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Weareallgoo t1_je3ujjb wrote

Neither the aircraft manufacturer, nor the engine supplier are clear about the hypersonic engine the plan to build. It seems they’re still in the very early stages of R&D with plans to modify an existing jet engine to burn hydrogen at subsonic speeds. They also still need to design a cryogenic storage system for the liquid hydrogen. They are not using a rocket propellant.


Gauth1erN t1_je4d0t3 wrote

Hydrogen is a rocket propellant...


Weareallgoo t1_je4xpe8 wrote

I should have said I don’t think they are planing to develop a rocket engine based on the press release I’ve read. But then, it also doesn’t sound like they even have a concept design yet, so maybe they will just end up with a rocket engine if they actually want to go hypersonic.