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randomevenings t1_je2gi4j wrote

What will renters do?


Sirisian t1_je2pab1 wrote

They should be fine. The EU and countries have been changing building codes and requiring EV wiring in preparation for this in parking lots.


DonQuixBalls t1_je3285c wrote

Also street lamps in many places. The charging network is a lot more developed in Europe than in other parts of the world, with a variety of companies involved, and every car using the same charging standard.


mascachopo t1_je353k9 wrote

And also, a great number of apartments buildings have a parking where the chargers can be installed.


ConfirmedCynic t1_je3hxj5 wrote

Where will the power come from? Seeing how busy they've been shutting down power plants, that is.


warplants t1_je3jww7 wrote

Probably mostly wind and solar by 2035? As well as nukes in France? And gas to fill remaining gaps, if any. (And even if it was exclusively gas, it’d still be a huge win for reducing emissions compared to having ICEs in every car.)


randomevenings t1_je4glha wrote

Cars are very small percentage of the carbon released into the atmosphere One round trip of a container ship releases as much carbon in the atmosphere as all the cars in the United States for an entire year


Flaxinator t1_je4vklv wrote

The European Commission says cars and vans make up 14.5% of EU emissions, that's not such a small percentage.

That statement about the container ship doesn't sound correct, where are you getting that fact from?


randomevenings t1_je4go1b wrote

However it appears that the electrification of cars was always going to be the start of the electrification of everything else so this will drive the electrification infrastructure forward and battery technology forward that will allow the kinds of innovations that will lead to being able to offset a lot of that carbon would be released by heavy shipping and airliners.

I didn't know things were much better on the infrastructure front in Europe. I was always appreciative to Ellen musk for giving away the supercharger adapter patent because it did go on way to standardizing a type of socket or at least allowing for the compatibility of several different types so that there's not this walled garden so to speak and that's what we need because right now you could fuel up your car and any gas station well that should be essentially the same situation when it comes to the electrification of cars and it could have very well went the other way where you got Apple with the lightning cable and there was the juggling of USB standards for a while with the other phones.