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SweetBiscuit t1_je4t8jg wrote

I know there are hurdles to overcome, just like any new technology.

But was just curious as you said "Airbus are having difficulty tackling hydrogen" and then later admitted that no company would advertise any issues. So basically your source was "trust me bro", and I expect no different from the anti hydrogen morons on Reddit.

I am a marine engineer, working with fuels is basically my entire job. I am aware of its physical properties. But hydrogen is happening, whether Reddit likes it or not


Xeroque_Holmes t1_je4ucj4 wrote

Yeah mate, I am not doxing myself to give you any proof, but I've been in the industry. Conversely your proof that it's happening in aviation is "trust me bro". Marine applications are completely different to aerospace, you are out of your depth in this one.