trying to feed a family of 4 on a budget, ground beef at less than half that price looks a lot better.


FeloniousReverend t1_jebnbje wrote

But the whole argument requires picking and choosing your stance, so you're choosing to base it off an average family or four in the US as opposed to a generic "hunter-gatherer of North America," apparently from the north/northwestern region. There were periods long before they could hunt large game, and there are groups today, such as the Inuit, that have extremely limited traditional diets in regard to biodiversity if you don't include the influx of modern foods.

I'm just taking exception to the often-stated but not well-defined stance that hunter-gatherers of specific yet undetermined locations and time periods had such impressively diverse diets compared to modern times.


Parafault t1_jece0c1 wrote

And they are the whole animal, and not just it’s legs.


Fsaeunkie_5545 t1_jedvohv wrote

Sorry that is just a load of nonsense. People ate everything because food was extremely scarse, they also ate lot of crap that was barely nutritional because anything was better than to starve. How do you think did we evolve the capability to eat almost everything? It's because those who could digest more stuff had an advantage. If you analyse the skeletons of hunter gatherer remains, virtually all of the have deficiencies for important nutrients


FreeQ t1_jeetjg1 wrote

Never said they had a better diet. Simply more varied.


Pikkornator t1_jeahopz wrote

no, its the social peer pressure from the system that is cracking people up. Telling you the world is this when you are born then to find out its the opposite when you get older./